Fashion Alert: The revival of High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Fashion Alert: The revival of High Waisted Skinny Jeans

High-waisted skinny jeans, are they or will they be back? How should you wear them in 2023? This trend that we stopped seeing for a while and that we can't classify as vintage since it's been barely twelve years since its peak, we wonder if it will come back next year?

One of the basic drawer that we must have in the closet are the jeans, the high waist vintage trend that back in 2010 comforted us after the fashion of hip pants, high-waisted skinny jeans became our infallible allies for several years, until the revival of tank tops and cargo pants returned to our life, aka Y2K style. As everything is a matter of taste and comfort, you may like low-rise wide leg pants, but if you are a loyal follower of skinny jeans there are some style cues you can put into practice when wearing them this season.


The revival of High Waisted Skinny Jeans  

As we mentioned before, just because you don't see fitted looks in street style doesn't mean that you should get rid of your high-waisted skinny jeans, wearing them is not a crime, in fact some celebrities like Kristen Stewart and JLO declared themselves supporters of this garment. If the style gurus are still leaning towards these jeans, we take them as a reference and continue to create outfits with them.

The sighting of the return of skinny pants was seen in the last fashion week, where Prada set aside the wide silhouettes, showing a collection done with jumpsuits complete with tuxedo shirts tight to the body, which could look like a uniform, with a color palette made up of white, blue and gray, adding volume combined with oversize garments that are still present today.

We can not doubt the proposal of the Italian brand as we have witnessed how their designs come before setting trends, so you can get a lot out of your skinny jeans and trousers. 


How to wear High Waisted Skinny Jeans?

High-waisted skinny jeans are still a staple, the way these garments work each season is by adding trendy touches with pieces that are on trend. Eiza Gonzales showed us how to do it by adding a Victorian top that could very well belong to the Cottagecore and patent leather ankle boots. Let's go over a basic guide on how to combine your not-so-trendy jeans like a fashionista.

We know that baggy garments are the pieces that we often see in street style, combining high-waisted skinny jeans with these garments, such as masculine blazers or long coats will be a success, whether you dare with animal print. You can add trendy shoes such as cowboy boots.

Talking about shoes, one of the characteristics of skinny pants is that they emphasize our ankles giving relevance to our shoes, for them you can consider shoes with a different design, heels, combat boots, chunky loafers, etc.



Vibrant colors these winter seasons change our mood, if your jeans are light tone combine them with colors like green or fuchsia, so you will have an updated look.

One of the most basic/infallible outfits with these jeans is undoubtedly the white t-shirt and black heels, you can add a long coat and you will look like a fashion icon, like Victoria Beckham.


Complete your look with High Waist Skinny Jeans

Here we list some garments and accessories with which you can complete your high-waisted skinny jeans outfits, giving them the trendy touch they need.

A bold design in a knitted coat for this cold season is essential for your looks with jeans, Cosmos by Iris Arco Knitwear will make you look sophisticated and comfortable, wear it in a monochromatic white outfit with a shirt or t-shirt and stilettos.

The following boots are ideal to give them prominence, The Mariane by Elán, combat boots with silver metallic details like chains and straps will give you a glam rock style.

Asymmetrical details are still in vogue, accompany your look with the Wara bag by Näm, this triangle bag will add style to your outfit with a futuristic and trendy vibe.


Now, the accessories, let's start with a necklace that will change the mood to any of your looks, Rectangular Recycle by Viviane Guenoun, a plaque with the text Recyclable, you can wear it with a basic round neck t-shirt or a v-neck blouse, this chain will give a cool vibe to your outfit. If you're a classic style wearer, Iconique's Arracada Half Golden Circle will add the neutral sparkle your looks need, and is the perfect size to get noticed.



You know, the not-so-secret secret to elevating your basics like a pro is to add on-trend touches with other pieces, hence the importance of acquiring 'timeless' pieces that we can take advantage of. We would like to emphasize that being up-to-date with style proposals does not mean that we have to try them all, having your own style has to do with feeling comfortable and confident, in case you love your high-waisted skinny jeans, and now they are not in trend, you should not feel bad about wearing them, defend your style, give it the current vibe and that's it. 

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 By Katia García

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