How to Wear a Classic Trench Coat

How to Wear a Classic Trench Coat

Considered as a necessary garment to cover yourself from the cold and rain, a trench coat will elevate your looks immediately. By wearing it you will have a sophisticated and vintage style, do not hesitate to use it this season.

Do you know where the trench coat came from? Discover with us the origin of this timeless garment full of glamour. You will learn how to combine it in the most chic way with the most fashionable accessories and garments of the On Post collection.


The origin of Trench Coat

If you want to look elegant without much effort, there is a garment that will elevate your looks and make your figure stand out in the most glamorous way. Today I will talk about the trench coat. At first it was part of the military uniforms of the First World War over the years it has been reinvented becoming the protagonist of the catwalks and parades of haute couture brands such as Burberry and Armani.

Trench coats have been worn for over 100 years and remain very much in style to this day, a classic trench coat is typically tan in color, fairly long, and has buttons on either side of the jacket. Come in many different types of materials, colors and lenghts.  



Trench coats have been worn for over 100 years and remain very much in style to this day, a classic trench coat is typically tan in color, fairly long, and has buttons on either side of the jacket. Come in many different types of materials, colors, and lengths. Surely you remember this garment so present in popular culture thanks to the cartoon character Inspector Gadget or the movie Casablanca starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman where both wore trench coats and said the phrase: "We will always have Paris" since then the trench coat has become a modern classic and that is still in trend for the rainiest days of the year.

Its innovative and functional origin is attributed to the English designer Thomas Burberry, with the arrival of World War I. In 1914, the trench coat was invented with a functional design of loops for hanging military equipment, a front flap to offer additional protection and a waterproof panel on the back to allow water to slide easily.



Burberry founded its fashion brand in 1979 and created the waterproof, breathable fabric that wore the trench coat as we know it. The trench coat became so popular that British Royalty granted the honor to the fashion house Burberry of being its supplier of waterproof garments for different occasions.

The british and sophisticated touch makes this revolutionary garment stand out, what are you waiting for to wear a trench coat this season?


Care to keep your Trench Coat looking like new

One of the garments that resists the passage of time and seasons with a lot of style is the trench coat. If you have invested in one and want to keep it, I recommend the following tips to wash it at home.



If your trench coat has been stained do not panic, you will need a stain removal soap and take into account the following steps:

1.-First remove the belt and other accessories from your trench coat.

2.-Add a detergent for delicate clothes in your washing machine, what do I mean by delicate fabrics such as: cotton, silk, linen and satin. Fill your washing machine with normal care clothes and in colors similar to those of your trench coat.Also add the belt and accessories previously removed.

3.-Configure the washing machine with a hot-hot, cold-cold or cold-hot cycle for approximately 45 minutes.

4.-Put the trench coat in the dryer with a delicate program and low temperature.

5.-Once the cycle ends, remove the trench coat, belt and accessories immediately to prevent wrinkling.

6.-Put it to dry the trench coat outdoors and do not expose it too much to the sun because it could lose its original color.

With these tips your trench coat will look impeccable and ready to wear for those rainy days with very cold.


How to Wear a Classic Trench Coat

At first glance a trench coat seems difficult to combine but it is quite the opposite, in fact it will help you create the best looks if you are going through a style crisis. To get out of doubts, today I bring you two options of outfits that you will love!

Comfortable and classic: One of the advantages of wearing a trench coat is that it combines with almost all garments and colors. Having a neutral color like beige, it is ideal to wear during the day and at night. 

If you are thinking of wearing a trench coat casually to go to the office, I recommend wearing the following clothes. To start, there is nothing better than wide-legged pants and are the trend of the moment. Wear the pants Afrodita by La Bikinería with the white Smiley Tee by Simples shirt, remember that less is more and this outfit is the best option for a casual Thursday.



If you want to impress at an important meeting, you can add a nice necklace like the Ocean Amulet by Abya along with the Vishnu Kam by Calista earrings.Chelsea style boots will keep you comfortable and fashionable, wear The Renata by Elán and you will have a magazine cover look, do not hesitate to wear it!

Vintage fashionista: A winning combination to wear a trench coat is using the colors white and beige.If you are looking for a romantic and vintage style, it is valid to wear this garment with a midi dress is the perfect outfit for autumn.

Wear the beautiful dress Negev White by Morena Del Rey with brown ankle boots The Luciana Sand by Elán and you will have the perfect match! Bags are the best ally of a dress and a trench coat, it is advisable to carry a medium-sized one to store all the accessories you need for the week. Wear the Mini Keley Camel by Eva Innocenti along with the gold earrings  Galaxy by Daniela Millan and the must for you to achieve a diva look is wearing the ring White Zirconia Golden by Iconique. 



After knowing the thousands of combinations that you can create when using a trench coat you will no longer be able to get it out of your mind, be sure to follow this season's most iconic trends by subscribing to On Post's NewsLetter.


 By Melissa Zanini 

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