Get the secret to look stylish wearing Oversized Sweatshirts

Get the secret to look stylish wearing Oversized Sweatshirts

Wearing oversized silhouettes in the chicest way is possible without leaving behind one of the qualities we love most about them, comfort, know how to wear oversized sweatshirts like the fashion experts do.

It may not convince us all to bet on this style of clothing, but we will not deny that seeing the styles in the street style is likely to fall into the temptation to dare to create outfits with oversized garments.



If we were to say that in addition to looking to stand out we want to be comfortable, this is one of the great qualities of oversize, especially sweatshirts with this cut.

One of the best ways to analyze if you should include a garment in your closet, is just to pay attention to the good practices that celebrities and it girls give us as fashion injuries.


How the it girls wear the Oversized Sweatshirts

Some fashion experts are leaning towards the more daring proposals, although oversized sweatshirts are not one of the risky ones we can find we may find it complicated to style. Here are some of the ways that It girls have worn oversized sweatshirts.

As a mini dress and over-the-knee boots

One of the loyal followers of oversized sweatshirts is Ariana Grande, who chooses to wear them as mini dresses  with over-the-knee boots, the singer opts for a white monochromatic look.

Hailey Bieber creates an ensemble of an oversized sweatshirt and puffy high boots, adding a black coat and just accessorizing with some gold hoops and sunglasses.



Chic with high-heeled sandals and thin straps

Similarly, Kendall Jenner is a fan of baggy clothes, making it clear how good she is at creating winning combinations, this was clear when she wore a mini skirt with an oversized sweatshirt with washed out detail paired with high-heeled sandals and thin straps.


Total oversized look

Another of the ensembles that the older Jenner sister wore, with two garments of the same cut, a sweatshirt and baggy pants, which exposes that you can look chic with tight and baggy garments.



As we already mentioned, Hailey is a style reference when talking about oversized silhouettes, another of the looks she wore proving that sweatshirts are capable of looking sophisticated, when she wore one of them with a gathered leather pant, with ankle boots and a blazer on top. 


Tips for styling Oversized Sweatshirts

As we always say, there are no strict dress rules to wear certain types of garments, what we can do is to consider some aspects based on the success of fashion experts, this always attached to your tastes and style. Take note, here are some tips that can help you style an oversized sweatshirt. 

One of the best suggestions we can share with you, is to balance your outfits with more formal garments or with a contrasting hue. As the sweatshirt is generally categorized with loungewear, that which you choose to be comfortable in, combining it with pieces of a different material creates a perfect balance.

Mixes you could do are:

  • Sequins 
  • Leather 
  • Satin 
  • Tulle 
  • Metallic 

If you don't feel very comfortable wearing baggy clothes, but you would like to start, the best advice is to balance the outfit with more fitted pieces.

Another recommendation is to consider the accessories, these can help you to compliment, if your look is effortless, earrings with personality will give a touch of style you need, as well as a belt to mark the waist, a fanny pack, sunglasses, scarf, etc.

Remember that the most important thing, especially when you wear a garment like an oversized sweatshirt, is to be comfortable, defend your style and create combinations focused on it.

3 different looks with Oversized Sweatshirts

Below, we will create three different oversized sweatshirts looks with garments from the On Post collection for you to get inspired or purchase.

For the protagonist of these outfits we have chosen Pink Crewneck with adjustable elastic from Simples, this sweatshirt is light but won't make you cold, it's comfortable and has an adjustable tie, so you can play with the length, even wear it with crop style.



The first look we will follow the example of the experts, combining the oversized sweatshirts in layers, creating an outfit with a leather jacket, for this outfit we selected SAINT BLAZER BLACK from Lesém, add a wide leg sartorial pant, for the footwear you can play whether you want to give it a casual touch, go for sneakers if you want to balance the formal side, go for high-heeled sandals with thin straps or ankle boots with triangular toe. 

A more casual look, we prefer an ensemble that includes jeans, the key piece, an oversized sweatshirt, as a differentiating and trendy element, a pair of cowboy boots, The Cayetana B&W by Elán, will highlight this outfit showing that you have a lot of style and sophistication. 

With a glam rock style, what we highlighted above about the Pink Crewneck with adjustable elastic sweatshirt, is that you can mold it to the height you prefer, wear it with a tight midi skirt and add the chunky touch with some combat boots, The Mariane by Elán will be a key piece for your look.

At On Post you will find awesome look ideas to inspire you as well as trendy garments and more!


By Katia García

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