What To Wear With White Shorts?

What To Wear With White Shorts?

Think of summer and long sandy beaches. Think about the last time you went to the pier, rode the wooden roller coaster, and ate ice cream with your friends.

What were you wearing? Maxi dresses? Slides?

Well, the last time I celebrated warm weather, I wore a sparkling pair of white shorts. In fact, I wore them so many times that I came up with literally dozens of ways to style them: White shorts are versatile and can be dressed up or down in many different ways.

I love the flexibility that comes with white shorts. It often feels like having a blank canvas that you get to fill with any top, shoes, and accessories that you could want.

I wanted to share some of my favorite garments to wear with some fresh white shorts. Come along for the ride and find your new fashion discovery. 

White in Fashion

The history of white in the fashion industry is rich and fascinating. Typically, white is associated with cleanliness and purity, which is part of the reason its popularity continues to permeate the fashion world.

If you want to go for an elegant, clean look, nothing says it like undyed white shorts. I often think about how white outfits give off peaceful energy. You can go with long and flowy for a laid-back vibe, or you can style up sharp and clean for that professional feel.

Top Styles of White Shorts


What’s not to love about a good pair of white linen shorts? It’s cute and casual, well-suited for a day at the beach or just hanging out with friends at a coffee shop. It’s also the best way to incorporate the coastal grandmother aesthetic that has been trending into your everyday outfit.


A pair of boyfriend jeans is the ultimate piece for versatility, but what about boyfriend shorts?

I often say it is good to own both a pair of rolled cuff shorts with no holes and a pair of cut off with some distress. That way, whatever your mood is that day, you have the shorts to match.


Naturally, I couldn’t leave out one of the hottest trends making the news right now: wearing swimsuits as city wear. That’s right; it’s totally Glamour-approved to wear your swimsuits out and about, and I absolutely must volunteer board shorts as the one for the job. 

Board shorts are a convenient style of shorts to add to your closet. These shorts are typically longer in length, resting just above the knee.

They make for a perfect cover for swim bottoms for days at the beach. I also find that board shorts are great bottoms for running errands and simply lounging about the house.

High Rise

Nothing feels better than a pair of high-rise bottoms that fit just right. I personally find that a nice tucked-in tank top paired with a high-rise pair of shorts complements the natural curves of my body nicely. It’s lovely for a casual day, especially when it’s hot out.


Vintage shorts are typically high-rise as well, but with a more vintage look. Some people also call vintage shorts “mom shorts.”

You can style these iconic shorts with a tee shirt and recently re-popularized sweater vests or a tucked-in button-down to add a collegiate element to your style. It’s a smart way to look put-together and on-trend on those hot summer days.

Where To Wear White Shorts


White shorts are the best for going out to brunch with my friends. I adore pairing some white bottoms with a light and colorful top, whether it’s a solid top or a fun floral pattern. (The only thing I have to watch is to make sure I don’t get any mimosa stains on those crisp, clean shorts!)

The Beach

One of my favorite pastimes is strolling along the beach. A walk down the beach is my favorite way to clear my head and breathe in some fresh air. 

To make this experience utterly perfect, I always wear something that caters to my comfort while also ensuring I feel cute: White linen and silk shorts make a great bottom and even greater cover-ups for those dreamy beach days. I like to pair them with some stylish sandals and add a comfortable oversized button-down shirt. To protect from the sun, I usually pop on a floppy sun hat.

Meeting Up With Friends

When I think of a good time, I envision a carefree outfit and spending time with the people I love. I like wearing a classy blouse with some white shorts and sandals when I meet with friends. Sometimes I will add in some gold jewelry and a stylish hat, and I know the pictures will be as wonderful as the memories!

Boat Rides

For those days when you’re spending time out on the water, nothing says nautical like some white shorts. I like to pop on my favorite swimsuit in case I get the urge for an impromptu swim. Then, I throw on some loose white shorts, a breezy top, and my favorite pair of sandals. 

Top 5 Ways To Style White Shorts

Pair Your Shorts With a Crop Top

You can never go wrong with a crop top, and that’s especially true during those hot summer months. A tie-front cropped top is an elegant addition to an outfit with white shorts. 

With the popularity of athleisure in everyday wear, I tend to gravitate towards a cropped athletic top when I’m styling my white shorts. This ensures that I’ll stay cool and comfortable as I move throughout my day.

Pop On a Cardigan for Added Comfort

When you’re going about your day, there will likely be some temperature changes. That’s why I always have a cute cardigan handy that matches my outfit. Pairing a colorful cardigan with your white shorts not only adds color to your look but also adds an interesting element through texture.

With an Oversized Button-Down

I get so excited about an oversized top with any kind of shorts, but especially with white shorts. I just adore the contrast of bright white shorts with a colorful and flowy button-down. This combo is great for those days I plan to run around or outdoors often because it keeps me feeling refreshed.

With Lingerie as Outerwear

With more and more clothing becoming popularized outside of its traditional role, high-fashion lingerie has become a popular form of outerwear, and I’m here for it.

I like to match my white shorts with a corset when I’m headed out to brunch with friends or planning an evening out on a date. Throw on some heels, and I’ve got a completely sleek and flirty outfit.

Pair With a Leather Jacket

One of my favorite textures in fashion is leather. So, of course, I’m going to want to incorporate it with my favorite pair of white shorts. A look I’ve been loving lately is an open leather pea coat with some white shorts on those fall days that are not too cool and not too hot; essentially, the weather is just right.

Crisp White Shorts for a Clean Look

Every closet should have a pair of white shorts in it. These versatile bottoms are so easy to style and can be worn for many occasions. When I want to look chic but stay refreshed at the same time, shorts are the first thing I reach for when I open my wardrobe. 

In my opinion, the recipe for any outdoor adventure should feature at least one pair of high-quality shorts. 



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