How to wear a Tie Neck Blouse like a girl boss

How to wear a Tie Neck Blouse like a girl boss

 The tie neck blouses began to be used when women began to work, especially in offices, it is associated with the struggle for women's rights, as it represented the tie in its feminine version. Today it is a garment that if or if it empowers you, among the powerful personalities who wear it we can see Kate Middleton, Kamala Harris, Letizia Queen of Spain as well as it was also worn by Princess Diana.

These blouses are on the trend radar for spring summer 2022, but that doesn't mean you can't wear it this season, in fact this garment is timeless.



The bow tie has carried a romantic stamp for many years, the tie neck blouse gives us airs of elegance, sophistication, so it also takes the rends of street style, being a garment that can not only choose to wear to work. The It and girl boss, have given us a lecture on how to combine a tie neck blouse, without limiting ourselves to the basic options of midi skirt and high-waist tailored pants, or maybe yes, but adding a little more style. 

One of the characteristics of the tie neck blouses, is that they are usually made with fall textiles, either silk, unlike the elementary white shirt, which is made with cotton, the most preponderant objective in this type of collars, is to see fall gracefully the ribbon that we tie, although it is possible that it is found in more rigid materials, making the bow is firm and visible. 


Wear your Tie Neck Blouses with...

Like everything in fashion, the choice of the tie neck blouse is a matter of taste and style, whether you like the discreet, the exuberant, with prints, in transparencies, or you like to lean towards the classics, the important thing is to balance our looks, to feel comfortable.

Below we will share some garments that can inspire you when putting together a look with this garment, if you would like to convey female empowerment in your outfits, it is a basic, which should already be in your closet. 



Skirts, this is a basic combination, but if we add a leather midi in trend, if you want an extra point opts for a silk blouse add high heel sandals, high heel boots, the result will be to be the best dressed in the office.

Pants, another office look, wide leg pants are the trendy variant of the formal ones, a halter-neck blouse will give you a lady like vibe. Jeans, this outfit has the casual chic we need, add high heel sandals, stilettos, or if you prefer the comfortable option loafers and a blazer, bordering on preppy style.



Oversize, the over style is not at odds with the tie neck blouses, and layering much less, a maxi vest with a white oversize bow blouse underneath, you have a 'classic' look but with a lot of flow, add some high boots and a mini bag, ideal for an evening with friends. 


Style your Tie Neck Blouses looks with On Post!

We start with our version of tie neck blouse, Patricia Shirt by Carolina Estefan, will give us looks full of sensuality and elegance, satin, with deep v-neckline and a bow that is tied at the hip, it is ideal to show your girl power in any occasion. Creating a monochrome outfit in black with the previous garment, Luciana Skirt, from the same firm, with asymmetrical cut, will make you look sophisticated, add high boots with thin heels, heeled sandals.

 An autumn look with a wide leg pants, Black Destination Pants by Naos, ideal to give a twist to the office attire, wear with heeled sandals, this outfit will make you stand out in your work meetings.




Our selections for heeled sandals, are incredibly comfortable, Danet by Peyola could not match better with your outfits with tie neck blouses, a strap that simulates a bow and an ankle strap are perfect to add a chic touch to your look with jeans. On the other hand Sira from the same brand, are sandals with straps and platform that give us a much more sensual and mysterious vibe, choose a blouse with transparencies, add a smokey eye makeup, you will be the rock star of the night.

We certainly know that rings can be empowering, that's why we have chosen a Gold Zirconia Coffee Rhombus Ring by Iconique, a delicate design with a diamond in the middle, which is adorned with a line of brown and black zirconias from top to bottom.  Wear it with silver or gold accessories, they go great together. 

Tie neck blouses are a classic, these pieces are timeless, so we should consider adding to the basics of your closet. Wearing this garment besides making us look elegant, has a meaning of feminine empowerment, this shows us once again that fashion is a means of expression, where we convey our essence, mood, we test our creativity and many more things.

Don't stop looking for your voice, and reveal it with your own style, get trendy garments and articles to style them at On Post!


By Katia García

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