What to wear with Chunky Sneakers?

What to wear with Chunky Sneakers?


The fashion of the 90s is here to stay and a clear example of this are chunky sneakers. By wearing them you can create the best urban styles and put them back in trend.

Surprise yourself with a modern and colorful style wearing chunky sneakers, they are versatile, comfortable and very combinable. Swipe down to learn a little more about these amazing sneakers that never go out of style.

Chunky Sneakers a trend that never dies

Surely when you were a child or in your adolescence you used a pair of chunky sneakers, these sneakers were very popular in the 90s causing great furor in celebrities of that time and being worn by the Spice Girls, Meg Ryan and Princess Diana.





 Ideal for creating casual looks in street style, chunky sneakers have been a trend that began in 2017 bringing back nostalgia for the 90s and although some years have passed since this new revival is still more valid than ever, brands such as Balmain, Nike and Fila continue to surprise with modern styles and with that vintage touch that so characterizes chunky sneakers.

Before delving deeper into chunky sneakers, you need to know a little about the chunky style and why it will continue to trend this 2023. The chunky style is a trend that has been in force in recent years in different catwalks and fashion weeks, inspired by the fashion of the 90s that tries to recover clothes and shoes that were worn at that time.

Bringing back chunky sneakers, mini denim skirts, crop tops, accessories like scrunchies and chokers. Today, chunky sneakers have stolen the hearts of the most fashionable women such as Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and the singer of the moment Dua Lipa.

If you want to start wearing these fabulous chunky sneakers, then this article is for you, since you can create the most sophisticated, fun and sensual outfits with the garments from the On Post collection, what are we waiting for and let's start at once.



What are Chunky Sneakers? 

Known for being ugly sneakers, chunky sneakers are the coolest sneakers you can have this season. Within the chunky style, chunky sneakers are the most representative shoes of the 90s and have now become a modern classic.

Chunky sneakers usually have a colorful design, thick soles and many prints.Sometimes you can find them in monochromatic colors such as white, beige and brown or with vibrant colors such as yellow, red and green.

A couple of chunky sneakers are ideal to use at all times, since you can use them to go to the supermarket, party with your friends or even to the gym to perform your exercise routines. If you want to wear these chunky sneakers you will be the absolute protagonist of styling.





As I mentioned before, chunky sneakers come entirely from the chunky style and you can not only find them in tennis. They are also available in moccasin shoes with platforms or heels, there is also a space for boots with chunky soles and ankle boots. 

Whichever style you choose will make the perfect match with your personality and lifestyle, so do not hesitate to add some chunky sneakers in your outfits!


Styles you can create wearing Chunky Sneakers

If you are not yet completely determined to wear some chunky sneakers let me tell you that you are missing out on a great opportunity to create the best styles. So today I'm going to show you a little bit of what you can do with these amazing sneakers.




90's Kid: Nineties inspiration at its best chunky sneakers, high socks, printed miniskirts, oversized  t-shirts, etc.

Monochrome: Within this trend, footwear takes center stage.Precisely for this reason, it is common to use monochrome and discreet garments, to highlight the chunky sneakers. It is never a bad idea to dress with dark colors.

Total denim: Obviously, we can not leave aside the prevailing style of denim today.Take any of the garments that make up your personality when dressing and add some chunky sneakers in white and you have a perfect outfit.

More is more: Quite the opposite of the monochromatic style, forget completely about discreet garments.Choose loose-fitting clothes, full of prints and totally away from minimalism accompanied by some pair of chunky sneakers.


Outfits with Chunky Sneakers

Enhance your most feminine side by using chunky sneakers with the best dresses from the On Post collection. You can find them with a casual touch, romantic and pastel colors, so take note because you will love these outfits.

Uptown girl: If your style is more cosmopolitan and comfortable, you can wear chunky sneakers like Margie by Alta along with a nice white dress such as the Negev by Morena del Rey





With this outfit you can also wear a light blazer like the Cropped Blazer by Zavique, and not to forget the accessories I recommend you use the earrings Golden Logo Pearl by Iconique.

Queen of hearts: With these chunky sneakers Margie by Alta you will really impress everyone with this look, by making the perfect mix with the Soho by Kadu dress and the Getaway blazer by Maria Isabel Cepeda you will have a perfect harmony between a girly and sport style.

Don't forget to store your accessories in the Tsanta by Paralia bag and wear the earrings Srained With Zirconia by Toque de Oro.




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By Melissa Zanini 

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