Trendy looks with Corset Tops

Trendy looks with Corset Tops

 One of the most tempting trends is to wear underwear as outerwear, thanks to it girls and celebrities have contributed to lose the fear of wearing lace silhouettes in the daytime, or the famous corset tops, which frame sensuality and flatter all figures.

The corset tops are a basic for this season, so it is normal that you feel persuaded to wear them, creating looks with them is easier than you thought, the proposals that we can see in the street style are so versatile that you can combine them with jeans, in a more formal outfit with sartorial pants, or with track pants, the sky's the limit.



Another quality to highlight of the corset tops is that you can wear them in any season of the year, it's just a matter of knowing what garments to add to have an outfit worthy of street style.

Copy the Corset Tops outfits of celebrities

Taking into account the fashion lessons shared by celebrities to inspire your outfits with corset tops can save you from the odds that you have to fail, below we will mention some of the trendy looks that have been found in street style, classic combinations with which you can start integrating these garments.

The basic garment that can never miss in pairings are jeans, Gigi Hadid knows how to create on trend looks, she proved it the occasion she wore a corset top with these denim pants in a mid-high waist cut, for a red carpet, the secret, some incredible glitter stilettos, for accessories she opted for chains of different thicknesses in layers, the makeup for which the model leaned for was a sparkly smokey eye. 

Another model who also opts for the combination of jeans plus corset top, is Irina Shayk, for a more casual context, and the difference that her pants had a silhouette to the hip, accompanied by combat boots, a cross body bag, leather jacket, accessorized with sunglasses, earrings and silver chains. 

Rihanna is a fan of wearing lingerie or lingerie-like garments as key pieces in her looks, the singer takes risks with more daring materials such as leather. Riri wore an animal print leather corset top, paired with brown wide leg pants, styled with a maxi coat, a colorful headscarf and ankle boots with a similar print to her top.


Fashionable garments to create a perfect match with Corset Tops

Once you observe and analyze how celebrities wear corset tops, it's time to list some of the trendy garments with which you can create winning combinations:

Camel coat, this infallible returns every winter to reclaim its place, it is easy to combine, and it is very difficult for a garment not to go well with it.

Leather pieces, another fall-winter must-have, wear your corset tops with jackets, pants, skirts or coats in this material.

Jeans and blazer, this is a total combo, as each piece fulfills the function of balancing to perfection.

Over a shirt or dress, the art of layering with corset tops are not a mistake, wear them over garments you feel comfortable with.

Sartorial sets, the combination that is created by putting together these two styles is a dream.


Get a catwalk outfits with a Corset Tops from On Post Collection

To show you how easy it is to combine garments with corset tops, we chose two basic looks with garments from the On Post collection, get inspired by them or purchase them on our website.

Outfit #1

In the first set we have selected one of our favorite corset tops for its versatility and incredible design is Alex Corset Black by Lesém, you will be surprised of the touch it will give to your looks, with removable wires for your comfort, details in velvet, your best option if you are looking for a sexy garment.

Another garment of the season are the cargo pants, wear your corset tops with this type of pants creates a balance in your outfit, having a loose silhouette makes an incredible contrast with the tight corset, Cargo Pant "White" by Macondia is an elemental piece in your closet, its white color, high waist, straps to adjust, are some reasons why it is an excellent choice for you, if you are looking to create a sustainable wardrobe with versatile garments. 

For shoes, you can opt for ugly sneakers, or ankle boots with heel and triangular toe, as it is a basic outfit you can combine with different types of shoes, depending on your style, another complement can be a baguette style bag. 



Outfit #2

If you like more crop tops and silhouettes that do not have the cups so representative of the corset tops, we have Dolly Corset also by Lesém, is an excellent choice for you, in white, satin, with a wide square neckline, adjustable straps, it is a basic for evening outfits. 

One of the pieces that has also been booming is the biker short, this Lycra that we can see with sandals, boots, sneakers, in  party looks, are another garment that can adapt to what we are looking for, if you still do not have yours this is the time, meet Black Biker Short by Simples, with a ribbed design but ensuring the comfort that characterizes them.

Add a blazer and for footwear you can go for cowboy boots or high-heeled sandals, your favorite trendy bag, and you will be splurging on style.

At On Post you can find tips and ideas to create amazing looks, as well as trendy clothes, accessories for your outfits and much more. 

By Katia García

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