Holiday Outfits with a Sequin Skirt

Holiday Outfits with a Sequin Skirt

At night or during the day, you can wear a nice sequin skirt to achieve a casual and sparkly look for this holiday season. If you are interested in starting to wear metallic garments today, you will learn how to style a sequin skirt with the trendiest shoes and accessories from the On Post collection.

The sequin skirt has become a fashion statement and a classic festive look to be the center of attention at the Christmas and New Year's Eve holidays. If you want to renew your outfit and look fabulous, it is the perfect opportunity to start December in style.


Dazzle this Holiday Season with a Sequin Skirt 

The month of December means style, glamour and many parties that are to come, we are about to say goodbye to 2022. And if you want to do it in an iconic way, garments with metallic details are a great option to look spectacular during this season.

If we talk about fashion, we talk about sequins and a lot of shine. In this year's street style we noticed the presence of sequins accompanying other garments such as blouses, sweaters, blazers, dresses and skirts in all  presentations but the most worn are mini and midi style.

Sequin skirts have always been trending for a couple of years, but now we can not separate them from party looks. Sequins come in different sizes and colors, giving us an elegant and fun style. We've seen it at the most recent fashion collections for example from Paco Rabanne and Altuzarra, and weeks over the past few months. But today we will know more about this beautiful and indispensable sequin skirt for the holiday season.



Many times we think that sequins are worn only for evening events, but if you want to experiment with your outfit it is also valid to wear them during the day. Leave your comfort zone behind, if you want to stand out in street style and in all the parties that are approaching wear a sequined skirt, you will not regret wearing it.

Remember that sequins alone attract attention, if you are going to wear a sequined skirt it is advisable not to overload the look and always look for harmony with the other garments of your closet that you want to wear, less is more and a minimalist outfit completely stylizes your silhouette. Swipe down to get a dazzling outfit with this amazing sequin skirt with the following fashion tips.


Styling Tips to wear a Sequin Skirt

If you already want to wear a sequin skirt for the upcoming holidays, you will know the basics of wearing this iconic skirt and look like a true fashionista. 



A perfect fit: Remember when wearing a sequin skirt makes your curves stand out, so you should look for a design that you feel comfortable and chic at the same time. For example, if you have a day meal with your work team, you can wear a pencil-type sequin skirt, with combat boots and a V-neckline sweater.

With other garments: A sequin skirt will always be the protagonist of the best events and if you want to give a festive twist to your look, you can combine it with other basic garments of your wardrobe such as denim shirt, an oversized sweater or a bomber jacket.

For day and night:  Depending on the occasion you can wear a sequin skirt for day and night and you will look gorgeous. If you have a casual event in the evening I recommend wearing a design with small sequins with a white blazer and a pair of silver stilettos.

Less is more: A sequined skirt will always be the protagonist and the key piece of all the outfits you can create. If you choose a midi design with small sequins and neutral colors such as white or champagne, it will look cute and without exaggerating. 

The importance of accessories: During the winter it is always necessary to add accessories that fulfill a function such as keeping us warm with style. When wearing a sequined skirt, you can combine it with accessories such as leather gloves or a vintage velvet design. So you can also experiment with different textures, a cashmere scarf and earrings with crystals that make the perfect match with the whole resplendent outfit.


Holiday Outfits with a Sequin Skirt

Say goodbye to the year in an elegant and chic way wearing a sequin skirt, with the following ways of outfits you will not want to stop wearing it everywhere. In addition, a sequin skirt is a great investment, since it is considered as a timeless garment worthy of wearing in spring and winter.

Sparkly look: If you love shiny garments or with metallic details, a mini gold sequin skirt is the best option for you. You can wear it with medium sequins and combine it with elegant bodysuits such as Nikita by Kadu, I recommend using the golden pink color.



The garments in this shade of pink stand out more with golden accessories or with other tones such as fuchsia. For this outfit wear the earrings Long Golden Orange and Red Zirconia by Iconique, with the heels Oro Fiesta by Galeanna heels. Completes the look with the Huaraz Camel by Muna The Label poncho and the bag Amelia Gold Shoulder by Eva Innocenti.

Casual and sexy look: Silver and gold colors are a classic and unique combination.They are also perfect to use during the Christmas season, this time you can wear a mini silver sequin skirt with the golden bodysuit The Moss by Kadu.



To create a more casual style you can wear these garments with a pair of cowboy style ankle boots like The Luciana Black by Elán. Do not forget the accessories and use the earrings with gold details Nicoya by Geo Designs to look fabulous and you can also wear a leather blazer like the Saint Blazer by Lesém.

Enjoy this holiday season with the most chic clothes and accessories from the On Post collection.


By Melissa Zanini


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