Outfits with Black Wide-Leg Pants to start December in style

Outfits with Black Wide-Leg Pants to start December in style

December is coming and with it the resolutions we made at the beginning of this year come to our minds as if they wanted to make a count to see if we met them all, if one of your goals was to build your own style, or give more production to your looks, do not worry there is still time to achieve it. 

The key that is like an open secret is to go after those basic outfits with garments that you can get the most out of, achieving multiple combinations, for this example we have the wide leg black pants, a must-have that promises to stay for a long time.



It was just a while ago that we discovered that loose silhouettes can be stylish and flattering for all bodies, this with the plus that they are more comfortable than the tight designs to the body, when it comes specifically to pants, it becomes an excellent alternative, being a crucial garment in the daily looks, when wearing a wide trouser we can be sure that you will feel free and unburdened for longer. 

Being a trend, black wide leg pants become a must in your closet, here are some of the reasons why you should have a pair of pants of this color: 

  • Versatility, the infinity of looks you can create with them, formal, cocktail, changing the sense of an outfit with these pants in a matter of seconds is possible. 
  • Elegance, the black color brings sophistication, be sure that you will wear an impeccable outfit when wearing it.
  • Always right, if you do not know what to wear black, it is almost impossible to make a mistake by choosing to wear this color, it is basic and although its tone transmits strength by itself, you can add accessories that elevate your looks.

Since we have reminded you the importance of having a wide leg black pants, we will focus on how to wear it in the most chic way, to sweep the street style in the rest of the year and what better way than the hand of it girls and celebrities where we can find good practices.


How the experts wear Black Wide-Leg Pants

If you are one of those who say until you see it don't believe it and you are convinced to wear a trend until you see your favorite celebrity wearing it, we understand you, there is no better way to learn than by example, so analyze the looks of experts with wide leg pants to steal tips and put them into practice.

One of the celebrities who tends to wear the pants trend wonderfully is Kendall Jenner, who has shown us to be a loyal fan of wide-leg trousers. The model, who usually goes for neutral colors in her casual looks, is a clear example to follow when it comes to creating winning combinations. Such was the case where she wore an ensemble with a sartorial tint, with a beige vest, black wide-leg pants and camel padded sandals.



Zendaya, often referred to as a style icon, not surprisingly knows how to look impeccable in a monochromatic black look, with a crop tank top, wide leg pants with darts, chunky loafers and a leather jacket.

Dakota Johnson, is another actress who has a style worthy of admiration, she reaffirmed it when she wore a two-piece suit, consisting of a blazer and wide leg pants in black, with a basic top and high-heeled sandals of the same color. 

What we can see from the three looks is that the celebrities look good for the occasion they have chosen, they opt for minimalist outfits, in neutral colors or monochrome. 

Looks with Black Wide Leg Pants from the On Post collection

As you may have already noticed, combine black clothing is not so complicated, plus you have the anticipated approval of that part of your outfit, wear more stylish looks in this last part of the year is possible, you should only consider including in your closet a key piece such as a black wide leg pants, here are two sets with clothes that you can find in our collection, get them or get inspired by them. 



Anaflor Pants - Black by Anana Store, Colombia + Pfeiffer Blouse by Nabel Martins: 

This combination is ideal for the upcoming December celebrations, the deep red color of the Nabel Martins blouse, the plunging details of its neck and shoulders make this garment perfect, whether you wear it loose or tucked into the pants. The lower part of your outfit has already won the recognition for best choice, this black wide leg pants with slits on the side above the knee, will give you the perfect balance between sophistication and a sexy touch, wear it with high heel sandals and a clutch bag.

Destino Black Pants by Naos + Menen Blouse by Concepción Miranda:

For a casual look with a boho tinge, this set besides giving you comfort, is more versatile than you can imagine, the black linen pants from Naos has the perfectly loose silhouette to keep you cool but without getting cold, accompanied by the Menen blouse in white, with dropped shoulders and puffed sleeves, it is an allied match for sunny days. As it is a look with basic colors and garments, you can combine it with sneakers, chelsea ankle boots or combat boots. Add a light cardigan if necessary. 

If you still don't have the black wide leg pants, don't wait any longer, at On Post you can find trendy clothes, as well as tips to create amazing outfits!


By Katia García

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