Lavender Dress is a fashion statement for this autumn

Lavender Dress is a fashion statement for this autumn

Celebrities confirmed that the lavender dress is a win-win from the red carpet, to adding it to your fall outfit, and it will be like that until next year.

Going back to 2019, where some celebrities like Emilia Clarke, Brie Larson, Priyanka Chopra, among others selected this color to wear on the red carpet, making it clear that lavender dress also convey an elegant tinge. This year, Zara gave us a lavender suit perfect for attending a wedding, and that was one of the appearances of the lavender obsession.

While light shades convey freshness and evoke spring flowers, in autumn 2021 Vogue predicted that this color would be parked as one of the shades in trend during 2022, until 2023 justified by the predictions of WGSN.


Why should you opt for a lavender dress?

The color lavender signifies calm, harmony, creativity, intuition and some may relate it to a futuristic vibe. Not for nothing on the catwalks was digital lavender named as the color of the year 2023, and is that WGSN in conjunction with Coloro admitted that this color is the standard of what is desired to be our future, optimistic and teaching. Another reason why this tone takes the steering wheel of the future is the inclusion of gender, since, according to these experts, it has already been added to the youth market, and they expect it to expand in all categories next year.



This shade is a complete success in every way, whether you are looking for an elegant look, this color neutralizes some of the "boring" adjectives with which we can associate this type of outfits, and gives that twist that we can expect from an outfit in trend, in addition to what we can transmit with it, can you imagine wearing it in your next work meeting?

But if what you are looking for is the tone that you will use in the event you have in door, you should not hesitate to choose a lavender dress, if it is probably a wedding, this color will make you look chic and on trend, add some high heels that contrast, or if you love the monochromatic look, with lavender is also valid that does not fail.


Which lavender dress to wear?

As we have already analyzed, the lavender dress has become infallible even in autumn, whether you go for a total look with it, or just give a pop of color to your outfit, you will be up to date with the trend even in the coming year. 



Let's talk about the range of possibilities of the styles that exist of this dress, and it is that not for options we can stop, one of the sexiest, the lingerie, with a touch of satin, either midi or mini, this type of dress will bring out your most sensual side. Check out how Priyanka Chopra wears a lavender dress, rocking a casual look.

Another of the proposals that we can find with this tonality, are the maxi dresses, apart from being comfortable, you will not be cold, they are ideal for the autumn-winter.


How to compliment a lavender dress?

If you are one of those people who find it hard to incorporate colors to their outfits, and prefer neutral colors, but you are not willing to pass up this trend, we have the answer for that, accessories!!, and is that this shade has taken over not only clothing items, but we can find it in an endless number of accessories. Learn how to add accessories to a lavender dress, or add it to your looks.

Earrings are a good alternative to give a touch of color to your outfit, considering the proposal that is taking inspiration from the seventies, these groovy lavender colored earrings will make you look different. Of course, you must wear sunglasses with this tone, starting with the fact that they match with all hair tones, the roll-top glasses are booming, so if you are already daring to add color in this ornament, why not experiment with this style.

Shoes and bags in contrast, one of my favorite choices, as we have mentioned before, in some cases we do not want our outfit to look flat by using the same tone, although that is also achieved by adding clothes with different textures, a way to highlight the lavender dress, is by adding a different tone to the one we wear in the clothes in shoes or bag. 


The extra tip to add color in a more subtle way to your looks, or to complement your lavender dress is to try with makeup, from colored eyeliner, to mascara with pastel shades and glitters that make us feel like we are living in a chapter of Euphoria, what is intended is that you lose the fear of these combinations and let yourself be carried away by this unmissable trend.


The On Post lavender dress proposal

It's time to share with you what is the proposal we have for a look with a lavender dress, we will start with the dream that is the Nudo dress by Camila Sarmiento, with a halter neckline that stylizes the bust, showing a not so deep v neck and a back neckline that shows just enough, not to mention the straps detail with which creates a deeper fall, this garment makes you look elegant with a sensual touch. 



For shoes, we have two options, the Pink Rania high heels from Peyola if you want to opt for a monochromatic look, or Brina from the same brand if you are looking to contrast with an off-white color.

For accessories, Louis earrings from Las Meninas will frame your face, the lavender sparkles on them will add the sparkle your outfit needs. If you are looking for something in a more romantic tone, the L'Amour Earring in White, these earrings with a dangling heart will be a great choice for you.



Find these garments and the best trends at On Post!


By Katia Garcia


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