How to style green maxi dress

How to style green maxi dress

If you are looking for comfort and elegance at all times you will get it by wearing a green maxi dress, it is also a color that is fashionable and will make you stand out in the coldest months of the year.

Learn how to combine the green maxi dress like a diva with the most chic accessories and shoes of this season.


The green maxi dress is your best ally in any occasions

Dresses will always help us in any fashion emergency and are necessary in the wardrobe of all women, with them we can create casual, informal and quite elegant looks to go to any event or celebration.

The green maxi dress has become a favorite of the most glamorous events such as the Oscars and the Grammy Music Awards. In addition, the green color is in trend and has stolen our hearts since it was positioned as the color of the year and has appeared in the most important collections of haute couture brands such as Gucci, Versace, Dior and Bottega Veneta.

But what is a green maxi dress? It is a long dress that reaches to the ground, with a height that goes from the waist and has a fall on the top of the feet. One of the advantages of this design is that it adapts to different types of bodies and occasions. If you need a dress with a relaxed and chic design, definitely the green maxi dress is an amazing option for both day and night looks.


We can find the green maxi dress in different shades such as emerald green, olive green, moss green, military green, Quetzal green and also with some necklines such as V-neck, long sleeves, short sleeves, halter neck, with cut out, straps and puffy sleeves. 

You should take into account that the green maxi dress can be worn in a very elegant dinner during the night or you can go with avant-garde design to the office and make a greater impression, today we will tell you what are the designs for those occasions and so you will choose the one you like the most depending on your style and personality.

Maxi green dress for a day event: Without a doubt a green maxi dress will always give a different touch to your look, even if you plan to wear it on the day. If you are looking for an informal outfit but with a lot of style, you can wear a green maxi dress with prints such as animal print or tie dye, to achieve that relaxed outfit that you want so much you can combine it with beautiful tennis, sandals or flats.

As for the accessories I recommend you use small earrings type clip ons in gold color and with crystals to highlight the color of the dress, or if you prefer some hoops are also a good option.Also if you want to wear the green maxi dress to go to the office, just adjust it with a leather jacket, a belt and some ankle boots.

Maxi green dress for a night and formal event: If you want to be the protagonist of the party, the green maxi dress will always make you stand out at all times, celebrities such as Emma Roberts and Julianne Moore have chosen to use this design at galas and very important events. The green color will always give you elegance and sophistication when wearing it. If you want to wear a green maxi dress to attend a wedding or dinner, I recommend wearing fabrics like velvet, satin and lace to add that glamorous touch.

You can look for a design with short sleeves and look very sexy, remember that shoes and accessories are always indispensable. Wear heels and stilettos or if you prefer to be more comfortable the kitten also looks amazing!

Remember that the bag must be of another color or you can choose another shade of green but with different textures such as sequins or beads.



How to style green maxi dress

With the green maxi dress you can create infinite looks for its versatility, it is also a totally timeless garment and you can use it both in hot and cold climates. If you lack inspiration to combine this fabulous dress, don't worry today is the day to learn to be a fashion guru.

Endless party: If you want to shine on the dance floor, you can wear the green maxi dress Faraglioni by Maygel Coronel with the high heeled sandals Green Iria by Peyola. Achieving a mix and match with different shades of green, add the earrings Emerald Studs by las Meninas and the trendy bag Rio Flap by For Public Display. You will capture everyone's gaze and set trends with this beautiful outfit! 



Avant-garde and fashionable: One of the trends that are still valid are the puffy sleeves, and we can find them in blouses and dresses. If you want to join this trend you can use the olive green maxi dress Silvia by Maygel Coronel with platform sandals Rose Garden by Galeanna. If it's a little cold, you can wear a light but warm cardigan Jardín by Iris Arcoknitwear and the earrings Golden Earcuff by MIM.




Sexy and modern: One of the advantages of the green maxi dress is that you can find risky designs that will make you leave your comfort zone. Like the green maxi dress with cut outs Cami Dress by Geraldine García, when wearing it you will feel empowered and totally sure of yourself, you can wear flat sandals to be comfortable most of the time, opt for the option Elisa Nude by Elán. Don't forget about accessories, use the trendy bag Micro Mompox by Camila Mesar and these lovely earrings Star Studs by Viviane Guenoun. 



Comfortable and casual: If you are looking for a style to wear on different days of the week, the green maxi dress Green Tide Nightgown by Naos is an appropriate option to achieve the look. This dress will look beautiful with ankle boots The Catalina by Elán and the trendy bag Ivory Dalia by Malau. 



If you want to renew your style, wear a green maxi dress and find your favorite accessories only in On Post!


 By Melissa Zanini 

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