Vösh Design, the luxury of Mexican jewelry

Vösh Design, the luxury of Mexican jewelry

The modern style with artisan roots that you have been looking for, now you find it with Vösh Design, a Mexican jewelry brand. Meet it!


Vösh Design is a Mexican brand that combines trends, creativity, and craft processes from different parts of Mexico to offer its public accessories and jewelry with unique and contemporary styles.

Read on and fall in love with the essence of this project!


What is Vösh Design?

Accessories are fundamental pieces to give life to outfits. Each one of them keeps a different personality inside, ready to inspire you and help you achieve your best version every day.

Vösh Design is a brand that is aware of this, which is why it presents a wide collection of contemporary pieces, handmade by Mexican artisans who give it soul and distinctive touch.

The brand reinvents itself and renews its products every season so that they can offer you freshness and variety at all times through their selection of accessories, which you can mix and adapt to your style.



A 100% handmade creation

Always seeking to be at the forefront, Vösh Design products are created by 100% Mexican hands and with the best quality materials.

To comply with this regime of excellence, the brand's team is made up of men, women, and artisans from the state of Puebla, Mexico, who have taken it upon themselves to share their experience and talent to create works of art that you can include in your outfits.

For this reason, the brand is a proud representative of fair work, because through its jewelry workshops they manage to be a means by which Mexican artisans can economically improve their lifestyle, their techniques and open their panorama to a new world where their work is recognized and admired.

Finally, it should be noted that the brand works with Miyuki Crystal Beads (Japanese), cotton threads, nylon, and sustainable materials, such as silver and gold, so that its pieces have a longer lifespan.



A design for each personality

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Vösh Design is its ability to present Mexican jewelry that adapts to each of the personalities that live within us.

If today you wake up in an elegant, daring, or fun mood, we are sure that Vösh Design has the perfect accessory for you.

Check it!


Freshness: Waterfall Drop Earrings

If what you are looking for an accessory that makes you feel in contact with nature and allows you to experience a sensation of freshness, both physically and visually, the Waterfall Drop earrings are the ideal ones for your style.


Rebellion: Nova Cuff

Feel free, authentic, and with a challenging spirit wearing the Nova bracelet. Its geometric design and vivid colors will allow you to connect with your most intrepid side and that is not afraid of being the center of attention.


Elegance: Diamond Necklace

Who said that diamonds are only used on the hands? The gemstone-shaped design of this necklace allows you to reinvent the way diamonds are used, while its black color with beaded embellishments gives you all the elegance that your outfits need.


Romance: Peach Moonstone Chain

Pastel colors like peach and pink are closely related to feminine and romantic looks. If you identify yourself with this style, this delicate chain cannot be missing from your jewelry collection.



Experience the luxury of Mexican craftsmanship with Vösh Design.

Find its complete jewelry collection at On Post!


By Diana Mendoza


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