Pink Floral Dress: A classic and beautiful garment

Pink Floral Dress: A classic and beautiful garment

Don't think that the upcoming release of the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is the reason why this color and the  pink floral dress are all over the runways and shop windows, the truth is that this shade is iconic.

While the famous doll has worn pink as a standard, over time we have seen how this shade like her, has been transformed and now not only communicates delicacy, femininity and tenderness, but can also convey energy, freedom and empowerment. One of the garments that has also served as Barbie's icon and has positioned itself as a classic is the pink floral dress.


Why is the pink floral dress in trend?

One of the reasons why pink dresses are in trend must be because of the Barbiecore, a proposal that is mainly inspired by the Barbie doll and the style of clothes from the late nineties. Dressing like her involves the color pink, although you can also find animal print accessories, flowers, gold, neon and transparencies.

This year, from a viral Zara dress on TikTok, to the catwalks of last season and the current one, celebrities like Anne Hatway, Zendaya, Dua Lipa, among others, fell under the charm of pink. Beyond this proposal, pink has catapulted as a versatile color, to which we can resort at any time of the year.

Probably, the fuchsia tone can scare us, but the wonderful thing about this color is all the aspects it has and how you can introduce it in your outfit if you are not a fan of the monochromatic look. Some options you can combine it with are white, brown, red and black.

Leaving a little aside from the Barbie pink, we will talk about a basic that can not miss in your closet, the perfect pink floral dress, the combination of the floral print achieves the ideal harmony of a feminine and trendy dress.



Why should you have a pink floral dress? The question should be, why not? Over the years, this print has proven to be completely adaptable, from a romantic style to a sensual one. And although it seems impossible to innovate in designs to refresh this basic, the proposals continue to surprise us, the notable references to revive this print were undoubtedly the seventies, the boho chic that we love and the country style. 


Pink floral dress the new revival for this season

Another alternative that designers have chosen to renew this classic print are the lantern sleeves with volume, which give us that romantic and vintage touch that we can't resist. Whether with v-necks, off the shoulders or square dresses, the floral print is still in force and looks set to remain so every year.



Now we will talk about the best way to wear a pink floral dress this fall-winter season. Recently the model Kendall Jenner gave us a lesson worthy of her style, on how to transform this look. The older Jenner sister made us stop, questioning if we would dare to wear such a combination, dress with boots? Yes, yes, yes, yes! Kendall wore an outfit that screams fall, a halter-neck dress with a leaf print and brown leather boots. 

This combination features items that we would have previously thought were opposites, they create the perfect balance for this season, although the dress is one of the most coined items for warm temperatures, you can also take advantage of them in these months of the year that are colder. 

Making a compilation, we know that the color pink is iconic and more than a trendy garment is a must-have in your closet, but what if we add a classic print like flowers to this garment, then you need a pink floral dress now! This garment won't be one of those that you will leave in your closet until the next season, as it has proven to be a staple in every season. 

When it comes to the accessories of your outfit, the shoes also make the difference in your look, that is, in summer you can wear high heel sandals, in casual daytime events, but in autumn the best option will undoubtedly be the ankle boots.



How to style the pink floral dress?

We've talked so much about why you should have a classic garment like a floral print dress, but now it's time to give you our suggestions on how to wear this look with almost no flaws. 

The Parvati Dress by Concepción Miranda, encompasses all the characteristics of the ideal pink floral dress, with v-neckline, balloon sleeves, straps to adjust the bust part and a tropical print in one tone, in a faint pink tone. Add some high heels like Brina by Peyola, you would rock a super feminine and romantic outfit, perfect for a date with your crush. Other options like this, but the maxi dress type, Atala Dress by Carolina Estefan, designed for any body type, we suggest you use it in a daytime event.



If like today, the season of the year is autumn, dare with an off the shoulders dress like the Pepita Cotton Midi Dress by Cindy Castro New York, the complement that will take your look to another level will be an ankle boot The Mariane by Elán, with a more rocker touch and at the same time delicate. Another riskier option is the maxi dress, Carina Dress, by Concepción Miranda. We know that this combination may seem strange to you, but of course we love long dresses with boots.



These options can be found in On Post, these garments are created by Latin American designers, who in addition to following the trends of the fashion world, are committed to a conscious future. Get to know our talent proposal and join sustainable fashion. 


 By Katia García

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