Fashion Alert: The tube dress

Fashion Alert: The tube dress

If you love the fashion of the 90s and 00s the best runway look you will have with the tube dress.

Learn about the different tube dress designs that best suit your body type and personality to look phenomenal during the autumn season.


What is a tube dress?

This iconic garment that revolutionized the 90s and 00s, do you know what garment we are talking about? We´ll give you a hint, it was Victoria Beckham's favorite when she was a member of the Spice Girls and is currently part of the personality and style of model Emily Ratjkowski. 



Let's not continue with the mystery, today we will talk about the tube dress that has been loved by many it girls. The tube dress has positioned itself as a benchmark in pop culture and the protagonist of important catwalks and fashion brands such as Hugo Boss, Michael Kors and Loewe mainly.

In the most recent autumn-winter show of 2022/23 of Givenchy we saw the latest proposals of the tube dress in its different versions and textures that evokes the minimalist style but in a modern and elegant way, however you must be prepared to combine the tube dress like any fashionista and inaugurate the most chic season and expected by all fashion lovers. 

The tube dress as we have mentioned, is one of the trends that will undoubtedly be seen in all events and celebrations to conclude 2022, but what exactly is the tube dress and why is it obsessing us so much? 



To know the origin of tube dresses we have to return to the nineteenth century, during that time it was only used as underwear and not as trendy clothes as we know it today, in the moment it was made of materials such as cotton and silk. However, in the twentieth century during the 60s Jackie Kennedy, the wife of the president of the United States imposed the tube dress to be worn on different occasions, both for formal events and for everyday life. 

The tube dress is a tight dress that is ideal for formal and informal events, for example it can be used to attend a dinner, go for some cocktails with friends or also go to work with other garments such as blazers, cardigans and the right shoes so that you feel comfortable and add this garment to your daily routine. 

Remember that the tube dress stylizes the figure and accentuates some parts of the body such as the legs, abdomen and hips which makes it a sexy and versatile dress. Different styles of tube dress can be found: with sequins, with heart neckline, in denim, with lace, neon colors and pastel colors, also in its mini, midi and maxi versions. 


Styling tips for a tube dress 

If you want to wear the tube dress like a true street style diva, you should keep in mind the following tips so that you combine it with other garments that you like and feel comfortable in all moments. 

Underwear: Being one of the most sought after trendy clothes to start the autumn season, the tube dress is very tight so you should avoid marking your underwear. You can wear a strapless bra to show off the neckline of the dress or also bikini style panties.

Length of the dress: The tube dress sometimes tends to be longer, you must take into account your height and look for a design that fits the height of the knee. 

Shoes: Being a versatile garment, you can choose the shoes that you like the most to combine it with your tube dress. However, you should know the dress code when using it. If it is formal or informal, this dress looks fabulous with tennis shoes, high heeled sandals and high boots. 

Self confidence: The tube dress is a tight garment and can mark your curves, you must have confidence with yourself to highlight those parts of the body that you love and characterize most. 



Tube dress the revival of the Y2K fashion

The fashion industry always reinvents itself and also brings us trends from the past, such as the Y2K fashion that has been the protagonist of bringing us back the tube dress and other fabulous garments of that time, such as chunky sandals, bucket hats, wide leg pants, the famous butterfly top and the iconic jackets with spatial details and silver colors. 

Haute couture firms such as Balenciaga, Balmain and Givenchy don't stop betting on the Y2K fashion and to start the autumn today we will give you some recommendations of outfits with the tube dress, so that you look like a goddess.

Returning to the boho chic style you can wear the Zaña Dress by Blanca Pukara with the high heeled sandals Oro Rosa Fiesta by Galeanna and the earrings Peach Moonstone by Vösh Design. If you are looking for a cocktail party outfit the tube dress Little Red Dress by Macondia is the best option for you! Add the high heeled sandals Brina by Peyola and the earrings 5 Hoops by Kuu.



Another fabulous outfit is wearing the tube dress Little Pink Dress by Macondia and the high heeled sandals Danet by Peyola, don't forget to add these trendy accessories Eloise by For Public Display and the earrings Black Zirconia Silver Short by Iconique, you will look classic and gorgeous! If you are looking for a cosmopolitan outfit you can wear the tube dress Classic Long Dress Spacial White by Macondia with the ankle boots The Catalina by Élan and the earrings Long Silver With Crystals by Iconique.



The black color is sexy and elegant, you can wear the tube dress Classic Long Dress Black/Pink by Macondia with the high heeled sandals Iria by Peyola, add the leather jacket Ara by Balanka and the trendy bag Black Dalia by Malau, do not hesitate to wear this outfit! 

Enjoy the autumn season in the most chic way with the tube dress, find your favorite in our most recent collection. Only in On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini 

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