What to wear with nude platform heels

What to wear with nude platform heels

If you want to look different but stylish, use the nude platform heels. You will definitely love them! 

Whether for a dinner with your date, going to the office or to the beach, nude platform heels are ideal for creating the best outfits for day or night events. 


Advantages for using nude platform heels

Surely you have heard that nude color has become a trend in recent years and it is not for less because with this color we can combine countless garments and accessories. 

But what exactly is nude color? Nude colors are those that resemble natural skin colors. Currently, thanks to the diversity in the fashion industry we have found more nude colors to combine with other shades and basic colors like black, white or pink and experiment with the coolest trend. 

If you want to start with this look in nude color, the nude platform heels are an incredible option and you should know one of the advantages of this footwear. Nude platform heels stylize and also lengthen your legs, are considered timeless since you can use them on any occasion. 

The nude platform heels will make any garment of your wardrobe stand out, since it is considered a quite elegant and easy to use color with any accessory achieving a sexy but stylized look.

As we saw at the beginning of 2022, heels are the most sought after and nude platform heels will become your favorites with the following tips and recommendations that we will give you today! 


What to wear with nude platform heels?

One of the most important influencers in adding nude color to their outfits is Kim Kardahshian, she always tries to wear it in one or more garments but with a small accessory such as earrings or sunglasses in another color so that it always highlights her look. 

Nude platform heels have become street style favorites and best of all you can wear them with a linen jumpsuit or a white dress. As we mentioned above they look amazing in any season! 



A Mexican brand of shoes that has become our favorite is Peyola shows us the sexiest and most fashionista side that we all want to have in our routine, if you want to have the look in nude color of this wonderful brand use the nude platform heels BRINA by Peyola with the Bianca Linen Jumpsuit by Cindy Castro New York, you will definitely look amazing to go to a work meeting!



If you want to achieve a more romantic look you can wear the white dress Arboleda Dress White by Anana Store Colombia with the knit sweater Nube by Iris Arco Knitwear. 



Remember that the accessories that are used to wear the nude color like an it girl, are in gold color and strong colors such as red or black. Or if you prefer to experiment with new looks you can use neon or white colors to contrast the nude color of your outfit. For example, you can wear a  Wine Belt by Sientochenta and the earrings Lucky Eye by Daniela Millan.

Another winning look to combine with the nude platform heels are the pants IZZIE by Lesém with the blouse Turquesa by Sientochenta, to contraste the outfit wear the bag Valeria Green Top Handle Bag by Eva Innocenti with the ring Nenufar by Santa Diabla, you will be the inspiration of all!



The nude platform heels are a trend that will be in force for many seasons, look for your new favorites to compliment your looks only in  On Post


By Melissa Zanini 


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