Butterfly top: The iconic return of the 00s

Butterfly top: The iconic return of the 00s

During the 00s the butterfly top was the protagonist of red carpets and awards ceremonies, currently it is one of the most fashionable trends and has inspired different generations. 

Fashion is definitely cyclical and that is why today we will tell you how to combine the much desired butterfly top so that you impose a new style and look phenomenal! 


Nostalgia for the 00s: The butterfly top is today's trend

Generation Z has been in charge of bringing us back the Y2K fashion and since mid-2021 a garment that has fascinated us has returned for its design, style and colors, this is how we are talking about the butterfly top. 

The first appearance of this garment was during the 70s when music diva Cher surprised everyone at the Grammys, with a revealing but at the same time innovative mode. A two-piece set with a butterfly top in white and many sequins. From that moment the butterfly top was officially positioning itself as one of the most important garments in the history of fashion. 



However, during the 00s when the butterfly top had an unexpected boom and became popular thanks to Mariah Carey in a tribute to singer Diana Ross, she wore a top with rhinestones created by the designer Emanuel Ungaro, becoming a new classic. 

During that time the butterflies were one of the prints and designs most used in different collections of firms such as Blumarine mainly, this print were found everywhere in garments such as blouses, dresses, jewelry and the dazzling butterfly top. Since Mariah Carey's appearance at the VH1 Divas 2000 concert, celebrities such as Salma Hayek, Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera chose to use this fancy and versatile design. 

Currently the Y2K fashion is a world trend due to the nostalgia of that refreshing shine, dreamlike and futuristic details that were reflected in garments such as pleated miniskirts, wide leg pants, baguette bags, transparencies, accessories such as bandanas, chunky sneakers, very colorful sunglasses and the iconic butterfly top.



We have seen that brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Balmain and Cult Gaia are returning to Y2K fashion to surprise us with bold designs and at the same time chic to look in street style as an avant-garde goddess. 


What is a butterfly top?

Tops are a garment without sleeves or straps on the shoulders that covers the upper chest being tight and the butterfly top take up the of the original top without straps, one of the peculiarities of this top are the butterfly wings that cover the breasts in a suggestive way.

You can find the butterfly top in different designs and materials such as crochet, with sequins, tie dye, asymmetrical, in pink and lilac colors, with bows on the back, with beads and also in two-piece sets with skirts. 

Pop divas like Dua Lipa love to wear the butterfly top of the famous Ukrainian designer Masha Popova, she is inspired by Y2K fashion to create modern and cool designs. One of the advantages of the butterfly top is that it fits all body types and can be combined with other garments such as blazers and maxi skirts, it looks amazing with ankle boots and wide heeled sandals. 



Create the best looks with the butterfly top

The butterfly top is a fun, versatile and cute design you can create different looks depending on your personality and mood. It can be used on more casual occasions for example, you can go to a party at night with a butterfly top with sequins or attend a concert with the same top but different material such as the crochet. 

Today we present two outfits with which you will look fabulous, but remember that makeup and accessories are a must to make the butterfly top stand out, don't overload the outfit so that the attention is focused on the top. 


Patricia Trujillo brings us a white version of the butterfly top from her most recent collection, you can wear the Amazonic Set with the wide leg pants in lilac Malva Meeting Pants by Naos, add the high heeled sandals Green Iria by Peyola with the earrings Long Silver With Crystals by Iconique. Use makeup with shades of glitter in pink, lilac and green tones to play with the colors of your other garments, so you will have a polychromatic and modern look! 

Black and white colors never go out of style, you can combine the butterfly top with B&W Contrast Skirt by Macondia, leather jackets are important to give that rocker and risky touch to our outfit you can wear the jacket Micaela by Balanka with the ankle boots Ella Boots by Galeanna.



As for accessories and makeup, you can use the earrings Broquel Cuadrado Black Zirconia by Iconique and the trendy bag PO´O by NÄM. A red lipstick and smokey eyes will make you look sexy and mysterious. Do not hesitate to wear that makeup! 

The butterfly top and other fabulous garments to create unforgettable looks await you at On Post! 

By Melissa Zanini

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