What is Y2K fashion

What is Y2K fashion

What is Y2K fashion? Surely you've heard recently that the 00s are back and it's true, it is resuming the style of celebrities of those years such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, Paris Hilton and Beyoncé. 



For months it has been confirmed that the Y2K trend is back in fashion shows and brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga and Balmain are showing us that we will have a long season with this fabulous style. What is Y2K fashion and how to use it correctly? Y2K sets adapt to any body type and personality, you can combine colors and texture to create different outfits for each day. 


What is Y2K Fashion

Do you know what Y2K fashion is? Today we will tell you a little about this trend that has returned to fall in love again. Y2K is the abbreviation of Year 2 Thousand, this acronym has become present in social networks and speaks to us about fashion and design inspired by the early 2000s. 

The Y2K or two-thousander style stands out for having retro elements, colors and bright materials inspired by the internet and changes in technology, futuristic details that adapt to Y2K outfits such as astronaut jackets and flip cell phones. We can also see an invasion of Kitsch accessories and basic fabrics such as denim and satin. 



One of the garments that have been seen most on the catwalks are the wide leg denim jeans, those that by their wide leg cut make us look comfortable.



You can find them with slight openings or at the hip, or if you prefer the parachute type with many pockets on the sides to store your basics, you will achieve a look worthy of the new nostalgia for the 00s.


Y2K Outfits 

To create the best Y2K outfits you can play with neon colors and metallic textures to create impact combinations with crystal accessories such as chokers or piercing earrings.


If you want to start with a look that reminds you of Christina Aguilera's music videos, use the shorts Aleka by Balanka with the Bralette Ghauri by Kadu and if you use the right accessories like the collar Piedra Blanca Cortina Diseño by Iconique with the baguette bag Amapola Mint by Malau you will look like an MTV star! 



Another of the Y2K outfits that can be created for a more urban look, is wearing wide leg denim jeans such as Andrea Denim Pants by Cindy Castro New York with the Tank Top Citrus Green by Macondia adding a baguette bag Happy by For Public Display. 



 Another of the most iconic accessories of the 00s are these baguette bags that are versatile and easy to use with any garment, it will also make you look chic and cool at the same time. Also ribbed cardigans with mini skirts are now a classic ready to wear again. 

Now that you know what is Y2K fashion, do not hesitate to enter this style that is so nostalgic but full of glamour and a lot of color. Find your favorite clothes and accessories at On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini 


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