Green jumpsuit: A cosmopolitan outfit

Green jumpsuit: A cosmopolitan outfit

The green jumpsuit will make you look fabulous depending on the touch you want to add, it can be glamorous or industrial chic. Combine it with the trendiest accessories and combat boots of the moment!

If you are looking for a one piece garment that will make you look incredible is the green jumpsuit, you can find it in different shades of this vibrant risky color. 


A timeless garment the green jumpsuit

During this year we have seen that the green color is one of the favorites of some designers and haute couture brands such as Prada, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vouitton, however Quetzal green and Emerald green are officially the colors of street style and the favorite of some it girls such as Megan Fox, Dua Lipa and Beyoncé. 

If you want to start using the green color you can find it in garments such as dresses, wide leg pants, two piece suits, skirts and the fantastic green jumpsuit. If you love bags and accessories, the green color is also present in earrings and in different versions of trendy bags such as pocket, maxi and baguette style. 

Why is the green color a favorite of designers? This color has many meanings throughout the history of fashion, mainly it means hope and freedom and at the time of wearing it with other garments you will feel empowered and fabulous that we have no doubts. 

One of the garments that look incredible in this color is the green jumpsuit, it is an original and versatile garment. You can wear it for formal and informal occasions, it also adapts to all body types and best of all, you can create many options of outfits to give a different and unique twist to your style.



The green jumpsuit is synonymous with femininity and elegance, do not hesitate to have one in your wardrobe with this garment you will achieve a cool and timeless look, ready to use in cold and warm climates. Remember to combine the small details and accessories such as earrings and shoes, for example a comfortable combat boots, will make you look extraordinary without any effort.



Green jumpsuit a modern classic

Nowadays the green jumpsuit is a garment that never ceases to amaze us for its versatility, you can find it in materials such as linen and cotton. You can also find it in different shapes: with neckline on the back, V-neck, with straps, sleeves and cutouts, the options are endless to look like a diva! 

If you want to start wearing a green jumpsuit, we will give you some style tips so you can find the one that best suits you. Are you ready? 

Define your waist: When choosing a green jumpsuit you must emphasize your waist to achieve a more stylized look, for example you can use belts in gold and black colors to highlight the color of this garment. 

Play with other garments: If you want to give daily use to the green jumpsuit to go to the office or a work meeting, you can combine it with other basic garments such as a blazer, a leather jacket or a nice cardigan. 

Monochromatic: The color block trend is a new way to fit your outfits with one color, and you can add it to your green jumpsuit. You can combine different shades of green to look radiant. 

Shoes: When wearing a green jumpsuit you can use it in different ways, for a more casual evento or to go to a brunch on a weekend with friends. It will look fabulous with high heeled sandals in neutral colors or combat boots in black and military green, imagination is your best ally to create a heart attack look. 

Accessories: The green jumpsuit should be the center of attention of your outfit, so you should use discreet earrings. For example, you can use clip ons in metallic colors and you can use a small bag so that you take your most basic accessories with you, depending on your personality. 



How to wear a green jumpsuit?

There are many reasons why you should wear a green jumpsuit, one of them is that you can create different looks for each day of the week and have that glamorous and comfortable style that you are looking for. 


The green jumpsuit is a basic garment that will always take you out of any fashion emergency, so today we will tell you how to combine it in the sexiest and most elegant way possible. 

Remember actress Eva Longoria from the TV series Desperate Housewives? She has chosen to wear the green jumpsuit on different occasions and looks sensational in different shades of green. 

Whether to be used in the city or on the beach the green jumpsuit will feel comfortable and fresh, if you want to start the look you can wear the green jumpsuit Los Cabos by Palmier with the combat boots The Olivia Military Green by Élan. You have two options to bundle up, you can wear the cardigan Jardín by Iris Arco Knitwear or the leather jacket Camille by Balanka with both and you will look fabulous! 

Another winner combination is wearing the high heeled sandals Fiesta Glam by Galeanna with the trendy bag María Snake by Malau and the Costa Cardigan by Blanca Pukara, don't forget to use a pair of earrings for example you can use the Picasso Disco Hoops by Nefelibata. 



The green jumpsuit will give a twist to your look in the coolest way, find yours only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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