Autumn decoration: tips and trends for the home

Autumn decoration: tips and trends for the home

2022 brings us a series of trends that you cannot miss to have a warm home. Find out how to achieve the best fall decoration with Indesign Living!


Autumn is usually the best season of the year for many, because the heat decreases, the sun is no longer so intense, the cities are painted brown, the cold increases and also the excuses to have a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

If you are #TeamAutumn and you want to take advantage of all the benefits that this climate offers you in your home, read on and discover how you can achieve home interior decoration this season with Indesign Living.


Extra light to start the day

The autumn season gives us beautiful landscapes that you can take advantage of to give your home the warm vibe you are looking for.

To make the most of the light that nature gives us, it is essential that you place new light points in your rooms with the help of decorative mirrors.

Mirrors will help you reflect the sun's rays, making them reach every corner of your home to create effects that will make you fall in love. Check it!



A warm home with decorative blankets

We all love to watch a movie while we wrap ourselves up in a warm blanket. So this season you can't miss your plush blankets!

You can place them in a triangular shape on the corners of your armchairs and sofas, or keep them organized in a special bag for blankets.

We recommend using a leather bag like the one from Indesign Living, as it is flexible, durable and has a stylish design.




Wood, synonymous with autumn

Walnut wood is one of the favorites of the season, as its color is elegant, sophisticated and has the perfect warm tone that matches any home decor.

You can take advantage of it and include objects in your home made of this material such as trays, wine racks, breakfast tables, etc. Find them all at Indesign Living!



Ethanol fireplaces are a must

If your home does not have a fixed fireplace, but you want to feel a warm atmosphere in your home, ethanol fireplaces by Indesign Living are perfect for this purpose.

Its small size will allow you to place it in any corner of your house, and its modern operation will allow you to be free of waste and ashes.



Opt for neutral colors

The key piece to express your personality in all the rooms of your home is the color you choose to decorate them. Whether on the walls, tapestries or objects, neutral colors will always be an excellent option.

If you want to get out of the typical black and white, we recommend trying colors such as grey, beige, camel, terracotta and even deep shades of blue.

All of them will give balance to your home while creating the perfect environment to spend the autumn season.


Get ready to enjoy autumn with these tips!

Visit our online store and discover everything that Indesign Living has for you to transform your home into an autumnal paradise!


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By Diana Mendoza



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