Walnut wood, perfect to give elegance to the home

Walnut wood, perfect to give elegance to the home

Walnut wood has a naturally elegant look that you will love. Discover how to easily incorporate it into your home!


Walnut wood has spread rapidly through different countries and it is not for less, since its color and innate elegance make it an ideal material for decorating offices, houses and even restaurants.

If you want your home to have a neutral and sophisticated essence, this wood will help you with your purpose.

Discover with Indesign Living how to add small walnut details that will make a difference!


Walnut wood: Classic and elegant

For some seasons, a growth in the popularity of walnut wood has been outlined. Initially, it began to be used in work spaces, such as offices, as its characteristics made it perfect for transmitting the desired tranquility and formality.

However, it didn't take long for interior designers to bring this beautiful material into homes and masterfully renew its use.

Walnut wood is being so acclaimed thanks to its simple and elegant finish at the same time. Its color is dark but not as dark as a chocolate or black tone (which are usually visually heavy) nor as light as a beige or white (which are sometimes difficult to keep intact).

In other words, walnut wood is an excellent partner for neutral colors to create sophisticated environments and quiet luxury.


Where in the home can walnut wood be used?

Without fear of sounding optimistic, walnut wood is such a versatile material that it can work well in almost any area of ​​your home. The important thing is to know in what quantities to use it and what you are looking to transmit when placing it in a certain area.

For example, you can place walnut furniture in your bathroom to give it a sober and urban style. Also, if you accompany it with gray decorative objects (such as Indesign Living bathroom sets) you can elevate its elegance.



On the other hand, walnut wood has a completely different function when it is placed in the living room of the home. Whether through furniture or decoration, this material will give your room a warm essence that will make all your guests feel sheltered, without the need to include earth colors.

Do not be afraid to use large amounts of this material, as its color allows you to give seriousness to spaces without darkening, as black tones would.


Walnut wood decoration

If you prefer more discreet details but that highlight certain areas of your interest, walnut wood can help you.

Trays are decorative objects that are recently gaining popularity as they turn out to be very practical. For example, this walnut tray from Indesign Living is perfect to sit on your coffee table and put some scented candles on it. Or you can use it to welcome your guests with a sweet cup of tea.



Another way you can incorporate walnut wood is with this lectern from Indesign Living. Whether it's for your living room or your home office, this ornament will give your spaces a touch of seriousness and avant-garde. Discreet and perfect for keeping your books intact.



Finally, we propose this wine rack from Indesign Living, with which you will not only keep your bottles in the correct position, but you will also give a new presentation to your most important wines.



Details always make the difference and with walnut wood you can create unexpected visual effects in your home.

Find out everything you need to decorate your rooms with walnut wood only at On Post!


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By Diana Mendoza

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