Winter outfit ideas with Wool Sweaters

Winter outfit ideas with Wool Sweaters

Wool sweaters provide a chic look to wear in the winter and create the best looks for street wear in the wintertime.

If you still don't know how to wear wool sweaters in winter, don't worry. Here are the best fashion and style tips to join the trend.


Wool sweaters the best investment for winter

Wool sweaters have become the best allies for winter, they are an essential garment that both women and men have come to have in our closets. In addition, they are versatile and you can combine them with other garments to achieve an incredible look.



Wool sweaters look great alone or under a denim jacket, bomber jacket or long coat, even a trench coat. Remember that in winter it is valid to wear all the warm clothes that have been stored during the year, such as scarves, gloves and berets.

In recent collections of haute couture brands such as Chanel, Altuzarra and Chloé wool sweaters have returned in different colors such as red and pink, also textures such as tweed and matching bags, you can also find ornaments on wool sweaters such as pearls, patches and fringes.

As you can see, wool sweaters return every season but with modern and ad hoc adaptations with the trends of the moment. Wool is a natural material that is very resistant, the sweaters that use it in its construction are usually the ones that last the longest. Most often wool sweaters have a timeless style that you can wear not only in winter, but also in other seasons of the year.



One of the disadvantages of wearing wool sweaters is that if you have not previously worn garments with this material, It can cause a little allergy and itching in areas such as the neck, arms and back. Here are 3 infallible tips so that when using wool sweaters you do not go through discomfort and feel uncomfortable.

Use hair conditioner: If when wearing wool sweaters you notice that your hair has a lot of electricity or you get itchy, the best thing you can do is wash it with hair conditioner, wool is a natural fiber and has keratin like hair. So this remedy will help you to have more softness in your sweater.

Take it to the freezer: Although it may seem hard to believe, cold weather protects your clothes and wool sweaters are no exception. If they still cause you itching when wearing them, what you should do is place it inside a bag and put it in the freezer for 3 days, let it dry naturally and you will see that the fibers will adapt better to your body avoiding allergies.

Now you will be ready to wear wool sweaters throughout the winter and with a glamorous style.


How to wash Wool Sweaters?

Wool sweaters are garments that need special care for the organic fibers with which it is made. If you have one or more today we will tell you how you can preserve your wool sweater to the moment of washing it. 



Fill a bucket with cold water: After this step attach a little liquid soap, try to make the soap you choose suitable for delicate garments in this case wool sweaters.

Dip the sweater: Perform this procedure using the palms of the hands, so that with small touches completely submerge the wool sweaters this will absorb the mixture of water with soap.It is extremely important not to rub so as not to damage the sweater.

Drying: It is time to say no to the dryer, wool sweaters should be spread on a flat surface, avoiding at all costs to drain or tighten.If you are going to wash your wool sweater, you need to roll it up in a large towel and exert pressure so that it does not lose its shape, and preferably you have to wash it by hand at a temperature of 30°C.

With this special care your favorite wool sweaters will last you much longer and you can use them on any occasion! 


Winter outfit ideas with Wool Sweaters

The time has come for you to pull out your wool sweaters from the closet and wear them during the first months of the year. One of the essential garments of winter fashion are these sweaters, with them we can achieve a casual and comfortable look in minutes.

Take note, because today I bring you two recommendations of absolutely chic outfits to combine your wool sweaters like an it girl.

Cosmopolitan girl: If you are a girl who loves to visit the trendy cafes in the city, then one of the wool sweaters that can best suit your style is the Arca sweater by Andiamo Concept. Being light you can combine it with palazzo pants or the classic denim jeans such as the Le Weekend by Lésem, I recommend you also wear the ankle boots Python by Galeanna with the trendy bag Amelia Gold Shoulder by Eva Innocenti, you will love this look and wear it more than once!



Boho chic: If you like gypsy or boho trends, one of the coolest wool sweaters that will suit your style is the Inti by Patricia Trujillo. Its neutral colors combined with pastel colors will make you look fashionable and comfortable at the same time, creating the perfect match with Alma by Denisse Kuri pants.

To finish the look and if you are looking to be comfortable I recommend wearing the Comfy Camel by Galeanna sneakers, in addition a small bag will always be your best ally use the Burgundy Mini by Jetlagmode and the golden ring Bee Pearl by Viviane Guenoun.


Stay warm and stylish this winter season with the chicest wool sweaters from the On Post collection.



By Melissa Zanini 

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