Casual Dresses: The best option to go to the office

Casual Dresses: The best option to go to the office

Fashion was made to be worn in various places and occasions, a clear example is the office. Today we will tell you about the casual dresses that you can wear to go to work and give a different twist to your style.

If you're already back full time in the office, don't worry with this style guide you'll know how to combine casual dresses to wear on different days of the week and succeed in your work meetings.


How to wear Casual Dresses to the office in style?

If you consider yourself a fashionista and want to impose a trend in your work you should definitely wear casual dresses. Casual dresses are an ultra feminine and empowering garment, also if you got bored of wearing pants and blouses to the office with these casual dresses you will elevate your look and feel glamorous from Monday to Friday.




We know that creating the best outfits to go to work becomes a fashion emergency, but do not worry today you will know some tips and options of outfits. What you can do with casual dresses to look like a real girl boss.

The advantages of wearing casual dresses to go to work are endless, since you can combine them with other timeless garments that you have available in your wardrobe.Each season some trends can be incorporated into the working wardrobe to give a twist to each style and achieve looks that go out of the routine to end the week as a fashion guru.



For example, casual dresses with different textures, full-color bags, jewelry such as chokers or chokers or necklaces of links and also trendy garments that have the office aesthetics, such as wide leg pants or vests both tailor and knitted are a great option to give that refresh to your style.

Turn the office hallways into a catwalk and create the best styles wearing casual dresses, swipe down for more inspiration for this season.


Fashion tips to wear Casual Dresses from Monday to Friday

To add an original touch to your casual dresses you can be inspired by the styles most seen in the fashion week shows of brands such as Gucci, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren among others. 



They show us the preppy and co-working style in a renewed way combined with the glamor of the catwalks of the 00s and textures of the punk era with details such as metal buckles and patchwork prints. However, the biker trend is back! You can pair casual dresses with leather jackets and shiny jewelry to make your days cooler at the office. 

If you want to look spectacular with casual dresses to go to work, take into account the following tips:


Dont’ s

  • Wear casual dresses with animal print prints.
  • Avoid tightly fitted casual dresses.
  • Say goodbye to short casual dresses, the trend of the moment is the midi style.
  • Preferably do not wear casual sleeveless or strapless dresses.
  • Pronounced necklines are not ideal to wear to the office.
  • Avoid casual dresses with transparencies, you can only wear transparencies in blouses.



  • Choose casual dresses at the knee or below the knee.
  • Combine casual dresses with flats or kitten heels.
  • By wearing formal dresses the black color you will look more formal and elegant.
  • It is valid to wear casual dresses in white as they will help you project more confidence in yourself.


With these tips you will not fail to choose casual dresses to wear daily in the office and you will steal everyone's eyes!


Co-working outfit ideas with Casual Dresses

The days of returning to the office are back but that doesn't mean stopping being fashionable but with all the style possible. Today you will know how to combine casual dresses to look amazing during the week. Are you ready for this? 

Work meetings at the beginning of the week are always important and to make the best impression, you can wear the one of the casual dresses from the On Post collection such as the beautiful dress Full Moon by Anana Store Colombia if you add a blazer in risky colors like the Emily Ladrillo by Mysso Swimwear.



That orange blazer matches perfectly with the earrings San Juan XL by Geo Designs and the heels Sunrise by Galeanna. You will definitely start Monday with a lot of attitude! It is important that you have a bag where you can carry your basic work accessories such as the Valeria Toupé Top Handle Bag by Eva Innocenti, with this outfit you will be ready to expose your proposal of the month. 

Casual dresses will always be an appropriate option to wear in the office, they can replace blouses on some occasions. And if you combine them with smooth blazers and discreet accessories you will have a girly outfit when it comes to working. Get the look wearing the dress Ayara by Blanca Pukara with the earrings White Stone Silver Corseons by Iconique. 

To close the week with this winning outfit you can wear the Munay cardigan by Andiamo Concept with the black heels Moon Night by Galeanna, absolutely stunning! 


Your favorite garments to create the best work outfits are in On Post!  Don't forget to subscribing to our NewsLetter


By Melissa Zanini 

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