Why is the Velvet Jumpsuit the perfect holiday look?

Why is the Velvet Jumpsuit the perfect holiday look?

It may be that when December arrives the only thing we think about is what will be our outfit for the celebrations that occur this month, there are certain garments that if we visualize them at another time of year probably cause some furor, but when combined with the words 'possible Christmas look', simply make the combination, and the reaction is a completely different one, that is the case of the velvet jumpsuit.



What is a fact, is that relating velvet with Christmas, has to do with the return of this fabric this season with more strength and presence than any other, making us fall surrendered to its charms, in other articles we have talked about how the jumpsuit is a garment that has it all, that allows us to create looks immediately, its elegance and the way it stylizes our body, make it one of the favorite garments, coupled with velvet, is the perfect combination, we already have the Christmas outfit almost ready.

What do Martha Hunt, Olivia Palermo, Zendaya and Blake Lively have in common? On this occasion, only one answer, the velvet jumpsuit. These celebrities, have joined the list of it girls who wear this outfit with Christmas vibes with too much style, leaving a clear path of how to style it without overloading this look.

Model Martha Hunt, wore to perfection a black velvet jumpsuit, with a deep v-neckline, complimented with a clutch of the same color and material, but added some gold platform sandals that matched her earrings.



The socialite, Olivia Palermo, has opted for this outfit on more than one occasion, the first with a two-piece suit in green, and the second with a black velvet jumpsuit with long sleeves with rhinestones, accessorizing with an embroidered clutch in the same color and black stilettos.

Blake Lively, on the other hand, opted for a two-piece velvet suit in black, consisting of a vest and pants. It is not the first time that the actress falls for the charms of velvet, besides declaring herself a fan of two-piece suits, Blake has shown that she knows how to wear the garments of this fabric, wearing an outfit in blue, where she added a blazer of the same material but contrasting in burgundy, with spiked stilettos in nude and a bag in a similar tone to the suit.

Zendaya, who is also a style reference, wore a green velvet jumpsuit, in a loose silhouette but without the elegant touch, proving that both qualities can reside in the same garment, the actress added black triangle toe booties to keep the look sophisticated. 



These it girls are just one example, countless celebrities are turning to velvet as their alternative for galas, red carpets, celebrations, or for those days when they are looking for an elegant look.

How to style the Velvet Jumpsuit like an It Girl?

One of the best tips we can give you and take into account is that with velvet the ideal is to stick to the classics, that is, if you want to get a winning look without taking any risk, go for the more traditional colors such as black, green, burgundy, and blue. 

Although previously it was not conceivable to combine the velvet jumpsuit with other materials, today we have confirmed that everything is possible, dare to wear it with a leather garment, to achieve a successful outfit, wear a monochromatic look in black, in this way the textures will contrast.



Opt for delicate accessories, although we love the trend of maximalist jewelry, when it comes to velvet, it is better to let it be the protagonist. If you've opted for a patterned velvet jumpsuit, ideally balance the look with plain garments.

Take into account the quality of the velvet, it is important that you pay special attention to the condition of this material, because if you miss it, your outfit may not look sophisticated.

Stylize the Velvet Jumpsuit look with On Post collection

If you are already convinced that the velvet jumpsuit is an incredible option to wear at Christmas, find garments to create winning combinations with the On Post collection, be the best dressed and dazzle everyone with your fashionista attributes.

As mentioned above, combining the velvet jumpsuit with a leather garment is possible, especially wearing a single color look, we recommend black, wear SAINT BLAZER BLACK by Lesém, this composition will go great with suits with deep v-neckline.

Another option of overlapping garment, is Blaiser Emily Uva from Mysso Swimwear, this burgundy linen blazer, will be an excellent ally to create a contrast, ideal if it is also worn with black.



For footwear, we have selected two alternatives for you, the classics are always a great success so wearing black pumps with velvet jumpsuit is an excellent choice, Moon Night Pump by Galeana, will give you the sophistication and comfort you need in an event.

Another shoe option, with a disruptive and promising design, are Teresa Black Mules  from Alta, combine them with an ankle jumpsuit to show off your silhouette.

To finish the look, compliment it with a trendy bag, such as YALI Black from Näm, its unique design will steal the looks.

At On Post, find the aforementioned garments, as well as tips on how to create winning combinations, like an expert.


By Katia García

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