How to wear a Printed Shirt in a Glamorous Way?

How to wear a Printed Shirt in a Glamorous Way?

Are you bored of the routine? Add a fun and unique touch to your outfit with a printed t-shirt combining it with the coolest accessories and shoes from the On Post collection.

A printed shirt is considered a basic, elevate your looks by wearing one and look fabulous at any time.


Endless possibilities with a Printed Shirt

The printed shirt is basic, it is an element that gives a little color and personality to your closet and can be seen well in every season of the year. But for this you have to know how to wear it and avoid some mistakes that make you end up looking like a mannequin with many clothes on top.

With this style guide she will help you style your outfits and learn how to match your printed shirt like a true diva, so keep swiping down and don't miss the details to be trendy.




Do's and Don'ts when wearing a Printed Shirt

Discover how you can successfully combine your printed shirt without failing in the attempt, after reading these recommendations you will want to wear it 24/7.

Too many colors: A printed shirt is the protagonist of your look, so you can choose a colorful print but without exaggeration. Remember that the printed shirt must make the perfect match with the rest of the garments, otherwise it will be overloaded and without harmony.

Excess prints: You can combine a printed shirt with another printed garment such as pants or a skirt but the most recommended. It is to choose a single garment with print and balance the look with another of a solid color such as white, red or blue.

Too many accessories: When wearing a printed shirt we always seek to add a little color and texture to our look, but if you really want your outfit. Be the star of street style The rest of your accessories must be more subtle, otherwise they can clash with the print and create an unaesthetic effect. You can wear earrings type studs or clip ons with rhinestones to have a little shine.




Styling ways to wear a Printed Shirt

If you have a fashion emergency and don't know what to wear, a printed shirt will always save your day. In addition to being an indispensable garment for different occasions you can combine it with other garments of your wardrobe and create the best combinations. But wait before wearing a printed shirt, today you will know the best tips to stylize it in an iconic way!



Printed Shirt with Baggy Jeans: This is the way to give a trendy touch to a printed shirt, just add an amazing pair of mom jeans in a basic denim blue and glam it up with a black loafers with a golden chain.

Printed Shirt with Maxi Skirt: A printed shirt with a maxi skirt will give you a very feminine and modern touch, you can choose the maxi skirt in neutral tones such as white or beige + high-heeled sandals + a nice beret and uh lalá you will look fabulous.

Printed Shirt with Denim Skirt: You can try mixing a denim skirt with a printed shirt as a more feminine alternative to wearing blue jeans. I recommend you wear this outfit with classic white sneakers or flat shoes, you can also wear a denim jacket to have a winning combination.

Printed Shirt with Black Capri Pants: For a retro but stylish look you can wear a printed shirt with black capri pants, if the shirt is oversize you can put it inside the pants or make a nice knot in front. You can wear the whole look with stilettos + a leather jacket + a pearl necklace and you'll be ready for rock and roll!

What style would you like to wear your printed shirt with? With these options you can choose any outfit to look fashionable every day of the week.

How to wear a Printed Shirt in a Glamorous Way?

Learn new ways to combine a printed shirt like an it girl!With the following outfit recommendations you will look fabulous and it will become your favorite garment for all seasons.

Total look in black: A printed shirt to go to work? Definitely yes! You can create a casual and comfortable look but still look elegant combining it with the best shoes for this season such as ankle boots or heels.

Carolina Estefan's eclectic, black printed shirt, Magma T-shirt will look great with cargo pants Black by Macondia. You will also be fashionable and you will have a touch of the 90s in your outfit.To finish looking like a diva and succeed in your work meetings, wear the high-heeled sandals  Danet by Peyola  along with the earrings Malai by Daniela Millan. 



A bag is always indispensable to carry our accessories in a cool and minimalist way, this time wear the trendy Wara by NÄM. I'm sure you'll love this look as much as I do, so don't hesitate to wear it.

The infallible tropical style: If you are looking for a fresh and comfortable style like Rihanna or Olivia Wilde, you should wear the Swishing by Macondia printed shirt. A tropical print may always seem a little combinable but the reality is that if you find a t-shirt, skirt or dress with this print you can create styles that are fun and full of color for summer or even winter.



For a Miami Vice-style outfit, wear nice flare pants Glitterati by Kadu with ankle boots Comfy Camel by Galeanna also if you prefer you can wear heeled sandals in olive green like Samantha by Galeanna. If you are going to wear a printed shirt remember not to overload the look with too many accessories.

You can wear some in silver to give a little shine to the outfit but without exaggeration. Wear the earrings Silver Chain by Iconique with the pair of rings Chischil by Geo Designs and the Sakura by Calista. You will love the collection of jewelry we have in On Post! 


If you want to continue trending and with a unique style, do not forget to follow the social networks of On Post for more tips.


By Melissa Zanini 




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