What To Wear for Christmas: Eight Festive Outfits

What To Wear for Christmas: Eight Festive Outfits

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited. The spirit of Christmas always brings out the joy in everything. From visiting family to gathering with friends, there’s so much fun to be had (and food to be eaten!). 

Like every one of my favorite seasons, I love the prospect of styling those perfect looks that bring out the festivity of the season. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favorite holiday outfits. From vibrant, colorful attire to sleek and classic looks, there’s sure to be something that suits your aesthetic.


What’s in the Spirit of Christmas?

For me, the spirit of the Christmas holidays revolves around enjoying life, love, and those that matter the most to us. I love to host family gatherings with my closest loved ones. I also love to have get-togethers with my friends, many of whom live elsewhere but travel near for the season. 



What I adore the most about Christmas is the celebration of love that it entails. The spirit of giving is alive and well, and it reminds us of those in our lives who love and care for us the most. I love to host parties for family and enjoy the celebration and collaboration of those I hold most near and dear.


Christmas Festivities and What To Wear

While I have some of my favorite outfit ideas for the Christmas season, I have my favorite looks depending on the event. After all, what you wear to a Christmas party could be wildly different from what you wear to make snow angels and go ice skating. 

With so many different Christmas activity options, there’s an endless amount of outfit ideas.


Family Gatherings

When I gather with my close ones during the holiday season, you can almost always catch me in a cozy yet elegant sweater. Sweaters are meant for the cold seasons, and because of this, they have become an iconic look associated with Christmas.

My favorite is a hand-knit sweater; made with love, care, and quality, as well as a sustainable option.


Going Caroling

Going caroling isn’t everyone's cup of tea, but it’s a unique tradition that can be enjoyed by anyone. However, it does require the right ensemble.

When I go caroling, I always wear a stylish yet sturdy pair of boots, especially if there’s a chance of snow. I bundle up in my favorite parka or a woolen pea coat and add a matching scarf to the look.


Christmas Light Tours

You might be wondering: what’s the difference between what you wear when touring beautifully lit neighborhoods for Christmas light viewing versus caroling? Well, that depends on how you’re touring! 

If you’re driving through neighborhoods in the comfort of your car, you might not need the extra layers of protection through thick jackets and fleece-lined leggings. A simple pair of trousers with a warm sweater and cozy boots can do the trick.


Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most iconic sports of the winter season. Whether you’re a pro or maybe a bit wobbly on your feet, it’s still a fun activity for the family or even for a date night. 

If I’m headed to ice skate with friends or on a date, I love to wear a warm dress with fleece-lined or thick tights. I paired this with some cozy wool socks, boots, and a warm pea coat for a look that would be fit for Times Square. I top the look off with a cute handmade beanie and a warm square for the perfect accessorization and coziness.

(Hint: ice skating is an amazing date night idea!)

Christmas Parties

What to wear to a Christmas party can vary based on the venue. If you’re headed outside, you’ll want to layer up. You can go for a cool unisex jacket like a bomber or vintage leather jacket, or you can add a feminine touch with chic coats and form-fitted jackets.

If I’m attending a Christmas party indoors, I almost always go in a dark-colored dress. Choosing colors that are in season, I like to accessorize the rest of my look based on this. You’ll almost always find me in tights during the Christmas season.


Eight Ideas for What To Wear for Christmas

Velvet for Days

Velvet is one of the most classic materials for elegance in the cold winter months. This shimmery soft, upscale material fits in perfectly with the holiday cheer. I absolutely love a velvet dress for a holiday gathering or party. I love to pair velvet with silver jewelry, as I think it just adds to the cool class of the winter material.


Elegant Dresses with Iconic Details

Long elegant maxi dresses are also another perfect basis for any outfit during the winter. They keep you warm while also adding a feminine flair to your look — plus, you can keep your summer and autumn maxi dresses in rotation for a bit longer this way.

I pair my maxi dresses with iconic details, like statement necklaces or close-toed pumps.

Take a Twist on Green and Red

It’s no secret that the colors associated with Christmas are bright red and green. I put a twist on this by wearing pieces with burgundy and olive in them.

This keeps my outfit on brand with the season while being a bit more subtle and upscale as compared to the classic Christmas colors.

Silver Tidings

Silver is my favorite metal for the Christmas season. While gold has warm notes, silver has cool white undertones and makes for the perfect winter metal. It evokes the feeling of snow… even if you live in a year-round tropical paradise, strolling in silver heels along the temperate beach. 


Blouse and Trousers for a Classic Chic Look

For a classic put-together look, like perhaps for a work Christmas potluck, I like to go business casual with a blouse tucked into some trousers. This look is chic and sleek, leaving me feeling confident and professional. I particularly appreciate high-waisted trousers during the winter for keeping me a tad warmer while being effortlessly on-trend. 


Comfy Clothes for Christmas Day

Christmas Day can be a whirlwind. While I want to look my best for Christmas photos, I also want to be comfortable.

That’s why I tend to wear a cozy sweater with some tapered trousers on Christmas day. Pair this with some slides or oxfords, and I’ve got the perfect look for comfort and chic.


Christmas Eve Pajamas: Elegant and Cozy

If you’re like my family, you like to be comfortable on Christmas Eve while also spending time with the family. That’s why I like to wear a matching set of silk pajamas while I sip on cocoa and wait for the fun of the following day.

Dresses and Tights

One of my all-time favorite outfits for Christmas festivities is a luxe dress (perhaps a velvet one) with sheer tights. I match this with some lace-up boots with cozy socks peeking out. If it’s not too cold, I’ll just pair this with a cardigan. However, if it’s quite chilly, a bomber jacket or a trench coat is my go-to.


Headed Into the Holidays

A time filled with laughter and cheer, the holidays bring out the best in everyone. And while I absolutely treasure the time spent visiting family and friends and going on fun, Christmas-themed outings, I always like to prepare for the time spent traveling and going to events with the perfect sets of outfits. 

Being prepared saves me one less item on my holiday to-do list, which is why I’ve put together a list of my top eight favorite outfits for the Christmas season to leave you inspired and prepared.



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