Your Travel Guide on What To Wear in Greece

Your Travel Guide on What To Wear in Greece

You have been working so hard, and it’s about time that you deserve a getaway. A popular and immersive place to travel to is none other than Greece!

Greece is a place full of rich culture and history, delicious food, and ocean-lined streets you want to get lost in. Greece is the perfect vacation away and a picture-perfect spot… so you gotta come prepared with your best outfits. 

Not sure what to wear? Don't worry one bit.

I have compiled the ultimate guide on what to wear on a Greece getaway and maybe what should stay back home in your closet. Most of the outfits you bring will ultimately be dictated by what activities you have planned, but I have the basics set out for you in this travel outfit guide.

Here’s your ultimate guide on what to wear for your well-deserved Greek getaway:


What’s the Weather Like in Greece?

Knowing what the weather is going to be like on any vacation is crucial to outfit and adventure planning, especially in Greece. Greek summers are generally hot and dry, so if you are traveling in the summertime, plan accordingly. (Hint: Winter is considered the off-season, so head out around then to enjoy lighter crowds — but colder weather).

Depending on where you are in the country can have a particular climate as well. Some of the more popular Greek destination spots like Mykonos or Santorini are typically windy, warm, and sunny. On the other hand, spots in Northern or Western Greece are colder and tend to be more humid.

Make sure you know the weather and terrain of where you are visiting so you can pack accordingly.

Now that we have established our locations and have the weather in mind, let’s dive into the outfits:

10 Outfit “Do’s” for Traveling in Greece 

DO: Pack Light and Lightweight

When beginning your packing list for visiting Greece, it’s important to think lightweight and less is more. Linen is always a great option when deciding what material to don on your island getaway. The Ancient Greeks loved linen, and this trend never went away.

Sport a garment made of linen, and you’ll fit right in. This fabric is breezy, lightweight, and suited for any adventure.

DO: Accessorize With Sunscreen 

The best accessory you can wear in Greece is sunscreen… and lots of it! Greece is surprisingly sunny + windy, which can sometimes be a dangerous combo. For the sake of your skin and safety, I highly recommend packing extra and using it generously. 

One of the most subtle and effective ways to wear sunscreen is with tinted sunscreen. Broad-spectrum tinted sunscreens help block visible light, blue light, UVA, and UVB light — yes, please.

 It’s an effortless way to wear it without your skin feeling heavy, and you will look great and feel great, too. Don’t forget that there are UV rays out and about even when it’s cloudy, so lather up every day, no matter what. 

DO: Bring a Light Jacket 

Even though Greece is sunny and bright, it tends to get chilly in the evenings or when you are out on the ocean. It never hurts to pack a light jacket just in case you have a night out on the town and get a little cold when the sun goes down.

I highly recommend bringing an umbrella too. You never know when the weather might turn on any vacation, so it’s wise to be prepared. 

DO: Bring Sunglasses

No island vacay is complete without your favorite pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring some with you to Greece, where the sun is bright. Sunglasses and sunscreen are your friends wherever you travel — but especially when you spend tons of time outside. We all love vitamin D, but sunglasses are essential in helping maintain eye health.

Plus, sunglasses are a total fashion statement, which is a win/win in my book. 

DO: Bring a Swimsuit 

This may feel like an obvious answer, but double-check that you have your favorite swimsuit on your Greece packing list.

Wear something breathable and lightweight over your swimsuit so you can wear it wherever you go and style it with your outfit. This is great for boat trips, beach adventures, or anything else that may lead to an unexpected water adventure. 

High-fashion swimsuits have never been more chic. Try some of these styles on for size:

  • Two-piece with a matching sarong or shawl
  • High-neck one-pieces
  • Thong bikini with dramatic cut-outs and ties

DO: Bring a Wide-Brimmed Hat

No better accessory for Greece than a wide-brimmed hat. For starters, they are absolutely adorable when cruising on the oceanside or stopping at a beachfront store, but they are also extremely practical.

A classic hat protects from the sun and the paparazzi; just make sure that you hold onto it tightly when those ocean breezes blow. You want to pick up accessories on vacation, not lose them in the ocean… 

DO: Think on the Casual Side

Greece is a country full of adventure; don’t think you have to pack tons of fancy or expensive clothes to look stylish for your trip. Pack some staple pieces and accessories for a flawless look no matter where you are.

A flowy blouse, linen bottoms, and some trusty sandals can get you farther in Greece than a pair of chunky heels would. That’s not to say that you shouldn't bring some cocktail dresses for a night out or whatnot, but pack more casual everyday clothes over expensive dresses for your trip and travel. 

DO: Pack Adventurous Outfits 

One hidden adventure in Greece is all the hiking and mountain exploration, including the Corfu Trail and all the stunning gorges. Pack some athletic wear, reliable sneakers, and multiple pairs of moisture-wicking socks.

Greece is beautiful: Capture every moment, and don’t let your outfit slow you down in any way. 

DO: Prepare for Anything 

There are so many things to do in Greece, and all of them may require different clothes and shoes: Pack light but bring all the staples you need for your travels. From boating to hiking to wine tastings, to nightclubs, to even monasteries, you never know where the night will take you.

Pack light, but pack right! The trick here is to think capsule wardrobe whenever you can. 

DO: Not Sweat It 

This is YOUR vacation, and Greece is a wonderful location, but don’t get so hung up on the outfits that you forget to enjoy what’s around you.

Greece is just as much a place for high heels and fancy clothes, like a dress for a nice dinner out, but also a place to rock your casual pieces like sportswear that takes you from mountaintop to crystal blue waters. 

Most importantly, wear outfits that highlight you and make you feel your best so you can explore in style and comfort.

To Greece, We Go! 

Greece is an incredible country with so much to see and do. No matter what you wear, you will have an amazing time full of so many new moments and memories.


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