The best styling tips to wear a Blazer Dress

The best styling tips to wear a Blazer Dress

The Blazer Dress is a garment that mixes the best of two pieces: the mini dress and the oversize jacket. Street style has shown us its versatility and the best looks you can create for this season of celebrations is more than perfect.

It is one of the sexiest and most avant-garde designs, learn to combine the blazer dress with all kinds of shoes and the most chic accessories to impress everyone during this season.


What is a Blazer Dress?

If you are a girl who loves fashion as much as I do, you will be surprised with the garment that I am going to present to you today. Surely in your closet you have one or more of a blazer, as you know the blazer is considered a basic inside the closet but if you are looking for a new and chic style. You should try to wear the blazer dress, today I will give you the best style tips and how you can wear it during the next holiday season and celebrations.



The blazer has its origin in England in the year of 1837, the captain of the British frigate H.M.S Blazer chose to dress his crew with a navy blue design with gold buttons, over the years it has become a unisex garment loved by all. The first suit with a blazer inspired by the maritime design worn by men was created by Coco Chanel over time.

If you want to say goodbye to 2022 in the coolest and sexiest way possible, I recommend you wear a blazer dress, it has caused so much furor on the catwalks that celebrities such as Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively they have not hesitated to wear it and look splendid with one! 



A blazer dress can be as long as a little under your knee or stop just around your thighs. You can either take an oversized blazer and style it like a dress or you can get your hands on a dress made from the material and features of a blazer. 


Styling tips to wear a Blazer Dress 

The Blazer Dress is a garment that I love and that in addition to being one of the most sought after for this season, is versatile and you can combine it with all kinds of accessories and shoes the On Post collection is perfect to wear with this dress.



You can find the blazer dress in fabrics such as cotton, velvet, satin, silk and nylon. Also fitted, with midi and long cuts, depending on your style you can wear it on any occasion but I recommend you take it to a special event so that you can stand out in street style.

Here are some style tips to start wearing the blazer dress in the most iconic and cool way!


  • To make your legs look longer, always go for higher heels.
  • Go for a waist belt if you want to emphasize your curves or if you feel like the blazer dress doesn’t fit properly.
  • If you want to wear pants then it’s best to go for wide-legged ones.
  • Avoid wearing flat slippers with a blazer dress.
  • Invest in bright-colored blazers if you plan on partying in them.
  • If you are going to wear it during the winter, wear it with high heeled boots and a pair of knitted stockings so you do not get cold.
  • The accessories are essential, you can wear long earrings or studs and combine them with several necklaces.
  • Checkered prints are a trend that will never go out of style and that go ad hoc with the holidays, you can choose it in colors such as red, green and white.
  • Shoulders and sleeves protagonists are the must for the season and will always look good with the blazer dress. With this model you can wear vibrant colors such as fuchsia, green, yellow or even blue.


What are you waiting for to wear a blazer dress and look like a style goddess?


Blazer Dress Outfit Ideas

In this article you have known a little about what the blazer dress is and so that you end up being an expert in fashion, I bring to you the best ideas of outfits that you can create with this dress that is so sensual and glamorous, are you ready?

Pretty in pink: The pink color is in trend thanks to the most recent Valentino collection and if you want to join the Barbiecore trend do not hesitate to wear this beautiful blazer dress in fuchsia Catalina by Cindy Castro New York. You can combine it with high-heeled sandals in beige and gold, such as Inés Gold by Alta or also if you want a more cosmopolitan look you can wear ankle boots in white like theThe Catalina by Elán.

Regarding accessories, a small bag will always be the best option to store your powder and lipstick in a very chic way, I recommend you wear the Alba by Näm and the golden hoops Galatea by Calista or if you are looking to have all the outfit in pink you can use the earrings  Pink Zirconia Silver by Iconique and comb your hair with a ponytail using the scrunchies Pink Ladies by La Plume, you will look amazing with this combination!




Preppy style: Checkered prints were in trend during the 80s and now return for these Christmas holidays, if you want to try to use the Preppy style you can wear the blazer dress Gloria by Cindy Castro New York and combine it with an elegant pair of high-heeled sandals in black like Danet by Peyola.



To complete the look you can use the Black Blossom earrings by Jetlagmode and the Amelia Black Shoulder by Eva Innocenti bag to create harmony between dress and accessories, as for makeup, she uses a matte lipstick in coral or pink tone and many layers of mascara to achieve an intense look with a lot of mystery.

If you want to know more about the trends of the moment, do not forget to subscribe to the On Post newsletter and be fashionable next season!


By Melissa Zanini 

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