4 Ways to Wear Thong Bikini Bottoms

4 Ways to Wear Thong Bikini Bottoms


Don't be afraid to expose your body, with the right swimsuit and combinations of accessories you will look fabulous! The thong bikini bottoms are sensual and will give you a glamorous touch, you can wear them with other garments to create the perfect match and feel totally comfortable.

With the On Post  swimsuits collection you can choose the perfect look to go to the beach, you will find thong bikini bottoms, boxer style, shorts type, one-piece suits, etc. Today you will learn how to create the best summer outfits to look amazing with this style guide.


Take a risk by wearing a bikini thong

Forget about prejudices and feel beautiful with yourself wearing the bikini thong panties, you can play with your creativity and combine them with other garments to create the perfect look for you that goes accordingly to your personality and style.





It's 2022, girls can wear thong bikini swimsuits and not care what other people think, strut your stuff and let your confidence shine through!  Surely when choosing a swimsuit you panic to know which one will look better, which is right for the season or simply what color is fashionable.

Don’t worry today I will give you some style tips to choose the right swimsuit, you can create interesting sets with thong bikini bottoms and combine it with other accessories to look fabulous and enjoy the sun's rays with your friends in the chicest way.

Thong bikini panties became popular during the 90s with TV shows like Baywatch and years later returned to the catwalks along with fashion icons like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. This season they have gone viral thanks to Tik Tok and Instagram, and you may feel a little insecure when you start using them, but today you will know in detail how to wear them on your next vacation.

The thong bikini bottoms front cover the same as classic panties or bikinis, depending on the model, but behind it almost does not cover anything. There are many widths in the back, ranging from a wide strip to a simple cord, both in the horizontal and vertical band.​

Nylon or lycra is the best option to choose your favorite thong bikini bottoms, this material adapts perfectly to your body and is quick drying, do not hesitate to look for it!  As I said at the beginning of this article, today you will learn to create the best looks with thong bikini bottoms, keep in mind that this trend will be very current during the next year. 


Thong Bikini Bottoms: a sexy and unique style

If you are looking for total revival and a sexy outfit,  you will achieve it by wearing thong bikini bottoms this season. You can try with this options: 

Thong bikini bottoms in black color: These thong bikini bottoms are a staple in terms of color. Black is always a safe bet at the very least, we have to have a model in the closet. It works well for all types of skin tones and bodies, it makes our shapes more discreet, but at the same time it highlights the parts we want to show.

Thong bikini bottoms with prints: Dare to wear some high-cut bikini bottoms with prints, they will give a different twist to your look and you can always have many options to choose from: from the classic floral print, the tie dye, striped, with animal print. Do not hesitate to take them all at least once in your life.

Ocean Lane Lola Bottom


4 Ways How to wear Thong Bikini Bottoms 

When you wear thong bikini bottoms you can play with shapes and designs to create fashionable looks at the moment of going to the beach or the pool in the most fashionable way. With this unique and sexy thong bikini bottom, I bring you the best outfit options. Are you ready?

Black and White: To achieve the sexiest and most classic look on the beach, use a coordinated black and white color scheme. This thong bikini bottom Aura by Dulzamara can be paired with the Maracuya top by Marea Blanca





Get the most fashionista look wearing the Nolitta Black by Alta chunky sandals along with Kaftan Karen Flowers by Mysso Swimwear, you can also carry a small bag to store your sunglasses or your favorite accessories like the Black Waterfall by Jetlagmode, I'm sure you'll love this combination!

Now if you are looking for a relaxed look full of color, I recommend you wear the Kaftan Karen Plants by Mysso Swimwear kimono with the sandals Carlotta Pardo by Alta, the earrings Olive Florentine by Jetlagmode will also look very nice, you will make the perfect match by wearing this whole matching set.

Flawless Blue: Thong bikini bottoms are one of the trends that will be fashionable for spring summer 2023, if you want to achieve a sexy and fashionista look I recommend you wear the thong bikini bottom Briseida by Dulzamara with the Briseida Top also by Dulzamara with these garments you will feel comfortable and ready to tan in style!

A pair of beige sandals will give that cosmopolitan touch to a swimsuit, you can wear them in neutral colors to highlight the outfit, wear the Clarice Beige by Alta with crystal earrings  King Blue by Las Meninas, do not stop looking like a diva on the beach so you can take the Peach Waterfall Bag by Jetlagmode.




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By Melissa Zanini 

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