How to style a Denim Jacket like an It Girl

How to style a Denim Jacket like an It Girl


Do you want  to style a denim jacket like an it girl? Learn about the different ways to style it with the following tips and recommendations. 

The denim jacket is loved by everyone and is the essential garment that you must have in your wardrobe to always look incredible in any season. It is our favorite jacket and can create from a comfortable and sporty look, to a more casual but stylish one! 

What to wear a denim jacket for many occasions? Today we will know how to combine this fabulous jacket that makes any garment stand out and makes it a very chic outfit. 


Denim Jacket a timeless garment

Denim jackets are considered as a historical and basic garment to put together any look. This jacket has had endless evolutions since its beginnings in the nineteenth century, it began as a garment that was practical and also worked as a work outfit, during the 60s it began to become popular for icons such as James Dean, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe who used the denim jacket as part of their style. 

The denim jacket began to have a greater boom in the 80s making it the most desired garment to wear at school and also at parties, showing a fresh and youthful style. It was thanks to Ralph Lauren that this garment became iconic when it appeared in the first fashion shows, from that moment different designers like Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen among others came together to use it as inspiration to achieve versatile and unique looks. 



Since denim jackets are a versatile staple in any wardrobe, you can wear them with just about anything, as long as you adjust additional pieces to match the season you're in. From slip dresses in the spring to fleece layers to get you through the rest of winter, here are some styling tips and outfit ideas ready to wear with a denim jacket. I hope this information serves you and you achieve the most sophisticated and chic looks with this classic garment that we all love.


What color Denim Jacket should you get?

There are countless colors and styles of denim jackets that you should consider to wear during the different seasons of the year. With this guide you will surely want to have them all in your closet and combine it with your other favorite garments



For your first jacket: Go for an ultra-versatile medium-blue wash, sometimes called   Mid-wash, the medium blue isn’t too light for Fall, and isn’t too dark when the weather gets warm, making it the perfect year round shade. 

The indispensable in the wardrobe: A dark indigo denim jacket is an excellent option. Most of these styles will be in raw denim, a stiffer denim that will require you to break it in. What’s great about that is, as it ages, it’ll form to your body and create unique wear patterns. If you want to brighten up your look when the weather gets warmer, I love a good light wash bleached denim jacket, especially when you pair it with white dress and a fancy blazer. 

Monochromatic jackets: Like the light wash blue, these colorways are optional. You should only consider them once you’ve picked up the dark or mid-blue wash. White denim jackets are great for the spring-summer season to brighten up your look. Gray and black denim jackets are excellent if you’re looking for an edgier, monochromatic look you can try this option with a nice pair of white block heels and a beige crop top.


The styling tips to wear a Denim Jacket 

With the denim jacket you can create many looks with other basic garments that you have in your closet and still achieve a totally casual and sophisticated style. You'll love these tips! 



Denim Jacket and floral dresses: This is a classic and is an ideal look to enjoy spring looking comfortable, you can combine it with flat sandals or white sneakers.

Denim Jacket and wide legged pants: I love mixing casual and dressy pieces. If you want a simple way to upgrade the classic white tee and denim jacket outfit, you can wear a wide legged pants in satin or linen fabrics and joined to the color block trend and use colors such as yellow, pink, purple and green mainly.

Denim Jacket and shorts: A must to look fabulous even in the hottest climates, is wearing a denim jacket with shorts. You can experiment and play with high-waist, denim, linen styles or even wear pastel colors, tennis shoes and sandals. Add your personal touch to this combination of luxury and necessary to have the best look during the summer.

Do not hesitate to wear a denim jacket in your style routine to look like an it girl!


How to style a Denim Jacket like an It Girl

The denim jacket is a trend that we love for its versatility and for the infinity of garments and accessories that you can add, it also looks great in hot and cold climates. Keep reading this article to know some recommendations of outfits to look amazing with a denim jacket every day of the week.

Outfit 1: Being a garment that can be worn throughout the year, you can wear a denim jacket with a nice dress and achieve a casual look to go to the office on a Friday. For example, you can wear the Zircon Short by Sientochenta dress with the ankle boots Galaxy by Galeanna. Remember to wear the most chic accessories, such as  the Constellation by Daniela Millan earrings and the Illusion by Geo Designs ring.



I am sure that you will end the week in the most glamorous way possible with the Limonero Sport Bag by Maralgui. As you will see the denim jacket is indispensable in our wardrobe to elevate any look in minutes, do not forget to wear it!

Outfit 2: Another of my favorite looks with denim jackets is using neutral colors like white.If you want to give a fresh and original touch to your outfit, you can use the Dress Petit by la Bikineria dress and the white ankle boots The Catalina by Elán to create the perfect match!

To highlight a denim jacket accessories are important, I recommend you wear long earrings and in another color such as emerald green. For example the earrings Silver White Zirconia and Green Howlite by Iconique will give you that chic and sophisticated touch that you are looking for, also a good companion is a small bag like the Alba by Näm.



Outfit 3: The style of the 90s is back and it is a trend that seems to be for many seasons.You can create a total look in denim, wearing a jacket and wide-legged jeans like the Topaz by Sientochenta. If you are looking for an urban and fancy style, you can wear the tank top Ema Ivory by Lesém with the Beige Cap by Simples cap You will steal everyone's eyes in street style using the Margie Sneakers by Alta and the earrings Long Silver with Crystals by Iconique, you'll look amazing and ready to set a trend wherever you go.


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By Melissa Zanini 

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