The elegant brown satin dress

The elegant brown satin dress

In recent catwalks and fashion weeks we have seen that the brown satin dress has become a necessary trend for this season. 

Learn how to combine the elegant brown satin dress with the following tips to make you a style guru. 


What is a brown satin dress?

Satin is an ancient fabric and has its origin in ancient China when silk production was booming for export to other big countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Over the years it has been transformed into a fabric that evokes the glamour and vintage style of the 20s.

Satin has been used in different garments such as dresses, lingerie, blouses and pants, you can also find it in different styles such as spaghetti and straight with suspenders, long sleeves, V-neck, necklines on shoulders and back, also in current designs such as midi and maxi dresses. 

The satin has a great variety of colors and tones to create different outfits that go according to the season in which you are. The brown satin dress is considered a timeless dress, since you can wear it both in autumn and spring, always looking chic. 

If you like to reinvent yourself and you are looking for a sext style opt for sating dresses, today we will show you the collection of dresses of one of our favorite designers Camila Sarmiento, but we will talk in particular about how to combine the brown satin dress so that you look like a goddess. 




The elegant brown satin dress: A flirty garment

Camila Sarmiento is committed to showing the classic and feminine silhouette for today's modern woman. In her designs we see reflected the vintage style with great strength and elegance, we will find long dresses in one piece, as well as very flirtatious sets. 

The shades that Camila Sarmiento uses for her most avant-garde designs range from royal blue to baby pink. The dresses that we have loved from her collection is the brown satin dress Isabella mini with this garment you have the possibility of having a different look for each day. We will tell you with which accessories and high heels you will achieve that outfit that you have wanted so much. 

One of the trendiest earrings you can wear with this brown satin dress are the Sussex Earrings by Las Meninas, remember that crystals and earrings in maxi size are the most fashionable these days! Or if you prefer a more contemporary style you can use the earrings Nelly by Geo Designs.



Let's talk about footwear, a dress is always synonymous with comfort and femininity so you can wear high heels like the Beige Cora by Peyola or high heeled boots in leather will look fabulous! 



It is important to know if the brown satin dress you will use to attend a formal event or to use it in streety style on a daily basis, so we can combine it with other garments and be able to convey how we want to wear it.

For example, it you have a meeting with your friends you can wear the dress with a knit sweater try with the Jardín Otoño by Iris Arco Knitwear if you want to achieve a more risky vintage style you can wear the dress with a leather trench coat or a jacket like the GIANCO by Balanka. 


If you want to know more about the collection of Camila Sarmiento  and find your favorite accessories to look fantastic, search for them only in On Post! 



By Melissa Zanini 

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