Lingerie mode: The way to feel comfortable and sexy

Lingerie mode: The way to feel comfortable and sexy

The lingerie mode is the style that has taken over street style during this season, it combines textures and colors to feel comfortable and stylish. 

One of the trends that is capturing more looks is the lingerie mode, with this trend we can be ourselves using lingerie that easily adapts to all types of bodies. 


The new revival of lingerie mode 

Since the twentieth century underwear became an important garment to wear daily and protect us from sudden changes in temperature, the materials with which it was made were silk and cotton. 

During that time the corset began to be distinguished among women, became a very popular undergarment and was most often worn under dresses to stylize the figure. Designers such as Coco Chanel and Mary Phelps gave an unexpected twist to underwear, looking for the lingerie mode to be more comfortable and practical but with a lot of style, this is how the first bra was created to replace the corset and the panties had a height up to the knee, other fabrics such as satin also began to be used. 

During the 40s the lingerie mode became more sensual in that the bras gained more volume and had a tip shape, in turn nylon stockings began to be used as an essential complement and the panties decreased in size. In the 80s the bodysuit emerged becoming the garment loved by all women to exercise and in the 90s the bras have padding and are push up, the panties are renewed and begin to have smaller sizes and lace becomes the protagonist of all the catwalks of that time. 

Currently the lingerie mode has been renewed bringing us fresh and innovative proposals to feel comfortable with ourselves, from sets in pastel tones, cut out models, transparencies, colorful prints and sporty style. The variety is endless and you can combine the styles that you like the most, adapting them to your personality. 




Lingerie mode and the street style

It is true that fashion is cyclical and always returns to reinvent itself, and one of the trends that has been seen in street style during this season is the return of the lingerie of the 00s and the glam of the 80s as pieces in leather. 

The current lingerie mode lets us see the style of wearing lingerie on the outside, as used by the dive of that time Paris Hilton and now we have seen an invasion of corsets, bras and a variety of women's bottoms above jeans and blouses making them look as trendy as possible. Balmain, Miu Miu and Mugler bring back the black corset top, leather trench coats, high heeled boots and flared jeans creating futuristic styles and with noir effect mainly.


This trend is one of the most sought after for autumn-winter and if you want to start with this risky and sexy look you can use the black corset top Paloma by La Mar with the Frankie Pants by Lésem and if you want to add a little shine use the bag Eliah by For Public Display. 



Another look that fascinates is to use the bras as a top, you can look for it in different colors and textures such as satin or with prints. The bras are versatile and look amazing with a cardigan, a blouse or a t-shirt to achieve a more fun look. 

You can use the bra top María Guayacan by Bahía María on top of the blouse Verona by Pamela Stevenson with wide leg denim pants and a beret in Selena's own style! 


Lingerie mode with the basic garments

One of the basic lingerie garments are women's bottoms, you can find them in different sizes and colors. One of the favorites of the collection of  For Public Display is the Nomade Red Bottom   Its cherry red color will make you feel comfortable and will give a different tone to your underwear, or if you are looking for something more discreet to combine with white bras you can use the  Nomade Green Bottom



Another lingerie mode that is in trend is to wear the black corset top with skirts, you can have the look using the B&W Contraste Skirt by Macondia with the Miranda Official Love Body by La Mar. Or if you prefer to combine a corset top with your favorite blazer or with an oversize t-shirt and cute ankle boots.



There are many options to be in the lingerie mode you just need to take a risk and join this sexy trend. Find your lingerie basics at On Post! 


By Melissa Zanini 

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