Silk Blouse: The elegant basic garment you must have

Silk Blouse: The elegant basic garment you must have

Silk blouses have positioned themselves as a basic, just like the white shirt, with multiple options to combine it, but with a more glamorous touch, it will elevate your looks instantly. 

If we think of a sustainable closet, silk blouses are garments to consider if you are looking for specific pieces that you can take advantage of and add trendy touches. Due to the characteristics of their materials, durability is another point in their favor, in addition to having versatile pieces, they will remain in excellent condition over the years. 

When choosing an outfit with silk it is likely that this material steals the limelight, so it is preferable that you balance it with another fabric, there are successful combinations that you can opt for in case you do not like the looks with flowing garments, the important thing is to experiment, and if you still do not have a defined style, or you are building your own, get to know yourself in different textures, reliefs and trends.


Silk Blouse looks for different occasions

Do you already have a silk blouse in your closet, and you still don't know how to combine it? Or are you considering buying one for a special occasion? Here we will give you some basic ideas to create your outfits and end up with a total success.



Casual. Certainly, silk is a material that because of its characteristics is comfortable, not for nothing are made pajamas, sheets, etc. That is why, choosing a silk blouse for a casual look is not at all unreasonable, the ideal and the most common design is the v-neckline with lapels, the option to compliment would be one of the most common casual fabrics that is denim. You may choose jeans or shorts, despite wearing the garment with a glossy finish, the outfit will be balanced, it will not look formal and much less relaxed too much, make it or wear it loose. Add some ballerinas, sneakers, apartment sandals or if you are looking for a sexy touch opt for heeled sandals. 

Extra tip. As we already said, contrasting textures is not forbidden, on the contrary, the combination of linen and silk will give you a chic touch.

Cocktail. There are several designs among which you can choose a silk blouse for a more formal occasion, this is a matter of taste and style. One shoulder neckline, puffed sleeves, it's up to you. Whether you choose to compliment, a wide leg pants with a tweed print of a rigid material, or a midi skirt, to balance the fluidity of the blouse, this only if you are not a fan of baggy garments, if you like the idea that both pieces have similar falls and want to highlight your waist add accessories like belts, lean towards blouses that fit with bows or a crop style. Add heeled sandals or stilettos.

Special events. If it is an event, and you are opting for a two-piece look, tailored suits have proven to be suitable for special occasions such as weddings, we suggest you go for seasonal necklines such as a halter-neck, front ties or a v-neckline.




Our Silk Blouse looks

These are our suggestions of silk blouses and garments that you can find here to compliment your outfits. 

 We will start these options with a total look, if you like combinations with vibrant tones, Donna Silk Blouse by Cindy Castro New York and Pants Flare Bacall by Kadu are the perfect combination. This red silk blouse, with puffed sleeves, ties that fit in the back where a small neckline is located, mark the elegance, the flared fuchsia high-waisted pants, will make you look sophisticated. Add heeled sandals and discreet earrings.



 The wonderful fall that silk gives us is unmatched, the Greta Blouse top by Geraldine Garcia is a clear example, with bows on the sleeves and on the shoulders, so you can choose whether you want to wear it showing the shoulders or not, this versatile garment can be worn formal or casual.



The off the shoulder neckline appears again with Pia Blouse from Dominica, its beautiful ¾ sleeves with small ruffles make it different, combine it with jeans or with a skirt with animal print.



For a more neutral look, wear the Raw Encounter Pants by Naos, its flare cut goes amazing with a silk blouse, v-neckline and lapels in white, add some animal print booties like the Galaxy Boots by Galeanna, compliment with your favorite accessories, it can be layering of silver chains. 



As you already know, the ideal is that we acquire clothes that are as versatile as beautiful, not only if you are in search of the basics of your closet, you can also be aware of this when purchasing a dress, skirt or outfit for a special event, because if you have it in mind you will not be consuming clothes that you will only use once.

A clear example can be when you buy food when you are hungry, you probably crave everything, and you are not thinking carefully if you really like that dish, it may satisfy your appetite, but there is the possibility of not eating it again, something like that happens when we buy clothes without anticipation, we focus only on solving the immediate and do not think ahead, so we recommend you take your time when shopping, you can make a list of essential items that you need or would like to acquire, thus decreasing the possibility of acquiring something that you only use on one occasion. 

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By Katia García


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