The Style Guide: How to Wear MIA Sandals

The Style Guide: How to Wear MIA Sandals

Sandals are the most versatile and necessary footwear to create the best looks throughout the year.Fall in love with the variety offered by the MIA Sandals brand.

 Are you looking for a different and totally comfortable style? The MIA Sandals brand has the best sandals that can be adapted to your personality. Today I will tell you how to combine them with the trendiest garments we have in On Post just for you.


What are MIA Sandals?

The footwear that has always been present throughout history and for many years, have been sandals. Glamorous, simple and easy to combine sandals have become a fashion icon and have become the protagonists on the catwalks and the inspiration of different brands such as Cult Gaia, Zara and MIA Sandals.

In ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt sandals were an indispensable footwear that everyone wore regardless of social status. During those times, sandals were made with materials such as wood and leather. The soles were made of wood and were fastened to the feet with strips of papyrus or leather. 

Today, good sandals have replaced the wooden sole with resistant but flexible leather, and have incorporated design elements such as platforms, hardware and great diversity of colors as shown by the MIA Sandals brand. Fall fashion has arrived and it is one of the seasons that we enjoy the most because we can wear warm clothes but with a unique style.



Surely you are wondering if you can wear some MIA sandals during this season and my answer is yes...To avoid the phenomenon of fast fashion it is always a good option to use our clothes and footwear during other seasons of the year. In this case you can wear your favorite sandals during the coldest days but in the most chic way possible with nice socks or knitted stockings.

A totally sophisticated and super trendy look for this fall is to wear sandals with socks, if you have MIA Sandals it is time to wear them with socks in white, black, beige or even in red. If you decide to say goodbye to this year, definitely this outfit is an excellent option to do it and look like a diva in street style and at parties next season.


The advantages of wearing MIA Sandals is that there is a pair for each style and personality, we can find them in colors such as beige, coffee, red and white. Join the trend of wearing them with socks, you will not regret it!

Personally, this style reminds me a little of my school days, wearing socks with my shoes. During Paris Fashion Week we saw that brands such as Moschino, Fendi and Dior bet on this innovative and totally comfortable style. As I said a moment ago, you can reuse all the clothes and shoes in your wardrobe without having to invest in a new pair. Dare to include a pair of MIA Sandals in your style to look fabulous during the fall winter season.


The origin of MIA Sandals brand 

Have you heard about this legendary brand? Originally from Miami, Florida. MIA Sandals started its own legacy from 1976.Su founder Richard Strauss had the idea of creating footwear that was quite comfortable and fashionable for all women in the world and also began to be interested in children.

Richard Strauss had limited resources and some retail experience, he headed to Sweden where he implemented his ideas and brought them back to the US.  An overnight success story, MIA Clogs soon became MIA Shoes and today, MIA is a multi-divisional fashion footwear company that designs for girls from newborn to the young at heart.  

MIA Sandals is one of the industry’s most successful women’s and kids lines in fashion footwear and is headquartered in Miami where much of the local flavor inspires designers. Manufacturing in China, Brazil, India, and Italy, MIA Sandals focuses its efforts in bringing quality, style, and comfort to its customers. With a collection of flats, heels, wedges, sandals, and boots, MIA Sandals is a versatile footwear house for today’s fashion conscious woman of every age.

The ideology of the MIA Sandals brand continues to deliver, season after season, a superior combination of quality, fit, comfort and fashion. This brand has positioned itself as one of the favorites and worn by celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Williams and the iconic actress  Tori Spelling. 

As you can see it is essential that you have a pair of MIA Sandals and together with the most chic and avant-garde garments that we have in On Post you will surely become the queen of style. Let's continue with this interesting fashion guide.

How to wear MIA Sandals

With thick socks or wool socks, MIA Sandals will look fabulous during the autumn season. Who said you can't get an original and iconic style? Without a doubt with this option you will achieve it. Depending on the type of sandals you want to wear is how you should choose the socks, I recommend that if you use MIA Sandals with platform wear very thick socks and a vibrant color such as blue or yellow, remember that primary colors will never go out of style!

If you want to start with the look but still do not decide, don't worry today I will give you two options of outfits that you will surely love, ready?

Urban girl: If you love walking around the city and want to look amazing on 5th Avenue or Central Park, you can wear MIA Sandals in white and with a square heel with cargo pants. This trend was very fashionable in the 00s and returns with more style than ever, wearing this pants Cargo White by Macondia  with the halter top in black Triangle Top by Carolina Escobedo And with that combination of colors you will never go unnoticed. 



A leather jacket will always give a different touch to your look, and what better way to do it than wearing the Ara by Balanka with the trendy bag Kori by Näm. You will look like a real big city fashionista!

Trendy look: The next outfit option is a winning combination, a pair of MIA Sandals in black with wide leg pants like those of the Colombian brand Kadu. Wear the Flare Pants Glitterati  they will give you that vintage and modern style that you are looking for. Combine them with the black top Iris by Paralia along with the standing leather jacket Máxima by Balanka And you will look like a diva of street style.



Meet our collection of iconic garments to start the autumn season in the most glamorous way possible, only at On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 




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