What is a Maroon Dress?

What is a Maroon Dress?

If you want to look spectacular at all times do not hesitate to wear a maroon dress, wearing it will crown you as the queen of street style.

What makes the maroon dress so special? Knowing which celebrities have taken it to the red carpets to make it look fabulous, we will give you some styling tips to start wearing it.


What is a Maroon Dress?

A maroon dress is considered a classic style but at the same time it is a bit difficult to combine.We have seen countless dresses in pastel colors, neon and even more vibrant as in yellow to orange, why not bet on a maroon dress?

My love for dresses is indisputable, I love them and I really think they are necessary in our wardrobe for when we have a fashion emergency, they will always get us out of any trouble. That's why today I took on the task of helping you with style tips and recommendations totally in trend so that you start adding the color maroon in your own style and personality.



The maroon color is one of those colors that are still valid in the fashion industry, And that is why many celebrities use it when assembling their outfit for the red carpet. As Marvel diva Elizabeth Olsen did by wearing a cute maroon dress to the Critics Choice Awards she has a totally chic outfit! Or if you prefer to create more casual looks you can be inspired by the style of Taylor Swift, apparently the singer loves to wear this color and even as a bridesmaid she looks beautiful in a maroon dress.


Different ways to combine a maroon dress

The color maroon is synonymous with elegance and passion, when wearing a garment in this color always captures the eyes of all. According to the colorimetry with the maroon color you can highlight your face by focusing attention on your cheekbones, eyes and lips.

It gives you a mysterious and timeless touch, achieving the combination of a maroon dress with lighter clothing or accessories, has become very popular. Similarly, neutral colors can help you create an outfit very quickly for day or night.Let's start with these fashion recommendations!

Maroon dress and shoes: If you are thinking of wearing a maroon dress, you have surely wondered what shoes it will look better with and achieve a magazine look. Let's start with silver shoes, with them you will be able to turn a simple maroon dress into something totally fabulous, you can look for them with platforms or stilettos.

Black shoes will complement your look in a matter of minutes. You can wear high-heeled sandals or even ankle boots.If you love ankle boots as much as I do you can wear them with studs and chains or with square heels, I recommend that heel because it is totally comfortable.

Definitely a winning combination is to wear beige shoes with a maroon dress, the pale pinkness really adds warmth and prettiness to your outfit, and is especially an interesting combination with wine red and purple maroon dresses. With these shoes you will look amazing!



Maroon dress and accessories: As you can see, a maroon dress can match any style of shoes and accessories are no exception. Depending on your style and the shoes you wear, you can create many options to look great. Opt for black, beige white or gold trendy bags, since the tones are warm, choose gold or rose gold jewelry. Rose or rose gold jewelry and small accessories to match the shoes will look like an it girl! 


How to style a maroon dress?

The maroon dress is a good option to wear throughout the year, as I mentioned above you can create the best looks with them either to go to a casual event during the day like brunch, or how to be a bridesmaid with a unique style. It's time to make the most of the maroon color, with the following recommendations of outfits that I have for you today.

Look for a garden party: If you are going to have an outdoor event, you can wear a maroon dress with short sleeves and combine it with other basic garments. For example, the mustard yellow color will give a more relaxed touch to your look, use a nice cardigan.

The cardigan Braids by Iris Arco Knitwear It will give you a little color and will combine perfectly with the maroon dress, you can use the ankle boots in white The Catalina by Elán and if you love hats add the Ivory Fabián by Malau.



They will impose a trend with this total look in maroon, remember to wear earrings with crystals to have a little shine and texture, use the Soria Earrings by Las Meninas and the trendy bag Valeria Taupé Top Handle by Eva Innocenti. You will have the perfect match with these fabulous garments!

Formal look: The maroon dress is ideal to wear also in more formal events such as weddings or celebrations that take place during the night. My favorite maroon dress for that occasion is satin or velvet, it will make you look elegant and very sophisticated. If the weather is a little cold you can wear a jacket in brown tones to contrast with the dress, you can wear the  Luca by Balanka with beige heeled sandals Mohawk by Peyola. 


Have the complete look with the earrings in gold, Long Round Shaped Badu by Viviane Guenoun and the pocket trendy bag White Tevari by Malau. Everyone will want to have your outfit, you can add beautiful shades in bronze and lipstick in brown.

Wear a maroon dress this season, to look spectacular at all times! Find your favorite clothes only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 


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