Pink Lingerie: Romantic and delicate style for you

Pink Lingerie: Romantic and delicate style for you

You may not be as aware of underwear trends, but nowadays with bets suggesting that lingerie is an outdoor garment, you will like to know some tips to acquire fashionable pieces and fulfill two purposes perfectly, know how to wear pink lingerie, do not worry, the most important complement is you. 

It was Coco Chanel who made pajamas fashionable, for her iconic design of pajamas for the beach, which she considered a mix of elegance and comfort. Since then, thinking about the clothes we wear in intimacy as part of an outfit has caused intrigue and some years ago a stir. 

And it seems inevitable not to think that by showing these garments the intention is still to provoke, when in the end, it is also a way to express ourselves, free and sensual, for ourselves. 



The bralettes with a comfortable garment that does not cease to be sexy, materials such as satin and lace give it a differentiating touch, plus it has been one of the pieces to wear as clothing for which celebrities opt. Kaia Gerber is one of them, who combined her black satin bralette with a lace skirt. 

And is that whether as the model you choose to wear it as a main or just let it show under a blazer as Sofia Richie did, with a black bra, giving it a more elegant look even wearing it with jeans.

Choosing to wear pink lingerie as the main piece is your own decision, it is likely that some like the 'mystery' that this may symbolize, and it is completely valid, however, the key to wear it will always depend on how confident you feel about wearing certain garments, in this and more risky trends we keep telling you that the touch is given by you, the security with which you defend your style is the best part of your outfit. 


Pink Lingerie Trends

Could it be that by converting lingerie as an outdoor garment, the designs that are proposed are designed so that they can be in the light? It is possible, but the reality is that pink lingerie is not a trend but a basic in your drawer, if you like the color, of course, because it is no coincidence that we continue to see it within the booming shades. 

One of the pink lingerie designs in trend that encompasses the definition of romance, are those with a gathered finish, with a vintage touch, if you like the idea of feeling in love every time you see your underwear, sets with this style are your best option. 

The cut-out proposal, also takes over this category, giving an even sexier touch to your coordinates, inviting us to show them as part of our outfits, would you dare to wear them as an outer garment?

But if we are talking about comfort, the ribbed models, this nice soft material, are like a blanket for our skin, ideal for days when you wear baggy looks or with rigid textiles such as denim.

The proposals, second skin or seamless are designed to make you feel calm and safe, to the extent of forgetting that you are wearing underwear, ideal for use with tight-fitting garments.


Find your Pink Lingerie at On Post

Using lingerie as a means to connect with our self-love is one of the various methods with which you can experiment, the idea of feeling beautiful, confident and sensual for ourselves in an intimate moment, or wearing them on the street is an excellent way to face the prejudices that can sometimes affect us. Like everything, it is valid to discard it if you do not feel comfortable, the important thing is that you seduce and fall in love with you every day in your style.

Here we will share with you the pink lingerie options that you can find in our collection to pamper yourself. 

GHAURI BRALETTE by Kadu, this Italian satin, strapless bra with a sweetheart neckline and adjustable straps is the clearest representation of a garment that will perfectly fulfill two purposes. It will look great in street style with wide-leg black pants, high-heeled sandals with thin straps and an envelope bag..

A combination that can be considered one of the most traditional in underwear, is cotton and lace, that is why TALIA OFF-WHITE by La Plume becomes an infallible if you want comfort along with a touch of sensuality, its delta cut and Brazilian silhouette is an incredible pairing, if you are fond of this type of bottoms.



Sleepwear is the type of garment where we can look for comfort the most, that's why the following selection, besides beautiful, will settle you in such a way that you won't want to change in the mornings. 

Pink Zante from Muun Sleepwear, this set consists of a short and a pink shirt, classic and elegant, choose it in the summer days. If you like to feel free of the legs but without leaving behind the style of a classic pajama, Creta Pink Boyfriend Shirt, this oversize shirt we love why, as well as we can see it as the comfortable garment that is, as well as combine it with high boots and a coat.

Remember that the sensual touch is given by you to the pink lingerie, the best complement will always be your confidence, whether you decide to show it in street style or in the comfort of your home. Find styling tips, trendy garments and much more at On Post!


By Katia García

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