The aesthetics of the 90s: the short red dress

The aesthetics of the 90s: the short red dress

If you want to feel empowered with a bold look, do not hesitate to wear a short red dress and if you like trends, the color block is perfect for you! 

Do you love challenges and want to get out of your comfort zone? You will definitely make it by wearing the iconic short red dress.


The lovely short red dress

We have no doubts that the short red dress is one of the most beautiful and sexy to look fabulous at all times, today you will learn to wear it like an it girl with the most chic accessories and trendy makeup for this season.



During this 2022 we have seen the return of the red color, and it is not for less that this color makes us vibrate and look sophisticated, achieving a formal or informal look depending on the dress code of the occasion. The red color has been declared as the official color of the autumn winter season, we have seen it in different textures and presentations inviting us to give another twist to our style.

Haute couture brands and firms such as Bottega Veneta, Giambattista Valli, Alexander McQueen and the challenging designer Valentino have added the red color in their most recent collections, we can find from leather pants, coats, blouses and the beautiful short red dress.The red color means drama, power and also gives us better self-esteem when using such a vibrant and classic color.



We witnessed the looks from this year's Oscars ceremony and saw an invasion of short red, midi and maxi dresses. With the short red dress you will catch everyone's eyes and you will always be the protagonist of the event you attend, as did actress Natalie Portman in the promotion of Marvel Studios latest film, Thor: Love and Thunder. She wore a short red dress by the designer Dior in cherry red tones, achieving a monochromatic look and a Frida Kahlo hairstyle. She looked beautiful and showed us that short red dresses are ideal for women of all ages and suit all personalities.

However, since the 90s short red dresses had already been present in pop culture. Who doesn't remember legendary actress Cameron Diaz in that short red dress during her performance in the 1994 film The Mask and teen diva Alicia Silverstone in her short red dress in the 1995 film Clueless.

The red color has always had a special place within the fashion world, and today younger generations are returning to those fabulous styles with the short red dress.


The short red dress makeup and must have accessories

The red color is risky, imposing and elegant, if you are going to wear a short red dress it is important that you know with what accessories and makeup they will make you look like a goddess in street style and achieve that monochromatic look you want so much, or if you like to combine other colors and garments the color block trend is wonderful!

According to chromotherapy, primary colors and their combinations are used to improve the balance between mind and body. The most used primary colors are red, blue and yellow. This modern therapy offers healthy options in people depending on their needs using colors that can improve your moods. It has been proven that the red color is stimulating and provides strength. If you suffer from a cold or feel a physical apathy when wearing a garment of that color you will feel better.

Focus on the dress: The short red dress is one of the most beautiful and timeless garments that are always giving something to talk about, it is best not to overload the makeup so that the dress is the protagonist of the party.

Highlight your eyes: With a short red dress the colors of shadows that will make your beautiful eyes stand out are bronze, peach, copper or if you prefer a more girly and elegant style at the same time, you can use a champagne color and false eyelashes or many layers of mascara if you prefer a more natural look.

Totally red: If you love the color red and you like the classic style of femme fatale, you can use a red lipstick but you can find it in different shades like cherry, mate, coral, glam red. Depending on the season you are in and it suits your skin type, you can create warm or cold looks.

Earrings and rings: with a red dress it is best not to give too much importance to jewelry, remember that the color of your dress is what should shine.You can use earrings and layers of rings in gold color so that it results everywhere.



3 sexy ways how to style a short red dress

We have seen that the color red will always be the protagonist on the catwalk and in haute couture collections, the short red dress is a garment that will always make you look fabulous whether it's at a dinner party, a party, or even a family reunion.

The options are endless to create the best looks, today we will give you three recommendations of outfits so that you do not hesitate to have a short red dress in your wardrobe.

Romantic and classic girl: If you are looking for a vintage and classic look like that of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you can wear the Little Red Dress by Macondia with the heels Red Ruffles Pump by Galeanna. Add the trendy bag Micro Minca by Camila Mesar and the gold earrings Marbella by Nefelibata and the Daydream Bracelet by MIM. 



Fancy girl: If you want to go dancing or enjoy an afternoon with your friends, you can wear the short red Arboleda Dress by Anana Store Colombia, with the high heeled sandals Iria by Peyola, the red and black colors will look amazing together! Don't forget to add a beautiful trendy bag Black Dalia by Malau and the earrings Evil Eye by Daniela Millan. 



Uptown girl: If you love ankle boots you can use The Catalina by Élan to match the short red dress Sentir Dress by Concepción Miranda, with the it bag Valeria Red Top Handle by Eva Innocenti and the earrings Namotiva by Geo Designs. 



Dare to wear the short red dress and look like a catwalk star, find your favorite dress and accessories only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini

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