Push-Up Sports Bra: Choose comfort and style

Push-Up Sports Bra: Choose comfort and style

Choosing a push-up sports bra may seem like a difficult task, but since it is a garment that you should feel comfortable in but above all confident that everything will stay in place while you perform your exercise routines.

No matter what sporting activity you do, the clothing you wear is of utmost importance, it must have specific qualities for comfort and even performance. This time we will focus on a very important garment, the push-up sports bra.



Although both have a basic purpose, it is not the same as a bra, when choosing it we must take into account certain criteria to help us decide which is best for us, let's start by defining it. 

What is a sports bra?  It is a top that offers support when exercising, with more resistance than the typical ones, reducing the movement of the breasts, alleviating discomfort.

There are two types of push up sports bras, those that completely cover the bust in a cup, these are comfortable, those that provide compression are firm, the inclination for one of these will always depend on your needs and the physical activity you do. 

It may not seem like it, but it is possible to find bras that are specifically for each type of sport, so we will share some of the guidelines you should consider when choosing a push-up sports bra.


How to choose your Push-Up Sports Bra

To select a push-up sports bra correctly you must focus entirely on comfort much more than aesthetics, take it seriously because it can cause complications in our health, perform an exercise routine without a good bra tissues and ligaments are damaged, leading to this region is weakened, one of the consequences is that the breasts fall.

Size, you must take into account the bras that have a specific size, by this we mean do not stay with those that are only labeled S, M, L, you need clear measurements. Size and cup.

Impact, as we already mentioned the sport we do is an important factor, depending on this we can define the level of impact we need. There is high, medium and low impact.

High impact activities are basketball, soccer, running, mountain biking, etc., for these you can opt for those who carry cross back. 

Medium-impact, skating, biking, etc., go for a bra with adjustable cups to the chest.


Activities such as Yoga or Pilates are low impact, for them, it is necessary to focus more on freedom of movement and elasticity, without leaving behind the support.

The material is also of utmost importance, to avoid chafing and irritation, make sure it is made with breathable elements, a quality Lycra, preferably seamless, to get rid of uncomfortable chafing. Some experts recommend microfiber over cotton, as its drying and breathability abilities are better. 


What you should not do when getting a push-up sports bra is to wear one with underwire, it can lead to breast discomfort and internal bruising.

Don't take the bra home without trying it on first, as we already mentioned, beyond the fact that it fits you well, it should fit you perfectly, feel comfortable with the necessary support. Make movements such as stretching your arms and jumping to check that everything stays in place.

Get your Push-Up Sports Bra

After sharing with you the things to consider, now it's time for our suggestions. Find your ideal push-up sports bra with Llasa Fitwear, available in the On Post collection.

 Top Chamonix, This medium support, anti-microbial top has a design that you can wear even outside the salon, with a ruffle sleeve, you can look stylish while you work out.

Trends also take over sportswear, the cut-out silhouette, is one of which has been presented in push up sports bras, giving them a sexier touch, Top Abstract B&W also medium support, has a two-tone mottled design, with cut out detail on the front and back. 

High compression and medium immobilization Top Flashdance, is ideal for your spinning classes, in black color, with colorful hologram details on the sides, and also with a cut-out design, it will give a disco effect when you are giving it all, as well as if you want to wear it with wide leg jeans.



Like the previous two, Top Pink Tie Dye, it features a cut element on the front and back, in a mix of white and pink colors, this top will look great in your aerial dance class.

The bonus we have for you, is to give the finishing touch to your sports outfits, while the criteria for choosing a push-up sports bra are important, and we should not take them at face value, it is also valid to want to look stylish when exercising, so here are some tips to style your gym looks with the push-up bra:

  • If you don't feel comfortable wearing just the push-up sports bra with leggings add a tank top, or tank tops, this way you will feel covered and confident. 
  • Wide leg pants for after workout, swap the rash guards for these baggy pants and leave your sports bra on, don't worry it's on trend.
  • Add a camel coat to your sport outfit, preferably in solid colors.

As a small conclusion, do not take lightly the choice of any bra for exercise, this can bring you serious consequences. 

Find elementary and trendy garments at On Post!

By Katia García

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