What to wear with a Pencil Skirt: Try this Outfit Ideas

What to wear with a Pencil Skirt: Try this Outfit Ideas

Some attribute the creation of the pencil skirt to Christian Dior, but some traces have been found that other contemporary designers such as Balenciaga and had dabbled in this cut, so called because of the silhouette it creates, of a pencil given that it becomes narrower at the bottom, almost pointed. 

The characteristics of this garment are as flattering as interesting, because its design fits your body, highlighting the hips and becoming increasingly narrower, making it difficult to walk, creating a wiggle of short steps, some people claiming that makes it a sensual contouring. 



Following the sexy and sophisticated that brings us the pencil skirt, one of the celebrities that is most often related to these adjectives is Marilyn Monroe, who undoubtedly had among her favorite garments that skirt. 

Nowadays, like other skirt designs, it is a versatile garment, although it is one of the most chosen for the so-called Girl Boss, or those who have important public positions. Personalities such as Queen Letizia of Spain, style reference to wear the pencil skirt as much as Meghan Markle, this inclination towards this garment has a context, since in the 50s and 60s, it was worn as a uniform for women who worked in offices, this had a small opening behind that facilitated movement. Another of the current differences that we can find in this skirt, is that it is found in different lengths, since in its beginnings, it was more likely to be found in midi cut.

The variety of options of materials in which we can find it makes it possible to create casual, elegant and chic outfits, making the pencil skirt an infallible in our closet.

On-trend Pencil Skirt

Do you already have a pencil skirt, have you considered this garment, or do you already have one but don't know how or with what other pieces you can style it? Here, we will share with you some ideas on how to combine it.

Denim is the most basic textile that we can find in our closet, and having a pencil skirt in it is an excellent decision. It will fulfill the same objectives as jeans, but with a sexier and cooler touch for the hottest day. With the rise of cowboy boots, you can wear it with them in the fall. Dare to wear it in total denim, this will make you look chic and sophisticated. 



One of the trends that we will undoubtedly find more in this cold season are the pencil skirts knitted to match sweater, whether you choose a monochromatic outfit or change the set playing with textures but respecting the tone. Add a combat boot and get the glam rock lock we love so much.

The leather proposal also takes over this garment, we recommend you to balance it with a knitted sweater and high boots.

Prints are a must-have in autumn, so consider having a pencil skirt with patterns such as animal print, plaid or tweed, the latter contrasted with bright colors.

Wrapped designs, do not leave behind the pencil skirt, this version even more comfortable and more mobile. They create new shapes in the silhouette. They are so versatile that you can wear them with stilettos, loafers or high boots.


Say yes to the Pencil Skirt style with the On Post Collection

If you are looking for the pencil skirt for you, here are some options that you can find in our collection and some other garments to complete your look.

Undoubtedly the garment that you can not miss this fall is Costa Skirt by Blanca Pukara, this orange and white woven pencil skirt, its length will save you from the coldest days. The pattern of the fabric has a seventies style that is also booming, it has a small slits on the sides that adds movement. Wear it with triangle toe ankle boots and an off the shoulder sweater, you can also wear it with a basic white shirt or blouse. 

A red skirt with a slit above the knee is a bold yet sophisticated choice. Milagro Skirt by Concepción Miranda, a maxi skirt, with which you can create a number of outfits, with basic colors like black or white, to more daring colors like pink or orange. Choose more vibrant tones for this winter season. 

If you are a fan of skirt looks with crop tops, Iris Top by Paralia is for you, with a round neck, drop sleeves and a spring that adjusts it to the waist. The perfect complement, as the sleeve effect widens your shoulders, creating balance in your silhouette.  Wear it with a black leather skirt and combat boots.



Cropped Long Sleeve Tshirt from Lhasa Fitwear is a basic in your closet in these cold months, this white short top is the perfect canvas to create looks with your pencil skirt. With it, you can put together minimalist outfits or add elements that make it stand out, like a fringed jacket or a blazer.

The pencil skirt has positioned itself as an infallible, this garment has the power to make us feel sexy but without forgetting our empowerment and how important it is to go out to work, do not stop considering adding it to your closet. Whether you like to go to work in sneakers or sneakers, stand up for your style.

Find on-trend clothing, accessories, fashion tips and more to style your looks like a fashionista at On Post!

By Katia García


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