Flared pants: The trend of the moment

Flared pants: The trend of the moment

If you love the trends of the past, you'll love flared pants. You can find designs with patchwork, different shades of blue, with openings, ripped...Get the one that best suits your style and personality.

With that seventies and hippie touch, flared jeans or "elephant's foot" have managed to make a place in the closet of fashion lovers. Though they have the reputation of being difficult to use, the truth is quite the opposite. I will give you the best style tips for you to wear them everywhere this season with its silhouette that stylizes your legs and looks great.


Flared Pants a garment with glamour

Considered as a basic garment and that has practically been present in different periods of fashion, flared pants have given a different twist to our looks. Having an origin in the 70s, flared pants have become a trend for this season, due to their versatility since you can combine them with other essential garments such as blouses, t-shirts and leather jackets and the trendiest accessories at On Post.

The hippie chic style has returned to street style in the coolest and most renewed way, and gives us one of the most fabulous proposals to wear during this season. That's right, I'm talking about flared pants, they were born in the 70s, they were worn in the 00s and now they're back!



All fashions return and always surprise us, that's why haute couture firms such as Balenciaga and Gucci bet again on the iconic flared pants. Making a flashback to the 70s during that period, many cultural and social changes were experienced. A comfortable and innovative style was sought, and a garment that had all these characteristics are flared pants, both men and women wore them achieving a casual look.

Personally, flared pants seem beautiful and quite easy to combine, my favorite icons of this style are Farrah Fawcett and Cher, they definitely gave us those style classes by wearing them and now current divas like Alana Haim and Margot Robbie are stealing everyone's eyes with these great pants!

If you want to start wearing them and you are afraid that they do not look good or you have flared pants forgotten in your closet it is time to take them out and start shining with them.I promise you won't regret it, as you can create the best looks for winter.




5 tips to wear Flared Pants like an it girl 

Let 's lose the skinny jeans and start to embrace flared pants as a diva of the 70s, we'll show you how to combine them and achieve a chic look without much effort. 



Wear crop tops: Croptop has become one of the favorite garments to raise the outfit, and what better way to give a sexy touch to flared pants than with a top. Accompany this combination with a denim jacket or a bomber jacket.

Look for the perfect style: this is one of the problems when choosing flared pants. It is essential to ensure they are neither too short nor dragging on the ground, just flush with the ground. If the pants are longer, you can still style them with heels.

Mark your waist: Whether floral or sleeveless print, this type of garments are perfect to give a nice touch to your outfit. The important thing is to wear them inside the flared pants so that the waist is marked, I recommend you wear belts in gold or black colors.

Wear a blazer: Blazers are a trend that is still in force as they bring elegance to any outfit in a matter of minutes achieving a casual style. So a blazer with a turtleneck inside is one of the combinations that can win more looks when used with flared pants.

The right shoes: The flared pants look better with high-heeled sandals, Mary Jane style shoes or if you prefer a more classic look you can also wear nice ankle boots.


How to style Flared Pants? 

The flared pants are the outfit you must have to look amazing in street style this season. Today you will know two options of outfits that you can create to wear on different occasions.

Uptown Girl: If you want to be fashionable you can achieve it by wearing these beautiful flared pants in fuchsia. The Kadu brand has the best! I recommend wearing the Flare Bacall and combining it with a woven top like the Ica White by Muna The Label. 



As you have been reading in this article, the advantage of wearing flared pants is that they highlight any basic garment and turn the outfit into something truly extraordinary achieve the perfect match with the white blazer Evicka by Daniella Batlle and the high heeled sandals  Inés Beige Sandals by Alta, earrings with crystals are always a good option to give a more chic touch to your outfit, use the Sour Earring in White by MIM I'm sure you'll love this look as much as I do.

Cozy Vibes: If your style is totally vintage you should wear flared pants, this season the brown, neutral and beige colors are the trend of the moment. Get the look, wearing the flared pants Alpha Flare by Llasa Fitwear and there is nothing better than a comfortable and warm sweater, you can wear the Nube Yellow by Muna The Label remember that the flared pants look amazing with ankle boots, I recommend you wear The Catalina by Elán or if you prefer a more comfortable look you can wear the Equus Classic White by Alta sneakers.

This season you will look fabulous with flared pants, meet the most chic collection only at On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 


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