How wear Capri Pants in Autumn Season

How wear Capri Pants in Autumn Season

Forget for a while about jeans, with capri pants you will have a relaxed and totally sophisticated style.

Ideal for warm climates but also for autumn, capri pants look good with any other garment you have available in your closet. Learn how to combine them with the best garments and accessories from the On Post collection.


What are Capri Pants?

Capri pants are considered a timeless and versatile garment, you can wear them in light fabrics such as linen for summer or cotton for autumn. During the 50s they have imposed trends and have not stopped being used, in street style they have become a must to look comfortable and totally fashionable.



From Brigitte Bardot to Jessica Alba, capri pants have accompanied us at different times in the history of fashion.Today I will tell you a little about their origin and why you should wear them this season if you do not want to be left behind with the trends of the moment.

Capri pants are considered a timeless and totally vintage garment, the length of these pants varies sometimes but you can identify them because they have a cut from the knee to the ankle and may have side openings in both legs. You can find them in materials such as leather, cotton, nylon, linen, silk and spandex. 

The German designer Sonja de Lennart in 1948 introduced Capri pants to the fashion industry revolutionizing the style of women and men. For his collection he was inspired by the Italian island of Capri and it's sunny climate, designing comfortable trousers that were easy to wear both on the beach and in the city. 

This fashion came to the United States and became very popular throughout the country after being worn by many Hollywood stars in movies, such as actress Mary Tyler Moore and Audrey Hepburn.

Do not hesitate to wear these pants so iconic and comfortable this season to look spectacular!


3 Essential tips to wear Capri Pants

You should know that, because capri pants expose a part of the ankle, It is convenient to combine this garment with footwear of the same style such as platform loafers, tennis shoes or sandals with stilettos or square heels.



The combinations of this style of pants are multiple, so it is important that you know these three  essential tips to wear it.

1.- Basic garments: combine capri pants with plain basic shirts or leather jackets and as a winning combo you can wear long necklaces, a perfect union!

2.- Sophisticated style: combine white capri pants or in pastel colors with blouses also in soft tones for summer.

3.- Denim: combine capri pants in denim with a blouse woven in crochet or satin texture, the must be that the blouse has a nice bow in front ready to tie. You can wear a poncho on top or a vest with tweed fabric, it will be a plus that you wear large earrings and many layers of mascara.

Now that you know how to wear the capri and if they favor you, what do you think to wear during the fall?


How to wear Capri Pants in  Autumn Season?

If you want to succeed in street style this autumn season, then you should wear capri pants that offer multiple possibilities of outfits to look fabulous every day of the week. Today I collected the best outfit ideas in case you are looking for inspiration and nobody tells you that they are only used during the summer, let's start with this style guide

Outfit 1: Capri pants are ideal for all ages and body styles.It is considered as a body friendly garment since women from 20 to 50 years old, they look fabulous with these retro and chic pants.

Fashion knows no age and if you want to start wearing capri pants, I recommend you wear the Lili Silk Pants by Avila Sotres, Its olive green color and silk texture will make you look sophisticated even on cold days. We know that the basic colors of autumn are brown, green and mustard yellow, but it is also valid to wear neutral colors such as beige and white.

To create an elegant combination with capri pants, you can wear the top Tanzania In White by Ola Azul Swimwear, sexy and warm. It is one of the advantages of the autumn season since you can wear many layers of clothing and still look amazing.



So that you do not get cold, wear the coat Yanqa by Jenny Duarte with the Brina heels by Peyola, to create a nice contrast of colors and textures in your garments. As for accessories, I recommend using the earrings  Lucky Eye by Daniela along with the Ivory Amapola by Malau bag. You will love this outfit and look gorgeous! 

Outfit 2: Cardigans are also essential to look warm and chic during the autumn, you can find a variety of styles and colors. For example with fringes, with prints, alpaca, wool, buttons, etc.It is advisable to wear with capri pants sweaters with V-neckline or circular, this season I advise wearing the long sleeve shirt Cropped Long T-Shirt by Llasa Fitwear with cardigan in pink tones Thierra Pink by Muna The Label.




The combination of pink and white colors are a classic, that's why you should wear the capri pants Natalia by La Plume and create a glamorous matching set with the crystal earrings Imperial Pink by Las Meninas. You can wear this look with white ankle boots like The Catalina by Elán or if you are team sneakers you can wear the Equus Classic White by Alta and try both styles.The important thing is that you reinvent your style and feel empowered with these unique garments.


Do not stop looking amazing during the autumn season, remember to follow more fashion and style tips on our On Post social networks.


By Melissa Zanini 


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