Choose your holiday Lingerie Sets

Choose your holiday Lingerie Sets

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and with it begins several celebrations, among all that we begin to consider for our party looks, we must not forget the importance of underwear, so here we will share some ideas to choose your lingerie sets that go according to your holiday outfits. 

There are many good reasons why choosing your lingerie according to your outfit is important, you may have a stunning look but if your lingerie set is not the right on your outfit may become a complete failure.



So pay attention to the choice of this is of utmost care especially if we are talking about a party look, so we will share some tips to properly select your lingerie set and shine in your next celebrations.


How to choose your Lingerie Sets according to your outfit 

We find different criteria to take into account when choosing the ideal underwear for your looks, then we list what you should consider, to achieve a flawless outfit:

The garments you will wear, if it is a pants, a dress, or skirt, this is important, even between each piece, since not all dresses are the same nor pants are the same as jeans. 



The texture of your suit, it will not be the same if you wear satin than if you wear a garment of a thicker textile, or knitted.

The occasion, we mean that if you are about to attend an event where there is a specific dress code, you must take this into account when choosing your lingerie sets, because if it accidentally jumps out, continue to provide security and support. 

 Which brings us to the material and comfort we are looking for, a clear example is that if you will be sitting for a long time you do not want your underwear to create painful marks, this depends on you, as there are people who do not find the designs as comfortable as the thongs and others who do, so it is up to your consideration. 


Common mistakes in choosing your Lingerie Sets

Just as celebrities sometimes leave us good lessons on how to wear certain garments, they can also teach us what not to do. We will analyze as an example some of the mistakes that can be made if we do not take seriously the correct choice of our lingerie sets. 

It is no surprise that the Kardashian-Jenner family serves as an example, because without a doubt, they know how to make good fashion choices, but sometimes it is valid to make mistakes. The matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, made a bad decision to wear a lace bra under a silk dress. The flaw is visible, wearing a textile such as lace, on a delicate fabric that adapts to the shapes of what is underneath like silk, makes the look no longer look uniform. 



Another celebrity who forgot what can happen by not choosing a bra of your size was Emma Watson, this can cause strange forms in our body, in addition to how uncomfortable it usually is. 

What you are looking for with a good lingerie set is that this is your best ally, feeling like a second skin, Lady Gaga did not think about this by opting for panties with thick seams, in her Met Gala dress.

One of the most common mistakes when choosing lingerie, is when we wear a white outfit and opt for an undergarment of the same color, this will stand out in the same way as if we chose underwear of any other tone, ideally, is to lean towards lingerie that resembles our skin color.

Showing underwear as part of the look is valid, but as we said before, this depends on the event or even the concept of the outfit.

Nowadays, we can find lingerie sets that combine comfort, sensuality, protection and function as a second skin.


Options to create a Lingerie Sets at On Post

Choosing your lingerie ensemble for the upcoming celebrations will depend on the type of gathering you are attending, you may not go for the same lingerie if you are having an intimate Thanksgiving dinner alone with your family, where you will probably have the confidence to wear your favorite comfortable undergarments, than if you are attending a formal gala, where you will be wearing a tight-fitting dress.



Here are some of the options you can find in the On Post collection to create a lingerie ensemble.

The La Plume panties have a delta cut for maximum comfort, made with cotton and lace on the edges that give the sexy touch, reinforced with double cotton lining in the area where you need it most.

Get to know the different colors available, which you can wear in different looks: 


    The perfect set between the previous bottoms and the next piece, ALEX CORSET BLACK by Lésem, as we already mentioned, the trend of wearing lingerie as outerwear, you will have a versatile garment, which you can wear as the main garment in your outfit or create a sexy set, for a special occasion. 



    In case the occasion is about feeling comfortable, with a top that gives you support, as is Top Dark Night by Lhasa Fitwear, plus this garment is perfect for your workout routines. 

    Consider the above tips to choose the right lingerie sets for your party outfits. At On Post you will find versatile, on-trend garments and articles that teach you how to style them. 


    By Katia García

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