How To Style Straight-Leg Jeans: 4 Tips

How To Style Straight-Leg Jeans: 4 Tips

As the summer winds down, the days are getting shorter and chillier. Though it may be time to bid a (temporary) farewell to my shorts and summer dresses, be encouraged because fall fashion is now in town! In my not-so-humble opinion, sweaters, scarves, jeans — these alone are some of the best things about colder weather.

Jeans especially are some of the best things about fall. Though you can obviously wear jeans any time of the year, there is something about wearing them with other fall staples that makes them even more exciting. 

Jeans are also some of the easiest articles of clothing to wear. They come in many different cuts that are constantly evolving: bootcut, flare, skinny, and straight. In terms of fashion, straight-leg jeans are some of the most stylish and classic jeans you can own. 


What Are Straight-Leg Jeans?

Straight-leg jeans are a pair of denim that remain straight throughout the leg. They’re pretty much an in-between of skinny and boyfriend jeans, so they’re not too tight and not baggy, either. They also can be worn higher on the waist or lower, depending on which rise you prefer, and they also can come in a variety of washes. 

How Do I Style Straight-Leg Jeans?

Because they are universally flattering on all body types, straight-leg jeans will work on anyone. If you are thinking that this is your year to try wearing these stylish jeans, then you should definitely go for it! Here are some ways that you can style your straight-leg jeans:

Straight-Leg Jeans and T-shirts


Crude Vandana Shirt


The first piece of clothing that you can style with your straight-leg jeans is a basic T-shirt. A plain black tee or a white T-shirt like Sientochenta’s Cruda Vandana shirt tucked into your pants makes for a classic casual outfit. 

Depending on the rise of your jeans, you might even want to try a cropped T-shirt with your jeans. For a more fun T-shirt option for the spring or summer, something like this Floral Cropped T-shirt by Pamela Stevenson would work with a pair of high-rise straight-leg denim.

Now, just because it’s fall doesn’t mean I say goodbye to summer prints. Yes — wear white after Labor Day and rock floral prints all year long! Just because it isn’t summer doesn’t mean we have to hide away our inner sunshine.

Straight-Leg Jeans and Blouses

A dressier alternative to a solid-colored T-shirt, a blouse can easily be worn with any kind of jeans, including the straight-leg variation. 

As always, a classic button-down shirt will work with your straight-leg denim. A crisp, white button-down like Nabel Martins’ Italian Collar Blouse would work amazingly tucked into some black or dark navy straight jeans. 

If you love patterned button-downs, then go for a gingham-print blouse like those from designer Blanca Pukara. Tuck a gingham-print blouse into a pair of black straight-leg jeans or jeans with a lighter wash — the options are infinite. 

Are you searching for a patterned blouse with more color than just black and white? Look no further than this Pamela Blouse by the one-and-only Pamela Stevenson, which would totally work with any and all denim washes. 

A cropped blouse will work well with straight-leg jeans, too. For example, this Feioja Terracota Crop Top is a gorgeous piece that will work with any wash of straight denim, and the color makes for the perfect fall transition top (not to mention the dramatic sleeves).

Straight-Leg Jeans and Sweaters


La Huaca Sweater


Now for the best part of all fall fashion (besides jeans, of course): sweaters. A cozy sweater, whether a pullover or a cardigan, is a staple for anyone’s closet and can be paired with all pairs of denim, especially straight-leg denim. 

A soft, handmade turtleneck like the La Huaca Sweater from Blanca Pukara is the perfect layer to wear over a T-shirt tucked into straight-leg jeans for an oversized, cozy vibe. If you like a crewneck sweater but are still going for that oversized vibe, something like a pom-pom sweater will bring the joy even on the most windy and overcast days. 

If you prefer a slimmer knit with your straight-leg jeans, then something like the El Paraíso Sweater by Blanca Pukara would go well with your jeans. If you like more color, then opting for a mustard or pink sweater will bring some pizazz to your ensemble.

Straight-Leg Jeans and Cardigans

Cardigans also make for the perfect layering piece during the fall and winter seasons. They can be worn over any T-shirt, tank top, or button-down and will look totally chic with your straight-leg jeans. 

If you prefer a thicker knit but still want a solid-colored choice, then the Musgo cardigan that’s also from Iris Arco Knitwear is your best bet. Handwoven and made from pure wool, this delightfully comfortable piece will not only keep you warm but will also take your straight-leg jeans outfit to the next level. 

Perhaps you want to spice things up with your sweater game and are on the hunt for a more colorful knit. If that is the case, then the first cardigan you should check out is the Cosmos sweater from Iris Arco Knitwear. This delightful piece will work paired over any top and will make your jeans the talk of the town.

Straight Leg Jeans and Shoes: Best Pairings


Sandalias Bubble Verde Botella


Now that I’ve reviewed some different tops to wear with straight-leg jeans, you may be wondering what shoes you can wear. Fortunately, because straight-leg jeans are so versatile and will work with anything, there really are no limits as to what kinds of shoes you can wear. 

You can pair any kind of sneaker you desire with your denim, whether it be a tennis shoe or a chunky athletic sneaker. 

Fall can sometimes be pretty warm, even on the East Coast. In that case, some of my fav summer essentials get to hang out a little longer:

In this case, sandals work well with straight-leg jeans, too. For a cute, warmer weather look, you may find that pairing something like these Sandalias Bubble Verde Botella slides by Galeanna with a white shirt and jeans is just what your outfit needs. 

A pair of mules will always take your straight-leg jeans outfit up a notch, too. These Gossip Mules from Galeanna would be adorable paired with a black or cream-colored sweater and straight-leg jeans.

For the chillier seasons, you might find yourself opting to wear boots with your straight-leg jeans. If that is the case, it is definitely the right choice because it’s almost as if ankle boots and straight-leg denim were made for each other.

Or, if you have a black or white bodysuit tucked into some jeans, a bold boot like Galeanna’s Pink Situation or Malevola Boots are two exciting options for you. 

You can also choose pumps for your straight-leg jeans pairing. For a pop of color to a neutral monochromatic black look, something like these Red Ruffles Pumps by Galeanna would add a gorgeous touch to your sleek outfit. 

Straight From the Runway

Because straight-leg jeans are some of the most versatile and exciting pieces to wear, there are no limits when it comes to styling them. So many striking tops and shoes can be paired with these amazing jeans, so you will for sure find things that work best for you and make you feel confident as you explore what makes your style unique to you. 



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