How To Style a Midi Skirt: an Expert Guide

How To Style a Midi Skirt: an Expert Guide

As the year 2022 comes (rapidly) to a close, you may be toying with the idea of purging your closet and/or acquiring some new additions to your wardrobe. 

You might be in the market for a new pair of shoes other than the same tennis shoes you always wear; a new style of jeans you want to try that aren’t just straight-leg or boyfriend; maybe you want to try a skirt that’s not as short as your mini skirts, but not a maxi skirt.

If you are searching for a skirt with that perfect, in-between length, then you should definitely invest in a midi skirt. Skirt hemlines change with the decade — the 1960s adored the mini skirt until Princess Diana brought the midi skirt back into full swing. 

These skirts are very versatile and will work for any body type. Read on for my love letter to the midi skirt:


What Is a Midi Skirt?

A midi skirt, as mentioned above, is a skirt that has a length that falls in between a mini and a maxi skirt. Usually, the hems of midi skirts fall around the mid-calf, with some a tad longer or shorter. 

Midi skirts can come in solid colors and patterns and different materials. They can be worn to weddings, brunch, the office, or out and about. 


How Do I Wear a Midi Skirt?

You may be wondering what you can wear with a midi skirt and how, exactly, you can style them. Fortunately, midi skirts can be worn during all four seasons, so you can work with any and all tops and shoes. 

In the summer and spring, you can pair lighter tees and tanks with your midi skirts; in the fall and winter, you can opt for sweaters, jackets, and tops with thicker materials to wear with your midi skirt. 

Due to the versatility of midi skirts, there really are no limits when it comes to styling these fun, fabulous pieces of clothing. 


Midi Skirts and Tops

For tops, there are so many options for you, depending on what season you’re in. If it's summertime, you might opt for tank tops and T-shirts to pair with your midi skirt. 


Make It Casual


Hold Shirt


Let’s say you have a basic black midi skirt and want to wear it casually, whether that’s out shopping with some friends or grabbing a coffee to go. You might want to try pairing an off-white T-shirt like Sientochenta’s Hold Shirt with your midi skirt. Try tucking the shirt completely in or just knotting it in the front to add a little dimension. 

If you have a patterned midi skirt or one in a shade other than black, you can always be safely chic with a white T-shirt like Sientochenta’s Crude Vandana Shirt


Make It Bright

Maybe you have a brightly-colored, patterned midi skirt like the Margot Skirt by Pamela Stevenson and don’t want to wear a plain, white tee with it. If this is the case, then you can try a shirt with some fun, bright details on the sleeves. A floral top (like those from acclaimed designer Pamela Stevenson) is an adorable piece that won’t take away from the colors in your midi skirt. 

Make It Hot


You can always opt for a crop top with your midi skirt, too, especially in the spring and summer months. If you have a midi skirt like the Mykonos Skirt from Paralia, then try wearing a cropped tank top. You might choose a color that matches your skirt or a contrasting color, but either will work for this particular ensemble.

Make It Work (Wear)

A button-down shirt will look great with a midi skirt, whether you tuck it completely into your skirt or tie it in the front. This pairing works well for an office-appropriate outfit but can also work for other occasions. 

Additions like leather belts can add a touch of nostalgic whimsy; skinny belts scream the 1950s and thick belts are a jazzy nod to the 1980s. 

Make It Sleek


Chinchipe Body


A very convenient, stylish option for you would be a bodysuit. Effortless and versatile, these pieces go well with any bottoms and will always give you a tucked-in, smart presence. 

Take this Chinchipe Body from Blanca Pucara, which will work with any color or pattern of the midi skirt. You can wear this bodysuit on its own with the skirt in the summer or add a denim or leather jacket to your outfit in the cooler months. 

Make It Cozy

Speaking of cooler months, you can always pair a cardigan with your midi skirt. Whether you button your cardigan all the way and wear it on its own as a shirt, or you throw it on top of a t-shirt tucked into your midi skirt, you can rock a cardigan with your midi skirt. 

You can also wear a pullover sweater with your midi skirt. If you have a chunky turtleneck like Blanca Pukara’s La Huaca Sweater, you could French-tuck it into a bodycon midi skirt and add some boots. The oversized top paired with the form-fitting bottoms provides some balance to a chic, stylish look.

A midi skirt (especially when paired with thick tights and a shawl) is my go-to for winter weddings when I want to look sexy but need to stay warm. 

Midi Skirts and Shoes

Now that you have some ideas for what tops you can pair with a midi skirt, you might be trying to think of shoes you can style with your midi skirt. Fortunately for me, like tops, I can style any shoes with a midi skirt. Here are some of my not-so-top-secret ideas:




Depending on the mood you’re going for, you may opt for a simple tennis shoe, slip-on mule, or athletic sneaker. If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, you’ll want to wear some comfortable shoes with lots of support.

S,o a pair of sneakers or a slip-on mule like the Halley Mule by Galeanna are two articles of footwear to consider.


In the summer and spring, sandals are fantastic options to wear with your midi skirt. Throw on a platform or footbed sandal or a pair of slides like these Sandalias Bubble Camel slides from Galeanna with any color of midi skirt, and you’ve got a fabulous summer outfit. 



A pair of pumps will help take your midi skirt outfit to the next level, as well. Picture this: a black button-down tucked into a black or white midi skirt and stunning, colorful pumps. Add some statement jewelry and a bold lip, and you’ve got an outfit that will definitely turn heads no matter where you go!


In the fall and winter seasons, you might want to try pairing boots with your midi skirt outfits. You can easily throw on a pair of ankle boots with your midi skirt, and you can also try wearing knee-high boots with your midi skirt for a super chic vibe. Plus, this works particularly well with skirts that have a slit. 

For example, if your midi skirt has a slit in the back, you could easily slip into a pair of knee-high black heeled boots and throw on a big jacket for an added layer. This classic variation is perfect for the winter season.

Midi Is My Fav

As you figure out what new styles of clothing you want to try and you discover what works for you and what makes you feel like YOU, remember to enjoy the journey. 

Fortunately, if you’ve been eyeing that midi skirt in the store for some time, you now have an idea of how to wear it. And there are many more ways that you can wear it!

Midi skirts are some of the most versatile and flattering skirts out there. When I’m looking for a longer length but one that still is fun and flirty, a midi skirt will never let me (or you!) down. 



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