Raye Shoes: The fashionable footwear

Raye Shoes: The fashionable footwear

Surprise yourself with the versatility and elegance offered by raye shoes, combine them with your favorite garments and accessories! 

The footwear that you must have sometime in your life are raye shoes, they are ideal for those women looking for a sophisticated and cool style at the same time. 


The raye shoes is the most trendy style 

For shoe lovers there is a brand that you will love forever! Raye shoes are synonymous with avant-garde and elegance, the name of the brand takes as inspiration the word Queen that in Spanish means Reina, the designs of the shoes and brand identity seek to publicize the great variety of shoes that can be worn by all women in the world and who are considered queens for looking for a unique and glamorous style. 



The raye shoes can be adapted to any situation and you can add them to your daily routine, for example to attend a party, go to the office, go out with your friends or simply renew your style with a different and chic touch. Raye shoes have a wide variety of designs that can be adapted to your personality, you will find from: heels, boots, sandals, mules and flats. 

Why are raye shoes so popular? Actresses like Reese Witherspoon, Jamie Chung, it girls and models like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and contemporary diva Sarah Jessica Parker in her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the famous television series Sex and the City thet have shown us that raye shoes are indispensable in our closet to look fabulous at all times and that are also timeles, favoring us in spring and during the winter. 

Style and innovation comes from the creative minds of Los Angeles most sought after popular fashion brands: Lovers + Friends, NBD and Tularosa these brands have as their main objective to decentralize fashion and that it becomes a statement of style on a daily basis and that women have more options to create incredible looks with different garments such as dresses, skirts, tops, pants, swimsuits to look like real stars of the catwalk. 


Do not stay out of the trend of raye shoes to start the next season looking like a fashionista, today we will tell you some recommendations of outfits that you can combine with these fantastic shoes. But first, we will know why we love heels and that are the must haves that we should always have available in our closet. 


Raye shoes and the history of heels

High heeled shoes have always been present throughout the history of fashion and we have found them in different shapes from sensual stilettos, platforms, with square heel, block and kitten style.

We have seen in recent fashion shows that high heels are the main protagonist of important haute couture firms such as Balenciaga, Gucci and designer Tom Ford. The heels add to our personality that daring and femine style that we like to demonstrate through shoes and garments. 


In ancient civilizations high heels were already used and were fashion pieces for both male and female. But it wasn't until Catherine de Medici, a woman ahead of her time, wore high heels at her wedding to Henry II of France turning high heeled shoes into fashionable footwear desired by all the women of the court. Heeled shoes became popular from that moment on but high heels moved to the Hollywood industry appearing in the first film starring Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra. 

During the new millennium heels revolutionized the style of women, showing us bolder and more innovative designs such as raye shoes, that have an interesting and fabulous collection. We can find the raye shoes in different colors and textures from neutral colors to animal print. 

Are you ready to wear the raye shoes? Do not hesitate to use them, with these shoes you will have an elegant look and you can combine them with earrings and the most trendy bags to make that perfect match! 


How can I combine the raye shoes? 

As we have mentioned before with raye shoes you can create many styles and wonderful outfits. Today we will give some recommendations to make you look like an it girl!



Party look: If you have a casual event and want to wear the raye shoes in neutral colors, the Greek by Nabel Martins dress is the best option, you can use accessories in gold color for example these earrings Floating Hoops by Geo Designs with the trendy bag Rectangular Pearl by Entre Piedras, you will look like a goddess! 


Working girl: If you have an important work meeting or want to go to the office in the most fashionable way possible, you can wear the pants Daiquiri by Lavi Majo with the raye shoes in white color. The Moray Blouse by Blanca Pukara looks amazing with the Clyde Blazer by Lésem. Don't forget the accessories, you can use the earrings Violet Pearl by Daniela Millan and the trendy bag Valeria Nude Top Handle by Eva Innocenti. 

Funny and chic: If you want to go dancing or go for a coffee with your friends, use the raye shoes in neutral colors to give a different touch to your look. You can wear the pants Malva Meeting by Naos with the Feathers T-Shirt by Pamela Stevenson, add a bag of the same color to make a mix and match. For example, the trendy bag Lilac Dalia by Malau will look amazing! Don't forget to use Marbella earrings by Nefelibata.



Create the best outfits with the raye shoes, your favorite garments and accessories you will find only in On Post


By Melissa Zanini

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