Corset maxi dress the sexiest trend of the year

Corset maxi dress the sexiest trend of the year

If you are looking to highlight your curves, with this corset maxi dress you will look fabulous. Learn how to combine it with the coolest accessories of this season.

Get a sensual and iconic style, with the corset maxi dress you will join this super trend that is stealing the attention of all it girls, supermodels and actresses. Share your beauty with this beautiful dress to look glamorous during this season of events and parties!


The corset maxi dress an avant garde style

Corsets have become a global trend that has returned to the catwalks since the end of 2021 and thanks to television series like Bridgerton and adaptations of novels in now classic films of the early 00s as Pride and Prejudice by author Jane Austen.

Corsets and the corset maxi dress have become the absolute inspiration of designers and important haute couture brands such as Fendi, Balenciaga and Hermés. Undoubtedly, one of the garments that you should have in your closet for future New Year's Eve parties and celebrations is the corset maxi dress. You will have a sensual and elegant style when combined with gold accessories and the trendiest bags of this season.


The revival of these fabulous garments is accompanied by the cottage core trend, ideal for the coldest days of the year but without losing all the glamour and style. We have seen in the fashion industry an invasion of the corset maxi dress and corsets in different designs and presentations as the much desired top. You can find it in textures such as leather, satin, with straps and buckles, with sequins, prints, and with rhinestones.



The famous French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, has reinvented his collection with the long dress with corset and is one of the most sought after garments by divas such as Dua Lipa, Beyoncé and Gigi Hadid. However, we definitely saw that the corset maxi dress is necessary to change our look and officially became the outfit of the red carpets. A clear example was at this year's MET Gala, we noticed that the corset has arrived to never leave.

Corsets have a long history in fashion, and most women associate this garment as uncomfortable, we never really give it the attention it deserves. If you want to start having this unique and sexy look, today you will know some tips and style recommendations so that you wear the fantastic corset maxi dress in the best events looking like a real fashionista.


Types of corset maxi dress that you must have to wear 

The return of the corset has been love at first sight and surely you will also experience that emotion of wanting to wear it at all times. Since the corset maxi dress  appeared in the collection of  Alexander McQueen in spring and now in autumn. We will want to have at least more than one corset maxi dress to show that we are all goddesses of style and feel totally empowered.

The corset has had many stigmas since it was invented in the last century, one of the advantages of our days is that we can decide whether to wear it or not using our imagination to create riskier and more sophisticated styles.



Keep in mind that there are different styles of corset maxi dress and that there will always be one that suits your personality, are you ready?

Corset maxi dress with transparent fabrics: Transparencies will never go out of style and are synonymous with sensuality. If you are looking to highlight your curves, this corset maxi dress is the best option. In order to hold the fluid fabric of the dress, a corset has been added to the look, placing it below the chest, right in the abdomen area. 

I recommend you wear this dress in black or red, you can combine it with high-heeled sandals or if you prefer stilettos! 

Corset maxi dress with denim: If you are looking for a more casual style but with a lot of glam, opt for a corset maxi dress with denim as the one in Alexander McQueen's most recent collection. You can wear it in its mini and midi versions and combine it with a leather vest with straps and buckles.It will look perfect if you add combat boots or ankle boots  in black or silver.



Corset maxi dress with feather skirts: Rhinestones and feathers have always been glamorous ornaments that evoke the golden age of Hollywood. If you're having a gala or want to end the year iconically, look for a corset maxi dress with lots of feathers and rhinestones on top.

Remember to add earrings with crystals to have brightness throughout the look, you can look for the dress with a skirt with princess fall to achieve a more romantic outfit. This design will also captivate future brides and the wedding season.

Corset maxi dress with tube design: If you are looking for a more minimalist design the corset maxi dress with tube style will be ideal for you. Recently Schiaparelli has shown us that you can combine sensuality and elegance in the same style.

As simple as it seems the dress with a tube silhouette will make you stand out at any time, the black color is one of my favorites or you can wear it in emerald green to look fantastic.


How to style a corset maxi dress like a diva?

As we have mentioned before, the corset maxi dress is perfect to wear to any important dinner or formal event. It will become your favorite when combined with the trendiest accessories of the season such as maxi earrings or pocket bags, stand out with these winning combinations and catch everyone's eyes!

I really love the color red and I always add it to my outfits. If you are looking for a corset maxi dress in that tone you will achieve a heart attack look. You have these options of trendy bags to combine with a beautiful red dress, for example if you like bags in gold color you can use the Rectangular Pearl with Handle by Entre Piedras or if you are looking for a more avant-garde style, the bag PO’O by Näm It will look amazing.

Now let's talk about earrings, if you are looking to impose a trend with a long dress with corset, the ideal is to wear earrings with shiny crystals. You can use the earrings Philippo by Las Meninas or if you are looking for a more modern style the earrings Star Constellation by Daniela Millan will help you to create a sophisticated look in minutes.


High-heeled sandals or combat boots will give a different twist to your outfit, find your accessories and shoes more chic to look amazing this holiday season only at On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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