The best outfits with a pink plaid skirt

The best outfits with a pink plaid skirt

Back in the fashion of the 00s, the pink plaid skirt marked an entire generation of it girls and is now back to take over street style. Meet this fabulous garment full of style.

A trend that brings back the style of the 90s and 00s is the pink checkered skirt, if you are looking for a girly style that will make you remember your school years you will achieve it by wearing this skirt that is so beautiful and versatile. Today we have for you the best outfit ideas with a pink plaid skirt to look fantastic on every occasion. Excited? Don't wait any longer and let's get started. 


What is a pink plaid skirt?

No matter if we are in spring or autumn, the pink plaid skirt has become a new classic indispensable in our closet to create the best looks. For some years, plaid skirts have been the protagonists of important collections and catwalks, as we saw in the recent collections of Miu Miu, Dior and Chanel.

Plaid skirts have always been part of our lives, with them we have always wanted to impress and give a special touch to our style. In addition to wearing them as part of the school uniform, we can use them to go to the office or to have a romantic date. 

The most common colors of plaid skirts are red, green, blue, yellow and pink. Remember the TV series Clueless? Cher Horowitz and her best friend Dionne gave us the best styling and fashion classes in our early youth. But today we will focus on the pink plaid skirt and I will give you some necessary tips to start wearing it as an it girl this season.



The pink plaid skirt is a garment that makes any woman look incredible, adapts to all body types and will make your legs stand out. We can find them in their mini and midi versions mainly. Generally, this skirt features plaid prints and is made with materials such as cotton, flannel and polyester.

You will always find the pink plaid skirt with elegant or innovative designs, for example the plaid pattern will always have parallel and perpendicular lines. But I am very sure that there is always a skirt for each of us and that it will adapt to your style and personality, that's why you can find different designs of this unique pink checkered skirt or with ornaments or accessories such as gold buttons, chains, with fringes or totally tabled taking up the aesthetics of Y2K fashion. 



Pink plaid skirt for different occasions

The pink plaid skirt was so popular in the 00s and so fetch... as fashionista Gretchen Wieners from the 2004 film Mean Girls would say, and obviously we all wanted a skirt of that style to look iconic.However, Y2K fashion is back more than ever and brings us back to the catwalks the splendid pink plaid skirt, it is ideal to wear during the day or night.

Pink plaid skirt to go to the office: You can look for a midi option and combine it with other garments in darker colors such as a black long-sleeved blouse or a brown blazer, you can finish the look with a pair of black loafers or kitten heels.

Pink plaid skirt for street style: Without a doubt the pink plaid skirt is ideal to wear at any moment, you can combine it with comfortable shoes such as a pair of white tennis shoes,a denim jacket and a cute clutch-style bag.

Pink plaid skirt for a dinner date: If you are looking for a comfortable and cute outfit you can try with a pink plaid skirt. Combine it with a button-down shirt and some statement jewelry makes for a great date outfit, you can match the look with a pair of ankle boots or high heeled sandals. 

Pink plaid skirt and the matching sets: If you want a classic style like the Chanel suit, you can mix a pink plaid skirt with a blazer in pink, don’t forget to add a white or red blouse to join this basic color and you will look fabulous with them! I recommend you wear high-heeled sandals and a pocket bag to always carry your most basic accessories such as a nice red lipstick.



How can I wear a pink plaid skirt? 

As I mentioned before, the pink plaid skirt is a new classic within the fashion industry, if you have a skirt of that style and do not know how to combine it or achieve an impact outfit, don’t panic today you will know two recommendations of outfits to look incredibly fashionable.

Working girl: If you're already back at the office and want to end the week as a fashionista, you can combine a pink plaid skirt with a white blouse. You can wear the Moray Blouse by Blanca Pukara with the high heeled sandals Dark Love by Galeanna, add a lovely pair or pearl earrings for example you can use the Minimalist Linear Pearls by Viviane Guenoun and you will look gorgeous! 



It girl: If you are looking to show off in street style you can wear a pink checkered skirt with a t-shirt with prints. The current trend is t-shirts with phrases, you can wear the Hold Shirt by Sientochenta and add a pair of black ankle boots such as The Luciana Black by Elán, don’t forget the trendy bags you can use the Sienna Mini Yellow Tote by Eva Innocenti. 



With the pink plaid skirt you will look fabulous adding your accessories and more trendy bags, find them only in On Post!


By Melissa Zanini 

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