Carolina Estefan, fashion inspired by the 'tropical chic' style

Carolina Estefan, fashion inspired by the 'tropical chic' style

Carolina Estefan is a contemporary brand that manages to highlight the feminine and fresh side of each person with its garments inspired by the tropical chic style.

 Carolina Estefan is a brand that brings together the beauty and freshness of Colombia in one place. With more than 10 years in the fashion industry, the brand has shown that resortwear fashion can be reinvented every day with a little love and creativity.

Discover the story of Carolina Estefan and fall in love with each of its designs that transport you to the sea!


The story behind Carolina Estefan

Carolina Estefan is a brand that radiates love and sisterhood because at its core is the deep relationship between Carolina, who is the creative director, and Silvana, her sister, and in charge of the administrative part of the project.

The brand was born in Colombia in 2012 and from that moment its founders were clear that they wanted their DNA to be related to the tropical chic style, with the avant-garde and the security that only a great outfit can give you.

Carolina and Silvana have prepared themselves all their lives to be able to turn their dream into a reality (both with studies in prestigious schools such as Parsons University Paris School of Design and Duke University). In addition to their knowledge, their experiences and travels around the world helped them to have a broader vision and develop their concept of resortwear fashion.

Their efforts throughout these 10 years have led the brand to participate in world-renowned fashion events such as Miami Fashion Week, Bogotá Fashion Week, Fashion Week in Panama, and have been invited to fairs in Miami, New York, and its native Colombia.


Designs that come from the heart

The essence and love of Carolina Estefan can be felt in each one of its pieces since she is the one who designs all her collections by hand to take care of each one of the details and explore new paths that inspire the most sophisticated side of the women.

In addition to this, the brand's designs have the correct fit so that everyone can feel comfortable and move freely in their most important events.

In the same way, its garments are made with polyester satin of unparalleled quality, which closely resembles the sensation of silk on her skin. This extraordinary material allows them to offer their consumers pieces with technology that prevents wrinkles for longer.


The Tropical Chic style will take over your closet

The Tropical Chic style is usually related mainly to the beach, but thanks to Carolina Estefan's designs and the creativity that she puts into each of them, her garments can be used on practically any occasion, it's just a matter of imagination and putting your talents into practice by stylist.

- Caro dress: This is a clear example of a Black Tropical Dress that is reinvented. The elegance of the black color is still present but now it has a twist with white figures that make it visually more attractive and fun. Perfect for dinner in the city or walking on the beach with sandals.

- Fuego body - polka dots print: The bodysuits are a statement piece thanks to their versatility, as they allow you to use them as a typical swimsuit or combine them with pants.

In addition, its ruffles on the chest are super flattering to highlight this area if your body is the “hourglass” type.



- Jenny dress: This dress was designed to make you feel and look like the queen of the party everywhere. It's lilac, with fringes that add movement and shiny sequins... for us, it's the winning option without excuses.

- Cristy dress: An incomparable feminine style lives in the Cristy dress. Its pastel color, corrugated, and transparencies make it a must-have for lovers of romantic style.

Don't think twice and add it to your collection!


Explore the elegance and freshness that Carolina Estefan offers you in each of its pieces!

Discover its complete collection only on On Post!


By Diana Mendoza



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