Trendy bags 2022

Trendy bags 2022

The bags are used on different occasions so today we share the trendy bags 2022 that you must have in your closet during all seasons. 

Handbags are our best friends and can not be missing in any outfit, with them you can create different styles for each day of the week and it is not the exception that trendy bags 2022 bring us different proposals in terms of designs surprising the most fashionable girls for the rest of the year. 


Shapes and colors

We have previously seen in the fashion shows of big firms such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Hermés, Guess and  Michael Kors that bet on the sequins, chains, fringes and textures such as furry handbags, padded, metallic and oversize or pocket handbags that we love to carry our basics in trendy bags 2022.

A clear example of texture is the Sabrina pearls by For public display, these handbags give us a romantic and vintage look.



Or if you are looking for something more cosmopolitan and with a lot of color as has been seen in Gucci fashion shows opt for the bag Green crossbody bag by Eva Inoccenti. 



If you like the classic style but at the same time want to look chic with the colors of the season, use the bag Dalia Lilac by Malau you can find in different sizes, look for the one that best suits your style!



Or if you like minimalist and futuristic trends, the bag Yali black it is ideal for you, with it´s triangular and medium-sized design you can store all your favorite accessories. 



When choosing a bag you should take into account if you will only use it for formal events or to go to work, if you put a lot of weight on it could spoil. Also know what garments and colors you wear frequently so that they combine perfectly and are our best ally. 


Today´s trends

As we have mentioned before, trendy bags 2022 show us too many options and styles to end the year looking glamorous. They also take up a little designs and evoking the nostalgia of the 70s and 90s, these handbags are always ready to use and capture everyone's eyes. 

XXL bags: This trend was present during the 70s, they are very versatile bags and you can store many things without fear of spoiling due to their large size.

Crochet bags: These handmade bags are practical and easy to use in very hot climates, maintaining great style and luxury.

Bucket bags: With field airs, buckets add a fun style to your outfit, they are also perfect for carrying various objects inside. 

Bags with chain: If you are looking for elegance with a fashion style and that adapts to your outfits, these bags are ideal for any occasion. 

Chocolate bags: These bags capture your attention from the first moment not only for their color, but also for its design that is similar to a chocolate tablet making it deliciously irresistible.

Mini bags: Charming and colorful, these bags are specially for carrying only the basic accessories to an event. 

Party bags: Not only are they to attend fashion shows or special events, these handbags will bring brightness and glamour to your days with their details in sequins and beads. 


Now that you know the trendy bags 2022 choose your new favorite in On Post


By Melissa Zanini 


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