Denim romper a comfortable and chic garment

Denim romper a comfortable and chic garment

The denim romper should be part of your style routine to create amazing outfits. 

Denim romper or jumpsuit? Today you will know the difference between each garment and combine your denim romper to wear it on any occasion. 


Denim romper a garment with evolution

Ideal for hot climates and enjoying the sunny days, denim romper is a one piece garment that is formed as this way: the chest area is a top and the bottom is a short, depending on the style you can find the denim romper a few times shorter or a little longer being capri style the short that conforms it. 

The history and origin of the denim romper has had many moments and transformations, however the first approaches go back to the jumper, a garment that was used for gymnastics and sports. 

The British Mary Steward Tait introduces during the second half of the nineteenth century the gymslip, a sleeveless garment with square neckline that fit with a belt or bow and had a skirt, to have freedom of movement and dynamism when exercising later becoming a main reference of the school uniforms of the modern era, then changes its name to jumper. 

However, the jumper began to become popular during the 60s giving a different and innovative twist to womens fashion. Designers such as Pierre Cardin and Andre Courreges began to create designs in basic colors such as red, yellow and blue with ornaments and adaptations such as bottoms, belts, pockets and prints to make it a garment for daily use.

The jumper has a short period of use and during the 80s begins its true evolution, becoming a jumpsuit. It was most often used during disco fashion and divas such as Diana Ross and Gloria Gaynor joined this new trend. 

The jumpsuit is a one piece garment and has long trousers, it can be found in different styles for example, with long sleeves, suspenders, strapless, with prints, in fabrics such as linen, silk and satin. 

With the beginning of the new millennium, jumpsuit began to have another new style: denim romper, its most current and youthful version with shorts, showing a more relaxed silhouette but also becoming in the most trendy clothes that have been seen in different collections and catwalks of brands and designers such as Gucci and Fendi mainly. 

Icons of the 00s such as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie made the denim romper a popular trend, managing to highlight the look with a lot of style and combining other basic garments such as denim jackets, heels, baguette bags and accessories such as rings, earrings and hats.




Advantages of denim romper 

Now that you know a little about the origin of the innovative denim romper, we will tell you some advantages that you have when using it. 

Comfort: The fabrics and materials with which they are made are always comfortable and refreshing like cotton or linen. 

Versatility: Denim rompers can be used on any occasion, you can attend night or day parties on the beach. They are also very easy to wear and combine if you have a fashion emergency. 

Glamorous garments: You can create chic styles using trendy accessories and shoes, you can wear from ankle boots to heels and heeled sandals, use your imagination to look fabulous. 




Outfits with denim romper 

Today we will know some outfits that you can create using a denim romper like an expert guru in fashion. Denim rompers can be found in different shades of denim from pale blue, to darker tones such as black or electric blue, if you decide to use dark colors you will stylize your figure and you can use it for a more casual event at night for example. 

If you like oversized fashion you can wear the jacket The Big Oversized Spacial Blue by Macondia  with the ankle boots The Catalina by Élan, you will have an outfit ready to wear on the streets of Manhattan and look like an it girl! This outfit has different shades of blue that you can harmonize using silver earrings such as Pendiente Plata by Iconique with the bag Ojo by For Public Display. 



Beach party look? Of course! The denim romper will make you look elegant and cool in hot climates, that's why you should wear the heeled sandals Green Iria by Peyola, with The Big Oversized White by Macondia. Remember that accessories are important to match your makeup, you can use the earrings Gabriella by MIM and add a fashionable bag Rectangular Pearl With Handle by Entre Piedras. 

You will fall in love with the denim romper and its versatility when creating the best looks, follow more styles and incredible combinations on our On Post social media! 


By Melissa Zanini 


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