Winter Trends: How to style the iconic Black Puffer Jacket

Winter Trends: How to style the iconic Black Puffer Jacket

Browse different styles and sizes of black puffer jackets, you'll look chic and glamorous in street style during winter.

Wear the black puffer jacket with the best accessories and garments from the On Post collection to achieve a warm and elegant look.


What is a Black Puffer Jacket?

The winter season is approaching and the best way to enjoy it is by wearing a black quilted jacket. We have seen celebrities like Katie Holmes, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski have worn it in street style casually in their daily looks.

The total look in black works very well in winter, since you will achieve an elegant outfit without much effort. If you add a black puffer jacket you will not be cold and you will steal everyone's eyes wherever you go, being a monochromatic look you can play and experiment with the proportions of the jacket to get different styles for each day of the week.



The black puffer jacket has taken over collections of haute couture brands such as Balenciaga and Zara, these jackets are indispensable to use during the coldest days of the year. But do you really know what materials it is made of? Today I will talk about the padded jacket and how you can achieve the best outfits by wearing it this season.

The most common aspect of a puffer jacket is its synthetic fibers and that they are sewn with a square-shaped pattern. They are usually filled with synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester, although some black puffer jackets have organic fillers such as cotton or goose feathers.

Almost as universal as the denim jacket, black puffer jackets come in virtually every color, shape, cut, and trim.The puffer jacket fits close to the chest, has a rectangular profile, closes with a front zipper and is very lightweight. During the 90s the puffer jackets and astronaut style gave a different twist to urban looks, nowadays the black puffer jacket It is considered the favorite of women and men around the world.It is also the trend of the moment.What are you waiting for to start wearing this jacket with your best outfits?


Styling tips to wear a Black Puffer Jacket 

Know the style keys to wear a black puffer jacket without failing in the attempt, keep in mind that there are different styles and according to your personality you can choose the one you like the most.



They are bulky or lighter to get warm with style, they can also be found hooded, oversize and with a multitude of prints such as florals, checkered or in plain tones, dare to wear it!

Casual and chic: To wear a black puffer jacket with more urban or casual clothes you can bet on a short and fitted design, stylize the outfit wearing a belt and oversize sunglasses.

Sporty chic: If your style is rather sporty, the padded jackets can be of striking colors, such as red, white or metallic will be fantastic! Combine them with a hoodie and good sneakers, you can also bet on an extra long black puffer maxi coat or an oversize cut.

The infallible jeans: Another combo that never fails with the black padded jacket are good jeans.You can choose straight cut, cropped, baggy, skinny or mom jeans.

As you can notice there are many ways to wear a black puffer jacket in the coolest way for this season.


How to style the iconic Black Puffer Jacket

Look fabulous this winter with the black quilted jacket and I'm sure you'll fall in love with the multiple combinations you can achieve.Today I will give you some recommendations of outfits to look amazing in a warm way.

 Outfit 1: For a casual and quite comfortable look I recommend you wear wide leg jeans like the Andrea Pants by Cindy Castro New York add a sexy touch with the white top Donora by Dominica. Remember that the padded black jacket combines better with all kinds of pants and not with dresses unless they are woven or sweater style, to look warm and stylish.



As for shoes, combat boots are the best option in addition to being the trend of autumn winter, And you can find them in different colors like black, white, red and military green.To finish the catwalk look I recommend you wear The Olivia Green Military by Elán with earrings of a contemporary design of the jewelry brand Calista, you will love the Kuklim and to carry your accessories in a quite elegant way you can carry the clutch bag Illa Black by Guadalupe Design you will look stunning!

Outfit 2:  If you want to wear a total look in black and look dazzling during the winter, I recommend you wear the pants Encuentro Negro by Naos with a black  puffer jacket in patent leather texture. Create the best mix and match with the black top Maddie by Lesém, you can add a pop of color with an emerald green bag.



The green color is the must of this year and if you want to join this trend, take the Amelia Green Shoulder Bag by Eva Innocenti, add silver accessories to have shine in your outfit you can wear the Silver Chain by Iconique earrings with the Essence Ring Silver by MIM ring, don't forget to wear the Chelsea style boots The Renata by Elán. 

This winter looks fabulous with the most incredible clothes and do not forget to follow the trends of the moment, subscribing to the NewsLetter of On Post.


By Melissa Zanini

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